Friday, 23 December 2011

# 154 - WAR - Economic figures and the BBC.

So our economy grew by 0.6% between July and September instead of the previous estimate of 0.5%.

However listening to Radio 4's Today programme you would never have thought so as they concentrated on how badly our economy was doing.

The BBC doesn't like reporting facts which get in the way of their agenda  preferring to report their opinions and interviewing people who support these. The BBC likes portraying the Coalition's 'cuts' as not working.

The trouble is if the BBC was to report honestly they would have to show and explain why this country is in for a tough decade and that if anything the Coalition is not being tough enough.

However that would never do as it would not allow the BBC to portray the mainly Tory government as uncaring capitalists.


Saturday, 10 December 2011

# 153 - WAR - Sir Antony Jay.

Sir Antony Jay who co-created Yes Minister has come out strongly that the BBC is completely bias on climate change.

He also suggested the BBC was too powerful and all they needed was BBC 1 on the TV and Radio 4 on the airwaves.

In a foreward he wrote in the latest Golobal Warming Policy Foundation's report he says the BBC is bias and too big.

So yet another ex BBC employee admits the truth about just how bias the BBC is.

I'm so glad I refuse to pay my TV licence.

# 152 - WAR - The Euro crisis.

The BBC cannot allow any challenge to the great EU to go unanswered hence their news coverage of the EU summit leading on the certainty that the UK would be marginalised. No balance that free of the corrupt EU( if only!) we have the rest of the world to trade with.

In general the BBC reported Britain's veto as a national catastrophy and not a tough decision by Cameron.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

#151 -WAR - David Attenborough

The latest wheeze during a quite climate change / sea level rising day was to interview DA for the TV BBC news this week about is Frozen Planet series. Of course the interview centred on his warning about climate change and rising sea levels.

The trouble is both simply aren't happening. The temperature has in fact stayed steady for the past 10 years and this week's main article in the Spectator fully explains, from a real expert in his field, why sea levels aren't rising.

DA who is by any measure a fine broadcaster has clearly surcumbed to the BBC bias on climate change and related matters. This is such a pity for an intelligent man but then the BBC is now so bias and DA is such a BBC man he won't realise how brainwashed he has become. 

Monday, 28 November 2011

# 150 - WAR - Sunday Mail article by David Rose.

Good article yesterday explaining how the BBC's Roger Harrabin their 'Enviromental Analyst' oganised enviroment seminars for BBC executives.

BBC insiders say that the close links between the BBC and the University of East Anglia's two departments the Climate Reseach Centre and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Reseach have had a significant impact on its coverage.

One of the BBC's key aims was to portray the Climate Change debate as settled and to keep Climate Sceptics off the air.

The BBC was successful on both scores but then being INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS that is hardly surprising.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

#149 -WAR - Dale Farm inquiry.

Surprise surprise in the Daily Mail yesterday was the story that a BBC report on their own coverage of the Dale Farm protest was BIAS!!

A BBC spokesman said 'We note the findings which we have taken very seriously'

Like hell they have, these are just words, they never take any notice of reports which prove their bias as they are INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

# 147 WAR - Financial crisis.

When oh when is the BBC going to report that the EU only has two options.

1. Break up the Euro Zone now and suffer some pain.

2. Keep trying to postpone the inevitable collapse of the Euro Zone and suffer worse pain later when it collapses.

When hell freezes over is my guess.

Friday, 4 November 2011

# 146 - WAR - Question Time Thursday 3rd November 2011.

David Dimbleby was his usual bias self tonight allowing Ed Balls to go on and on without interruption and yet drumming his fingers on the table when Peter Hitchens was in full flow.

David Dimbleby is past his best before date and so much part of the bias BBC as to be painful to watch.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

# 145 - WAR - Jeremy Vine Wednesday 2nd 2011.

Yesterday on the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show (about 1hr 10mins in), he interviewed Bill Cash and  Theresa Gorman. They were discussing whether the original Eurosceptic ' Bastards' should be recognised for 'being right all along'.

Then what did they do? They allowed 'Victoria" on, who lives in Luxembourg. And works for the EU. You've never heard such brainless propaganda, including the usual  "3 million of our jobs are tied to the EU". Someone should have been given the chance to refute this utter rubbish but the bias BBC finished with Victoria leaving the listener with her propaganda ringing in their ears.

Monday, 31 October 2011

# 144 - WAR - The EU and growth and unemployment.

Under normal circumstances if the BBC are interviewing somebody and they say its 'BLACK' the BBC will ask are they sure it isn't 'WHITE'! Most of the time this is healthy reporting.

However on the EU the BBC never aggressively challenges pro EU statements. I believe this is directly related to the soft loans the EU has given the BBC and also because in the main the BBC doesn't wish to upset the pro EU views of the political establishment who after all determine their funding via the licence fee.

So when Nick Clegg was interviewed this morning on Radio 4 about growth and jobs he was allowed to get away with repeating the Europhile's mantra that our growth and 3 million jobs were dependent on the EU. This happens to to be completely untrue and provably so but the BBC are never going to let the truth get in the way of their general support for the EU.

Just imagine how the BBC would have treated Mrs Thatcher in an interview if she had offered the opinion that the EU was bad for growth and jobs!! I would have bet a fair amount that the BBC would have come back with the opposing point of view.

For all the reports and weasel words that the BBC are doing something about their deeply ingrained bias it is crystal clear they are still as bias as ever.

Monday, 24 October 2011

# 143 - WAR - The BBC omissions on the recent riots and Libya.

1.The BBC hates the popular Daily Mail which sells over 2million copies a day and yet continually quotes form the Guardian and Independent which sell 279,368 and 185,035 respectively.

So today the Mail covers the story that rioters from 44 countries have been locked up as a result of the riots and yet not a squeak from the BBC. The BBC no longer covers the news but only reports the stories that fit in with its overall left of centre views.

2. Have you noticed how the BBC reports that Gaddafi impoverished his people in Libya.
Well the facts are rather different but don't expect the BBC to let the facts get in the way of their reporting.
If you compare the GDP per capita of the following countries the results are:-
Libya - 14,000
Tunsia - 9400
Eygpt - 6200
Syria - 4800
What good is the BBC if they cannot report the facts correctly.

Friday, 21 October 2011

# 142 - WAR - Dale Farm and Esther Rantzen.

Isn't it amazing how the cash strapped BBC had 30 crew at Dale Farm + canteen trailer which out numbered the protesters by the end. The BBC will always be there for any bleeding heart, PC leftie cause.

