Thursday, 14 April 2011

# 095 - WAR - Yet more biasfrom our BBC!

I do often wonder when the institutional bias of the BBC will end? Year after year we get official reports commenting on the BBCs bias added to which retiring BBC journalists go to print to point out how they observed this bias at first hand. So two more examples form the Daily Mail this week. 1. Appearing on BBC London's News on Sunday , in African dress, Devon Thomas, who is described as Chair of the 30th Anniversary Brixton Retrospective, said the 1981 riots should be called an 'uprising', explaining: 'In the same way as the people of Egypt and Tunisia were being suppressed and rose up, that is what happened here'. The BBC allowed this pathetically self-deluding statement to be broadcast uncontested. 2. After monitoring coverage of the AV campaign the No2AV claims in a formal complaint to the BBC that the pro-AV movement are interviewed without the opposing view being expressed and points out the BBC has been seduced by the celebrity backers like Eddie Izzard and Kriss Akabusi. a BBC spokesman of course rejected this complaint. The BBC is bias to its core.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

# 094 - WAR - The usual bias again.

1. Radio 4 World at 1 yesterday. The BBC reporter was interviewing an African Union spokesman about the situation in The Ivory Coast. The opening question was - "What the African Union was doing about it" The reply which was allowed to pass was " You know we are very concerned about what is happening!" Question not answered and no follow up - just imagine if this had been a Tory being interviewed would they have been treated so lightly!!! 2. Announcement on Radio 4 for a new programme told us that because a freedom of information request had revealed no street parties had been yet booked for the Royal Wedding the BBC would be hosting a programme on whether the Royal Family was still valued. Well of course the pro republican BBC never misses a trick to run down our monarchy. The BBC is SO bias they simply don't realise that virtually every broadcast is now bias in part or completely.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

# 093 - WAR - Another BBC reporter finds his voice.

Isn't it typical that once a BBC reporter has his or her pension in the bag they suddenly find their voice. Another to join the line of BBC reporters who have seen the light is Mr Michael Buerk who claims the BBC is bias to its core and confesses that the Guardian is read as the BBC's Bible. If you don't like the BBC's bias output then don't pay your TV licence. I don't!