Also the BBC always looks after its own and promotes them. So it was that Esther Rantzen was on the Jeremy Vine show today complaining about being lonely. Hasn't anyone told her that she only got herTV work because of her husband who she stole from another woman. So where are her children, she used to pose with as the perfect family, when she needs them? Where is the charity work to put back something into the community? She strikes me as a pushy woman who most men would avoid at all costs.

Two more examples of a different kind of BBC bias.  

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

# 141 - WAR - More bias reporting on the EU.

If BBC journalists were doing their jobs they would challenge the much repeated mantra of the Europhiles that we can not seriously consider leaving the EU because so much of our trade is with the EU.

Well the Democracy Movement, which replaced the Referendum Party in 1997, has been saying this for over 12 years:-

There is no need to worry about future trade with the EU if we withdraw from it. We buy far more of their goods than they buy of ours. If trade stopped altogether, the EU countries would lose far more than we would.

We could easily enter into a Free Trade agreement with them because they would be mad not to.

Indeed the EU has a free trade agreement with Mexico on the same terms as us but they don't pay millions every day to be a member of the EU club.

The break down of our GDP is as follows:-

14% is exported to the EU and is declining and in deficit.
14% goes to the rest of the world
72% of GDP is our own domestic economy.

The EU tail should stop wagging the UK dog - they need us more than we need them.

If the BBC was not so institutionally bias they would point the above facts out at every time they interview a Europhile who churns out the old chestnut that we cannot leave the EU because we trade so much with them.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

# 140 - WAR - One small and one bigger example of BBC bias.

First on Radio 2 news this morning there was an item about the reduction in numbers of hedgehogs and red squirrels.  In the case of hedgehogs absolutely NO mention was made that the increase in badgers is a key reason for the decrease in hedgehogs as they eat them. Of course the BBC instinctively supports those that are against the culling of any animal so we get badgers eating hedgehogs and foxes running riot in towns and cities. The BBC is quite incapable of reporting such issues in a balanced way.

Second I read in the Sunday Mail that the BBC is to stop using AD and BC and switch to the very PC Common Era (CE) and Before Common Era (BCE). This is just so very typical of the BBC where decisions are made by a select group of like minded individuals who believe that if they think something is right then it is and anyone who disagrees with them must be a right wing nutter!

Finally as Peter Oborne and Frances Weaver confirm for us in this week's Spectator in their article 'The great euro swindle'  - Now let's turn to the BBC. In our Centre for Policy Studies pamphlet, "Guilty Men" we expose in detail how the BBC betrayed its charter commitment, lost its sense of fair-mindedness and became in effect a partisan player in a great national debate - all the more insidious because of its pretence at neutrality.

It is because the BBC is still so clearly bias in its coverage that I continue to refuse to pay my TV licence.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sunday, 18 September 2011

# 138 - WAR - Religion and the BBC.

Even as one who believes in evolution I still think it is wrong that the BBC is so biased against Christianity.

Isn't it funny then how the BBC suddenly comes over all pious when they were reporting on the numerous church services being held in the Welsh valleys as a result of the recently killed miners in a drift mine near Swansea.

If they were following there usual form, as when Paxman interview Dawkins about his new book ' The majic of reality' on Newsnight last week, they should have said "what are all these stupid people hoping to achieve by going to church!"

Question :-When will the BBC not be the BIAS BROADCASTING CORPORATION?

Answer:- When Hell freezes over!

Friday, 16 September 2011

# 137 - WAR - The world fiancial crisis.

The trouble with being the boy who saw the King had no clothes on is that nobody believes you!

So it was with Richard North and Christopher Booker who back in 2003 in their book 'The Great Deception' asked the question as to whether the EU could survive knowing full well that it couldn't.

Why is it therefore that the BBC still appears not to be able to report what is going to happen next?

I can only think it is because they do not want to upset the 'Establishment' of which they are clearly a part.

So let me spell out what is going to happen and this is based on no more than 'A' level economics and common sense - eat your heart out Robert Peston!

Like the seasons come and go all economies move in cycles going up and down.

In a well run economy this will amount to highs and lows but in a badly run economy these cycles will become booms and busts.

Well since the depression of the 1930's most western governments have tried to eliminate the normal economic cycles by living on more and more borrowed money.  Who now doesn't remember Gordon Brown's fatuous comment about doing away with boom and bust!!

So our politicians have been kicking the can along the road for so long they have now reached an insurmountable wall and the really big crash of all crashes is just around the corner. For it is surely clear America, Europe and the UK are all broke with bloated public services and stagnant private sectors engulfed in bureaucracy, red tape and high taxes.

For a decade or more we are ALL going to be poorer as the economic works itself through with the less fortunate, as always, suffering the most.

There are only 3 actions any government can ever take:-

1. Cut costs.
2. Increase taxes.
3. Assist economic growth.

History proves the solution is based on this formula:-


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

# 136 - WAR - Exaggeration bias!

Have you noticed how the BBC is guilty of exaggeration bias?

On the 6 o'clock news tonight apparently manual working human slaves have been traumatised by their experiences.

The First WW infantry might have been traumatised but not these supposed slaves who weren't exactly being held in a Colditz Castle were they!?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

# 135 - WAR - Jeremy Vine Radio 2 Tuesday 13th September.

During an item on hunting and shooting lions JV kept trying to move the topic on beyond culling looking for other reasons people shoot lions.


The lion has no natural preditors and so the numbers HAVE to be kept down so why shouldn't the African countries concerned make some much needed cash out of combining culling with hunting.

The tree huggers just don't get it do they.

Firstly millions of animals are killed every day for us to eat and many are culled from rats to foxes to lions to keep them health and under control.

Second in saving or trying to re-introduce a species other animals are affected. Take badgers they eat hedgehogs so as nothing preys on them they need to be culled or hedgehogs will suffer. ( I won't even enter the TB in cows issue as some say some farmers lack of farm hygiene is more to blame than badgers) Re-introduce the Red Kite in   Mid Wales and suddenly the song birds dramatically decrease.


So lions do need to be culled so they might as well be hunted and generate some much needed income for Africa.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

# 134 - WAR - Pathe News archives.

On the Jeremy Vine show today on Radio 2 at 1345pm they had an item on the Pathe News archives and featured a couple of  WW2 recordings in typical BBC voices the first on the bombing of Buckingham Palace and the second of Coventry. There was the arcchetypal comment by the reporter on the filthy Hun who would be beaten etc etc.

I had to smile when JV and the Custonian of the archives commented that those reports were pure propaganda and wouldn't be allowed now!!!!!

Funny how so many top BBC reporters on retirement comment that the BBC is now totally bias to the left of British politics.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

#133 - WAR - Jacqui Smith.

Jacqui Smith is in the news again today having got prisoners to paint a room in her house.

This caused me to think back to the incident, when she was Home Secretary, and her husband order X-rated films and charged them to her government expenses.

While of course this story was reported the BBC made NO mention of the obvious point, which you would have expected them to make, that in buying these films her husband was supporting the porn industry.

I'm sure if this have been a Tory Minster the BBC would have made this point and hounded the MP concerned.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

# 132 - WAR - An example of the BBC's subtle bias.

On Radio 4's PM this afternoon  - surprise! surprise! they did a piece on whether taxing the rich worked!!

I was also amazed that they had two speakers one pro taxing the rich (expected) because he said it worked  and the other, a German I think, who said it didn't.( at first I thought they would only have the one speaker)

The trouble is that the pro taxing the rich speaker was given two bites of the cherry before the other was brought in and then the interview finished with the pro speaker again.

So the tally was pro taxing the rich speaker 3 slots against taxing the rich 1 slot.

The pro speaker was also given the last slot which is often the slot which remains with the listening public.

In such a way on a daily basis the BBC is biased.  

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

# 131- WAR - The BBC's propaganda over Libya.

The obvious connection I'd have made as a reporter over Cameron's outside Number 10 speech yesterday is with Bush's aircraft carrier speech on Iraq under the banner 'Mission accomplished'!

But there is no chance the pro establishment BBC would risk upsetting their paymasters.

As to reports on Libya where is the BBC's careful analysis, as given by John R. Bradley in the Daily Mail today. Here is a well informed man who knows his subject in fact in December he is publishing a book called:-

'After the Arab Spring: How The Islamists Hijacked The Middle East Revolt.'

Compelling reading I would think and I shall certainly be ordering a copy.

During the article in the Daily Mail  Bradley explains how Libya, contrary to anything thus far put out by the BBC, is a tribal country and the odds on the new National Transitional Council ruling successfully are very slim.

He goes on to say:-

' Only a fool would bet on their (the Libyan tribes) long term allegiances, or consider them a unifying national force. And only a buffoon would expect them to embrace Western democratic principles any more sincerely than the Islamists will.'

Well we surely already know Cameron is a fool so we can now add buffoon to his list of accolades!

As to the BBC its bias knows no bounds.   

Sunday, 21 August 2011

# 130 - WAR - The BBC is statist.

The obvious has recently occurred to me which is that the corporatist, bureaucratic and centralist BBC in general supports the corporatist, bureaucratic and centralist Government of the day.

If the Government is pro Climate Change then so is the BBC.

The Government says our troops are doing a worthwhile job in Afghanistan so does the BBC.

The Government supports the Libyan rebels so in the main does the BBC.

The BBC is the propaganda arm of our government.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

#129- WAR - Wind turbines. BBC New at 10.

Richard North on the BBC report on wind farms.

There is a real lack of financial detail in the BBC report as I believe they are still committed to show wind farms in a good light.

#128 - WAR - Robert Preston on hacking BBC News at 10.

The first 5 mins tonight were given over to Robert Preston waxing lyrical about new revelations on phone hacking at the News of the World.

Firstly is this still really the news item to take the lead and second in my post # 124 I mentioned how the BBC may well have use phone hacking in the past so pot and kettle loom large!

Finally I sense the BBC may well be using their near monopoly position to keep the blame on News International to keep any pressure of them.

Monday, 8 August 2011

#127 - WAR - The BBC does the impossible and faces both ways at once!

Great blog entry by Richard North today pointing out the BBC is not only biased but two faced!

#126 - WAR - John Craven - Country File Sunday BBC 1.

During Country File last night John Craven was discussing with various country folk as to whether we should/could grow more of our own food in this country which a survey said most people thought we should.

Guess what never got a mention..................................... yes you are right the EU!

For those who know about these things the effects of the EU and the Common Agricultural and Fishing  Policies RESTRICT our ability to grow, breed or catch what we need.

This is full frontal BBC bias and is NOT reporting but pure propaganda.

# 125 -WAR - The BBC's analysis of the news is seriously deficient.

The most important job of a journalist after 'reporting' the news is to offer a serious analysis of the overall situation. In this the BBC in particular along with the MSM is seriously deficient offering only the standard mantras of our governing elite.

Take 4 classic examples:-

1. On the recent riots in London there is NO analysis of how poorly our Police are now led or serious analysis that multiculturalism has failed.

2.Global Warming gets no serious critique with this recent 'polar bear' incident in Norway turned into a pro Global Warming story. This involved actually lying about the fact that the polar bear population is INCREASING and the anti polar bear trip wire was frozen!!

3. The EU is still given respect it doesn't deserve!

4. On the Financial crisis the angle of most reports is still that something can be done but little serious analysis that we are heading for a major world recession and re-alignment of the way we live.

Most of the time the BBC follows the news and does not interpret it.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Thursday, 4 August 2011

# 123 - WAR - Phone hacking - Daily Mirror.

On News Night last night it was lovely to see Gavin Esler squirm as he lead the piece on hacking at the Mirror Group as one of the interviewees stated that everyone, including the BBC, used Private Investigators to gather stories. You see one of the key arrows in an Investigators quiver especially a few years ago was to hack phones.

So it would appear the BBC ,which have made so much of the Murdoch  story to damage a right wing competitor, are probably guilty of using hacked information themselves.

I hope any investigation proves this beyond doubt.

The BBC is not only bias but hugely hypocritical.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

# 122 - WAR - BBC Empire!

As Miriam Gross says in the Spectator 'Diary' this week with all this talk by the BBC of the 'Murcoch Empire' shouldn't they refer to themselves, a much more powerful organisation, as the BBC Empire?!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

# 121 - WAR - Paxman and the EDF leader SM. Lennon

I believe it must have been Monday night on Newsnight that Paxman interviewed the English Defence League's leader SM Lennon. Of course being ' rightwing' Paxman tried to lay into him to try and make him and his organisation out to be the very devil incarnate.

 I believe he failed spectactularily which only goes to show Paxman can be beat if you stand up to him - oh how I long for the Tories to do the same!!

Paxman tried to connect friends from Facebook on the EDL's Website as being the responsibility of Lennon but Lennon pointed that he was no more responsible for them than the BBC was for Facebook friend who attach themselves to the BBC website. Paxman tried again to say the EDL's website had pictures of Muslim faces in the cross wires of rifle sights but again Lennon said this was NOT the case  but some attached 'friends' might have.

Once again the BBC showed its bias for the Guardian reading leftwing liberals they mostly all are.

Friday, 22 July 2011

# 120 - WAR - BBC Radio 4 Week in Westminster Sat16th July 2011.

Here's one I forgot to record from last Saturday.

At 11.20am Sir M. Campbell and Lord K Baker were being interviewed about the loss of importance of our Parliament at Westminster.

Yes you guessed it NOT one word about the EU was discussed which as most people know is the primary cause our government now has less to do. This explains why 'Schools and Hospitals' is all our politicians seem to talk about!

Neither of course did the BBC interviewer, desperate not to criticise the EU, bring this up.

The BBC often now don't REPORT the news but simply offer platitudes and tow the LibLabCon line.

Talk about Murdoch having too much power what about the near monopoly the BBC have of terrestrial TV.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

# 119 - WAR - Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail today.

His long article about the BBC's coverage of the hacking scandal was titled:-


Says it all really and the bias BBC has excelled in its bias over this and in particular Stephen Glover highlights Tuesday night's News at Ten and Newsnight with Gavin Esler on the same night.

As an institution the BBC loathes Murdoch because he has brilliantly built BSkyB into a formidable programme rival and has shattered the BBC's former pre-eminense in sport coverage. Also of course the many left-leaning BBC journalists (which means most of them) regard him as an anti-Christ for being Right-wing unashamedly pro-American and free market. 

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

# 118 - WAR - The BBC and Climate Change.

I read in the Daily Telegraph today that a report by the BBC's Trust on science output gives the BBC the go ahead to report impartially in favour of Climate Change as it is accepted as the majority view by the scientific community.

Well of course it would be the majority view of the scientific community the the BBC and others link in with but there is a huge swathe of opinion which is increasingly saying Climate Change is a load of popularised propoganda.

The bias BBC is seriously going to have egg on its face when the whole climate change lobby's pet belief is disproved over the next few years.

Monday, 18 July 2011

# 117 - WAR - Monday 18th July 2011.

Two great pieces on the bias BBC in the Daily Mail today.

1. An article by Ben Todd explaining how the BBC paid actors £1million to show bossess how to deal with rebel staff. This is typical of a bloated State run organisation that squanders your licence fee money with little care or fear of having to be really accountable.

2. The main article on the Leaders page by Melanie Phillips pointing out the hypocrisy of Ed Miliband attacking Murdoch and News International when only two weeks ago he was happy to suck up to them. Also she points out that to attack Murdoch as having a monopoly without attacking the near monopoly of the bias leftwing leaning BBC is pure humbug.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

# 116 - WAR - Huhne on our energy policy.

I fear that I can only recall that this was on BBC radio sometime in the middle of the week.

Chris Huhne (what happened to the stories about the speeding offence?) was being interviewed about the Coalitions Energy policy during which he stated that he supported Nuclear Power so long as it wasn't subsidised. ( He used to be dead against it but no doubt being in government has made him realise how naive he was!)  If the BBC reporter was doing his job properly he would have point out that the inconsistency that the only reason 'Green' energy gets a look in is because it is so heavily subsidised.

But of course the pro Climate Change BBC stayed well clear of such a question as they are totally bias in favour of 'Green' energy and the whole Climate Change scare.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

# 115 - WAR - Newsnight Wednesday 13th July 2011.

The whole programme was given over to a studio discussion about the 'Hacking scandal' with a handed picked studio audience of floating voters and chaired by Paxman.

As you know the BBC has been banging on for days that the British public were appalled by the News of the World revelations as of course the BBC are dead against a right wing competitor at BSkyB and wanted to do their bit to try and stop Murdoch taking it over.

Well the studio audience was clearly underwhelmed by the hacking revelations and try as he did to get the audience to support the BBC's concern of the situation Paxman could not get them to budge! What the BBC would have clearly loved would have been for the audience to be baying for Murdoch's blood.

The BBC is bias and has its own agenda which is usually totally different to the average voter in the street.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

# 114 - WAR - BBC 2 Newsnight Tuesday 11th.

During an interview in which Paxman was asking Huhne about the recent and anticipated future increases in  household energy bills not one mention was made of the fact most of these increases are as a result of green taxes imposed on us by EU regulation.

We all know the BBC receives soft loans from the EU so they take great care not to criticise them.

The BBC continues to be bias in its reporting in favour of the EU.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

# 113 - WAR- The BBC don't report the real news.

The BBC and the mainstream media are wrapping themseleves in the cloak of morality over the hacking scandal yet still engage in many tittle tattle stories and omit to cover the real news stories especially if the story goes against their Guardian views of the world.

Richard North summs it up well here :-

Monday, 11 July 2011

# 112 - WAR - News International and BSkyB.

Please be under no illusion that whatever crimes have been committed by Editors, reporters or the police the bias BBC does not want any competition from a right wing Group own 100% by Murdoch. The BBC is used to holding centre stage with their leftwing Guardian leaning views.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

# 111 - WAR - Cuts Cuts and more Cuts

Despite the fact that the BBC is slowing being more realistic in its reporting of Greece they still bang on and on and on about the CUTS in the UK which is of course a myth as the Coalition has yet to actually cut anything with our deficit actually increasing at the moment.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

#110 - WAR - How the Greek Crisis will affect us.

The BBC isn't pointing out the real extent to which the Greek crisis will affect us here in the UK and while it prattles on about the Government cuts it fails to point out that Government spending is in fact still increasing.

Richard North sums up Chritopher Booker in 'The Sunday Telegraph' here:-

RN & CB wrote the very good book "The Great Deception" about how our politicians of all colours have at best been ill informed and worse duplicitous and corrupt in their dealings with us over the real EU project.

The BBC does not report on the EU in an informative way but is bias in its favour.

Friday, 24 June 2011

# 109- WAR - A ban on circus animals

Richard North explains all in the link below:-

Of course Question Time and the This Week, which both featured this story, made NOT a squeak about the EU connection.

The BBC is bias in favour of the EU.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

# 108 - WAR - Radio 4 Today 22nd June 2011

At around 8.50am the item covered was the injustice of many requests for extradition under the new European Arrest Warrant when request were being made for people in this country without there being ANY evidence to back it up.

If the BBC wasn't so pro the EU and reported the EU is a serious way they would report that the whole point of the EU is standardisation as we gradually lose our tried and tested Habeus Corpus, where you are innocent until proved guilty, to the Napoleonic/now European Corpus Juris where you are presummed guilty until proved innocent.

The EU has been working towards a 'common judical area' for years now but you wouldn't know this if you just listened to the BBC.


Friday, 17 June 2011

# 107 - WAR - Thursday 16th June 2011.

1. 10.00pm News

Nowhere in the news coverage about the Tory cuts and employment issues is there any serious analysis that this country is simply employing too many public workers which after all are paid for by the taxes and profits associated with the private sector. Maybe the BBC doesn't want to frighten the horses but if they really want to cover the news properly then they should be pointing out that what is happening in Greece could well happen here if we don't match our country's expenditure to the income. However the bias BBC takes the easy Guardian line which is to attack the government and offer up New Labour's alternatives as a serious option.

2. This Week

The first item after the introductions and 'Moments of the week' was a report by a radio presenter on the government's decision to admit that they will not be able to honour their manifesto commitment to restore weekly bin collections through out the land. However there was NO mention that this policy is largely instigated by the EU's landfill tax which forces councils to weekly recycling collections at the expense of weekly general rubbish collections.

The BBC which gets soft loans from the EU is never keen to criticise the EU.


Monday, 13 June 2011

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

#105 - WAR - BBC staff pay rise.

I see in the Daily Telegraph page 4 that the BBC is about to increase pay to staff by around  2% at a time when the Corporation is trying to save 16% in costs as the licence fee is to be frozen until 2016.

A BBC spokesman refused to comment - Well there is a surprise then!!

Much of what he BBC does in our name is inexcusable but they are a law unto themselves and in so many respects divorced from the public they are meant to serve.

#104- WAR - BBC's view of the IMF's report on the UK.

On Monday night Newsnight covered the story that the IMF had basically agreed with George Osbourne's policy and said there was no need for a plan B.

Paxman interviewed Ed Balls but never mentioned the common sense point, amongst non-politicians, that what ever the plan to reduce the deficit things are going to get worse before they get better.

Saying this would have course have robbed Ed Balls of his belief that a plan B is needed.

The BBC are totally biased about the ' spending cuts' still reporting as if a Plan B could be an option.

What the BBC should be highlighting is that the country is broke and that the Conservative policies have yet to actually cut anything and a Plan B is TOTALLY out of the question and could only make matters worse.

# 103 - WAR - More on the EU and the CFP.

I recieved this e-mail today from a friend and political contact:-

Why did Britain's fishing industry collapse? Everyone knows that Ted Heath gave away the fishing grounds to the EU (then the EEC) in 1971 as a 'common resourse', along with Britain's Space Programme and agreeing to huge subsidies (still continuing today) to French farming in order to be allowed to join. Yet the BBC puts out it's poison by blaming it on the late 1960s so called 'cod Wars' with Iceland - go to:

and move slider to 32 minutes.

Of course the Foreign Office at the time, in FCO 10-1048, insisted that civil servants and politicians must not attribute the negative effects of joining to the then EEC. But isn't it remarkable that the BBC still finds it necessary to carry on with this government policy today?

Well not really, since the BBC receives huge soft loans from the European Investment Bank, an offshoot of the Brussels machine, in exchange for promoting the EU.

Is it any wonder that people are now turning to Russia Today (RT) - Terrestrial Channel 85 for their news?

Saturday, 4 June 2011

# 102 - WAR - Common Fisheries Policy

Today I received the following e-mail from Ashley Mote ex-UKIP MEP:-
BBC ‘Forgets’ EU Role in Fishing Scandal.

BBC South news on the evening of Friday 3rd June
included a short report from the south coast about local fishermen being forced
to throw good, freshly-caught fish back into the sea because their quotas did
not allow them to be landed for sale.

The report centred around complaints to the Tory MP for South Dorset, Richard Drax, himself a former BBC South news reporter. He doubtless was the source of the ‘story’ – such as it was.

Several fishermen gave interviews. Drax proclaimed that an investigation by
fellow Westminster MPs was in hand, implying that it was on his initiative.

By a truly extraordinary feat of news management and
editing the BBC managed to ensure that the entire report failed to mention the
root cause of such a grotesque and monstrous waste of perfectly good fo

No explanation whatsoever was offered. The well-known and indisputable fact that EU
regulations were the direct and only cause, about which the UK can do precisely
nothing, was never mentioned. Worse, the
story was broadcast as ‘news’, when this scandalous state of affairs and damage
to our fishing industry is now decades old.

It is impossible to believe that neither Drax nor any
fisherman mentioned the EU in their interviews.
The omission can only have been calculated and deliberate news
mismanagement by the BBC.
For the record the BBC continues to benefit from
substantial soft financial ‘investments’ by the European Investment Bank and
from the generous ‘free’ hospitality of the European Parliament and the
European Commission in Brussels. Details have been on my website for

Thursday, 2 June 2011

# 101 - WAR - BBC admits its ageist and anti-Christian!

So the BBC is ageist and anti-Christian according to a survey it carried out on itself!
The report conducted as part of the 'Diversity Strategy' involved some 4500 people and some staff. Some viewers still beleived the BBC has a Left- wing or 'liberal bias' and that 'positive discrimination' was still a 'notable' problem with the BBC's recruitment process.
A BBC spokesman said " The BBC does not have an anti-Christian bias. We have strict guidelines on impartiality, including religious perspectives, and Christian programming forms the majority and the cornerstone of our religion and ethical output."
The trouble is the BBC may well have strict guidelines to follow but thy don't follow them as their bias, in so many areas, is in their own DNA.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

# 100 -WAR - FIFA

For two nights now the BBC has led on the corruption in FIFA ignoring far more important stories proving that another of the BBC's biases is their preference to dumb down their broadcasts in favour of the lowest common denominator.
I'm not saying that this story shouldn't be covered, not that I personally care one jot, but that it should be covered as a footnote at the end of the news.
The dumbed down BBC no longer sets the standard for broadcasting but follows what it thinks the sheeple want!

Monday, 23 May 2011

# 099 -WAR - News at Ten Thursday 19th May.

On an item on the possibility of an oil spill off Scotland, as a result of increased oil exploration, the oil spill cause by the tanker 'MV Braer' was mentioned. However NO mention was made that the oil spill dispersed naturally very quickly. See link.
The last item of the news that night was about a film director at the Cannes film festival claiming to be a Nazi.
As the camera's went back to Fiona Bruce she was visibly shacking her head as a if to say I certainly don't approve of that.
More bias from the institutionally bias BBC.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

#098- WAR - Foreign Aid Programme

You cannot have missed in the news over the last couple of days that this not very Tory Government, under our Dave, is planning to increase our Foreign Aid budget and enshrine in law that we must pay 0.7% of our Gross National Income on it.
The BBC has of course covered this story but their bias, that they believe our Dave is basically right, has been there for all with eyes to see. On the news and Newsnight there has been NO serious attempt to actually interview anyone with the knowledge and authority to argue that "despite our noble intentions, aid does not solve problems it just makes them worse" so wrote Ian Birrell(former speechwriter for David Cameron) in the good old Daily Mail today.
The Guardian reading luvies of the BBC would be instinctively pro foreign aid so would never set up a fair unbiased debate on the issue.
This proves once again that the BBC is still institutionally bias.

Monday, 16 May 2011

#097 - WAR - the new BBC Trust Chairman.

Here is what MP Philip Davies had to say about Chris Patten the new BBC Trust Chairman. Incidently he was the ONLY member of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport select committee who failed to support Lord Patten's appointment:-
"Chris patten is a typical establishment figure. He was always going to be a safe pair of hands, he wasn't going to upset the cosy situation the BBC finds itself in and he was going to be another cheerleader for the BBC rather than somebody who would be tough on them.
Appointing him was a step backwards because whereas the BBC has started to acknowledge in the past their impartiality on issues like Europe,climate change and the Middle East hasn't been all it should have been , Lord Patten has made it perfectly clear that he thinks the BBC's impartiality is beyond reproach and that they don't need to make any changes whatsoever to what they do.
To me that's a completely unacceptable starting point for a new chairman of the BBC Trust. If he thinks everything's hunky dory, what on earth does he want the job for? It is just the kind of establishment appointment that the BBC doesn't need."
Here here to that and sadly, as a result, the BBC will continue pumping out its bias unchecked.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

# 096 - WAR - BBC bias on AV vote.

Tim Luckhurst who is Professor of Journalism a the University of Kent writes in the 'Mail on Sunday' today and has this to say in para 10 of his article as to - Why the Liberal elite get it so spectacularly wrong.:-
The AV Referendum has given this country a forceful reminder of something many intelligent, hardworking adults in towns, villages and suburbs across the land have long known. Policies and proposals that are treated as pure wisdom inside soi-disant 'progressive' bastions such as university common rooms, small-circulation newspapers* and the BBC are anathema to millions of Britons. And this silent majority is, very reasonably, fed up with being told that it is wrong.
* By this I assume he is referring to the Guardian which is the Bible to all BBC types

Thursday, 14 April 2011

# 095 - WAR - Yet more biasfrom our BBC!

I do often wonder when the institutional bias of the BBC will end? Year after year we get official reports commenting on the BBCs bias added to which retiring BBC journalists go to print to point out how they observed this bias at first hand. So two more examples form the Daily Mail this week. 1. Appearing on BBC London's News on Sunday , in African dress, Devon Thomas, who is described as Chair of the 30th Anniversary Brixton Retrospective, said the 1981 riots should be called an 'uprising', explaining: 'In the same way as the people of Egypt and Tunisia were being suppressed and rose up, that is what happened here'. The BBC allowed this pathetically self-deluding statement to be broadcast uncontested. 2. After monitoring coverage of the AV campaign the No2AV claims in a formal complaint to the BBC that the pro-AV movement are interviewed without the opposing view being expressed and points out the BBC has been seduced by the celebrity backers like Eddie Izzard and Kriss Akabusi. a BBC spokesman of course rejected this complaint. The BBC is bias to its core.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

# 094 - WAR - The usual bias again.

1. Radio 4 World at 1 yesterday. The BBC reporter was interviewing an African Union spokesman about the situation in The Ivory Coast. The opening question was - "What the African Union was doing about it" The reply which was allowed to pass was " You know we are very concerned about what is happening!" Question not answered and no follow up - just imagine if this had been a Tory being interviewed would they have been treated so lightly!!! 2. Announcement on Radio 4 for a new programme told us that because a freedom of information request had revealed no street parties had been yet booked for the Royal Wedding the BBC would be hosting a programme on whether the Royal Family was still valued. Well of course the pro republican BBC never misses a trick to run down our monarchy. The BBC is SO bias they simply don't realise that virtually every broadcast is now bias in part or completely.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

# 093 - WAR - Another BBC reporter finds his voice.

Isn't it typical that once a BBC reporter has his or her pension in the bag they suddenly find their voice. Another to join the line of BBC reporters who have seen the light is Mr Michael Buerk who claims the BBC is bias to its core and confesses that the Guardian is read as the BBC's Bible. If you don't like the BBC's bias output then don't pay your TV licence. I don't!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

# 092 -WAR - BBC and Lonely Planet link.

I received this from a friend:- There was an item by Christina Odone in yesterday’s Telegraph to the effect that the magazine ‘Lonely Planet’ has given the UK a poor write-up, describing the economy as ‘dicey’ and the government as ‘devious’. This means that we will lose many tourist pounds in the coming years. Who owns the magazine? Only the good old BBC. The BBC is a disgrace and I urge people not to pay their TV licence.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

# 091 - WAR - BBC 1 News at Ten.

I'm very aware that I don't post every day but I can assure you that doesn't mean the BBC hasn't been bias!

Every day they transmit on the radio or TV the BBC shows the bias that is embedded in its DNA.

Last night on the News at Ten 2 more examples.

1. An item on the cuts showed a group of ladies from Gloucestershire preparing to go to London today on a march over the cuts. Two points a. this is hardly a major news story and b. in any event the cuts aren't really cuts as I've explained before. This story was covered because the ladies in question were typical 'Tory' types and it gave the BBC a canace to poke the government in the ribs!

2. On Japan the main item was about a group of 'Green' types protesting about Nuclear power.
The 'nuclear issue' to the horrors in Japan is NOT the main part of the story but the BBC pushes it because the leftie BBC in its soul believes nuclear power BAD renewables GOOD.

If we only had renewables there wouldn't be enough power for TVs to work.............................

Hang on maybe they are not such a bad idea after all !!!


Monday, 14 March 2011

# 090 - WAR - BBC news hypes up nuclear scare in Japan.

The sloppy bias BBC hypes up nuclear scare in Japan without investigating the facts as on the link below taken form Richard North's blog EU Referendum.


The BBC increasingly dumbs downs to the lowest common denominator as if they believe to hell with the facts what is the popular line to push on this story that fits in with our own Guardian leaning views!

# 089 - WAR - Outgoing BBC Chairman admits mistakes.

So out going Chairman Sir Michael Lyons used his last major speech to launch a scathing attack on the Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand obscene phone call scandal as reported in the Daily Mail on Thursday 10th March.

Well Sir Michael that is TOO LITTLE TOO LATE.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

#088 - WAR - BBC 1 News at Ten.

So no vitriol over Obama's U-turn over closing Guantanamo Bay.

Imagine if this U-turn had been made by a Republican instead of a Democrat?

The bias BBC loves Democrats and New Labourites and hates Republicans and Tories.

# 087-WAR - Newsnight BBC2 Mon 7th March.

Those of you that follow these things should know that that the final words in any interview are the ones remembered by the viewing public.

So on Newsnight last night the pro republican BBC finished its piece on Prince Andrew (my word aren't they just loving flogging this particular horse) finished with the words ................

The Prince and the paedophile.

Well the person concerned certainly had underage sex but by any serious definition is not a paedophile a point interestingly John Humphreys made on Radio 4 on the Today programme.that morning.

So why did the BBC still choose to push this line on Newsnight?

Because it has bias in its DNA that is why.

Monday, 28 February 2011

# 086 -WAR - BBC TV and RADIO

Various points to record to catch up over the last few days.
1. Sunday's Mail on the 20th Feb carried the story that the BBC may have hired actors in the filming of 'The Real Hustle' which was meant to show the real victims of frauds. How typical BBC.
2. Country File on the 20th Feb had the all to familiar product placement of Berghaus anoraks. No real point in complaining as you only get a stand letter. This cannot just be a coincidence in my opinion.
3. Antiques Road show on the 20th and 27th is increasingly becoming the Fiona Bruce show as see grins her way around the chosen weekly location. The BBC programming types have all now got 'dumb downed brains' and just don't get it anymore stuck in the groove that dumbing down to the lowest common denominator is all that matters. who really wanted to see Fiona Bruce in an Avengers catsuit or asking naval cadets to dismiss from parade?
'THE BBC HAS BIAS IN ITS DNA' - Peter sissons

Sunday, 20 February 2011

# 085 -WAR - Question Time BBC1

David Dimbleby needs to be put out to grass as he is well past his best before date!

This week he selected 2 people from the audience to speak twice and let Ms Cooper rabbit on and on without interruption showing and proving the programmes left wing bias.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

# 084 - WAR - Climate change.

On the BBC1 news at 10 last night they had an item about flooding which some , clearly pro Global Warming type, had worked out by running a new computer programme was all caused by rises in CO2.

As usual this news item was present as virtual fact.

All I point out is that if the weathermen/women can not predict the weather the next day why should we believe the out put of a computer programme which at best is a guessimate of what is effecting our climate.


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

# 083 - WAR - Most BBC bias is very subtle.

Here are 5 items I've noticed this week amongst many.

1. Jeremy Vine show Radio 2 - interviews a man about his book the Riflemen about the Dresden bombings. There was NO attempt at any balance. The BBC just love to make out we were as bad as the Germans.

2. Nick Robinson on BBC 1 news asks Cameron ref the cuts, if he isn't just another Thatcher. This is rubbish for as we all know Cameron isn't man enough to wipe her shoes! But still the BBC drag up Thatcher and pump the line Thatcher BAD everyone else GOOD!

3. BBC 1 news - On discussions about cuts and inflation there is NO attempt to explain why this is all predictable. It is just used as an anti coalition bashing.

4.BBC 1 news Wednesday 16th 10.00pm. - On the climate change post they interviewed a pro and middle of th road but no actual interview with an anti.

5. Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Wednesday16th - Credit where it is due I can not remember the last time a BBC type gave a Labour politician a hard time as Jeremy did today with Ed Balls.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

# 082 - WAR - BBC Sunday's Country File.

I didn't watch it tonight as it is increasingly dumbed down.

Funnily enough I had just finished watching a couple of episodes of the Forysth Saga from the DVD collection I got at Christmas!

That is how TV programmes used to be made in the good old days of the BBC before it got taken over by the Guardian reading lefties.

Anyway back to Country File when I turned the TV back on I just caught the end and felt that I must have missed watching the end of Blue Peter with screaming children around the oh so PC youthful presenters!

The BBC is bias and dumbed down and I'm glad I don't pay my TV licence for the rubbish they now mostly put out.

# 081 - WAR - The BBC moves north.

These current moves 'up north' were initiated by New Labour to help, it is believed, Labour hold onto seats at the next General Election.
It is costing some £600 million to 'appease the forces of regional correctness' at a time of serious cut backs in our economy.
Many programmes, which rely on interviewing London based people like MPs will now face a real problem to get them to the studio.
So the BBC as Melanie Phillips says in the Daily Mail has 'Lost it way' but not in showing bias of course!

# 080 - WAR - BBC anti Chistrian and pro homosexuality.

1.Radi0 2 Sunday morning news - Despite all that is going on in the world and this country the BBC finds time to cover the issue of Civil Ceremonies wishing to get hitched in churches.
Thus in one report, staying true to form, they portray the Church as out of date and promote the homosexual agenda.
But then as many know the BBC is anti Christian and very pro homosexuality with so many homosexuals working in it.
2. Quentin Letts in Saturday's Daily Mail - Points out how the radio programme made by Boris Johnson on Dr Johnson fails to mention one of Dr Johnson's important influences namely God. Boris pointed out that inspite of lots of 'good stuff about Johnson and Christianity' it was all cut!
Never froget the BBC continues to have bias in it's DNA.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

# 079 -WAR - Daily Telegraph Thursday 10th Feb 2011.

Three good pieces in the DT today about the BBC.

1. Michael Buerk, the former BBC newsreader, on page 2 states very clearly how the BBC should NOT recruit to fill quotas. He gives the example, to make the point, that presenters should not be given jobs just because "we need another 6 lesbians!"

2.On page 3 the article is titled - Licence fee dodgers will be able to watch BBC iPlayer application with little fear of getting caught.

I of course have been taken to court for not paying my TV licence, due to the bias, and urge others to follow or watch programmes on iPlayers! Only by hitting the BBC's pocket will anything change.

3. Radio 4 - on page 20 John Tusa laments the recent BBC Trust's report that despite Radio 4 having listening figures of 10 million says it must try and appeal to more listeners from the North of the UK and youngsters. The absurdity that such a policy might gain a few listeners and lose a lot appears not have to have been considered by the BBC Trust.

The BBC is a bias dumbed down joke and the sooner it is put down the better.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

# 078 - WAR - The good old Daily Mail Feb 8th 2011.

Great stuff in the DM today with various articles covering:-

1.ECHR - informed us that it is costing us £2 billion a year in claims. I wonder why the BBC never seems to mention this when covering this subject. BIAS IN FAVOUR OF EU.
2.Big Society - covered Dame E. Hoodless criticism of the BS without mention she is an ex Labour Councillor. BIAS IN FAVOUR OF NEW LABOUR.
3. Police cuts - excessive coverage given to police numbers cut of 10190 and interviews with Shadow Home Secretary without mentioning Home Secretary's remarks that police budget cuts should not mean reduction in police numbers. BIAS IN FAVOUR OF NEW LABOUR.
4. library closures - Lots of coverage on library closures but no mention of huge fall off in library use in the last decade and how New Labour also planned to close libraries. ANTI GOVERNMENT BIAS.
5. Forest sell offs - coverage by BBC omits the fact that the forests proposed for sale are only a small proportion of the total. ANTI GOVERNMENT BIAS.
6. Cuts - BBC never mention when mentioning Public Sector cuts that the Private Sector has already had years of cuts. ANTI GOVERNMENT BAIS.
7. Littlejohn - points out how the BBC journalists get their agenda from the pages of the Guardian. NORMAL LEFTWING BIAS.
8. BBC Travel Expenses - They asks why over Egypt it was necessary for James Naughtie to fly to Cairo and Beirut and Justin Webb to Washington for Radio yes Radio 4! NORMAL - USING OUR MONEY LIKE WATER.

Monday, 7 February 2011

# 077 - WAR - Radio 4 Today - Cuts and ECHR

Two items from the bias BBC this morning.

1. Cuts - they continue to talk about 'the cuts' where as the facts are that thus far total spending is still hitting new records most months.

Why does the BBC not report the facts?

2. European Court of Human Rights - In this item they mentioned that the Government was looking at the possibility of withdrawing from the jurisdiction of the ECHR. The only trouble is, especially since we agreed to the Lisbon Treaty, we simply cannot do this unless we leave the EU and of course of this major fact there is NO mention.

So not only is the BBC regularily bias it is also exceedingly sloppy in its reporting often failing to mention all the facts in a story especially if they don't accord with their Guardian leaning view point.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

# 076 - WAR - Artic with Bruce Parry.

Clearly in this last programme, as we have recently learnt, the script was written and interviews done to come to a prearranged conclusion and continue the BBC push that Global Warming (GW) is an undisputed fact.

Well despite the bias BBC's attempt to literally promote the GW agenda for itself and the establishment more and people are joining the ranks of the GW sceptics as they realise three things.

1. Many people's livelihoods depend on continuing the GW scare.

2. Governments like GW as another means to tax and control us.

3. Governments are too scared to challenge the GW tree huggers for fear of appearing unfriendly.

The BBC is at its most bias when reporting on GW.

For as Peter Sissons says bias is in the BBC's DNA.

# 075 - WAR - BBC' programme Silent Witness.

It amuses me when the oh so Politically Correct BBC choose not to reflect reality.

We have all heard the stories of the Community Policemen who wouldn't go in the water to save a drowning person or the Firemen who cannot cross a roof in case it breaks or the Police surrounding a gunman for hours before making a move.

Well in Silent Witness on Monday and Tuesday we had the Armed Police unit storming the Dutch Embassy in minutes of arrival with the Paramedics close on their heels.

But then I suppose showing the reality would be boring TV and would make the Police look VERY stupid.

The BBC has its own very selective agenda and to quote Peter Sissons is has bias in its DNA.

# 074 - WAR - Mail on Sunday.

Great post on Richard North's blog Eureferendum outlining how out of touch the BBC is these days.

Here is the link.


Saturday, 22 January 2011

# - 073 - Daily Mail Saturday 22nd Jan 20011

Main article in the above is an extract from Peter Sissons latest book ' When one door closes'.

It is a graphic account of the institutional bias in the BBC, something I've been campaigning about for at least 20 years!

He explains how the BBC is badly lead and how unless you quote the Guardian's line you will NEVER get on in the BBC.

This is music to my ears.

I KNOW the BBC is biased which is why I've refused to pay my licence fee for 4 years.

# 072 - WAR - BBC 1 News at Ten.

On Thursday 20th Jan 2011 the BBC news contained an item about the Americans in Sangin. The report suggested that the Amercians were doing much more than the British had done, in taking the fight to the Taliban, and as a result they had suffered 26 deaths. The report concluded that the aim of the American Forces was to try and turn the Taliban to 'our' side, to win the hearts and minds of the locals and of course that the ultimate aim was to hand over the area to the Afghan Army.

This type of BBC reporting avoids ANY serious analysis of the situation and so by default is bias.

Three questions that should have been covered are:-

1. How can they win hearts and minds while burning the local's crops in search of possible arms dumps?

2. If they are able to 'turn' the Taliban they can of course turn back as soon as the NATO Troops leave.

3. Suggesting the corrupt Afghan Army could ever hold the line for more than 5 mins is a complete joke.

The BBC news no longer sets the pace as they happily support the line of their political masters in government.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

# 071 - WAR - BBC 2 Newsnight and newspaper circulation figures.

Isn't it funny how at the end of Newsnight they invariably finish with a quick look at the front pages of the papers.

9 times out of 10 they show the Guardian and Independent and occassionally the Daily Mail.

Well I thought you might like to know the circulation figures of the main papers which I have rounded up or down for clarity.

Sun - 3,000,000
Daily Mail - 2,000,000
Mirror - 1,200,000
Telegraph - 700,000
Express - 670,000
Times - 500,000
Fin/Times - 400,000
Guardian - 300,000
Independent - 180,000

Now don't forget the above figures for the Guardian and Independent include the mass distribution figures that they send to hotel chains etc!

So why does the dear old bias BBC nearly always include the Guardian?