Tuesday, 21 December 2010

# 070 - WAR - BBC 1 news 10.00pm 21/12/10

They just cannot help themselves being bias that is!

On an item on a new source of gas from shale in the USA they only interviewed an man from Friends of the Earth who was against it as it was still a fossil fuel which wouldn't help stop climate change.

So NO balance was shown as of course the BBC can still not let go of the Global Warming story and still tries to weave in a story if they possbly can.

The only answer is for the duped public to refuse to pay their TV licence fee.

That would make the Guardian reading BBC types sit up and take notice.

# 069 - WAR - More evidence of BBC bias.

Two entries to catch up on last week:-

1. So Hunt MP stated that the BBC is filled with more LibDim and NuLiebour voters than CONservatives.

Well that is a statement of the obvious but it doesn't stop some BBC type indignantly saying it is no ones business how he votes.

He is right of course and Hunt said no different it just that he suggests that not many in the BBC vote CONservative - and that is the obvious truth.

2. The good old Daily Mail on Saturday 18th carries a story that Mark Thompson the BBC's Director General ( on around £800,000 at the last count) admitted recently that the BBC had indeed been nervous about tackling sensitive issues. This admission comes only a few months after he accepted the Corporation had been guilty of a a massive left wing bias . His latest comments made during a speech at the Institute for Government on Thursday night follow a 2007 BBC Trust report which suggested news coverage had sidestepped immigration and Europe.

For years my complaint letters to the BBC where met with solid denials that they were bias and yet now their own boss say they have been.

The trouble is they still ARE but they just don't see it insulated as they are behind their copies of the Guardian!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

# 068 - WAR - 6 pm BBC 1 news Friday 10th December.

Another classic piece of BBC 1 bias yesterday on the 6pm news.

The BBC is charged by its Royal Charter not to be bias so when covering major news items, like Climate Change, they really should interview both sides of the argument.

Yesterday they interviewed the Government scientist on the pro side who was allowed to repeat the lie that the temperature is rising when in fact it has gone down in the last few years and to speak on the sceptic's side they had some amateur climate enthusiast.

So no balance there then!

Why does the BBC never interview a sceptic like the journalist Christopher Booker?

The BBC is still desperate to plug climate change whenever they can and still speak as if it is a fact.

Meanwhile the evidence is now clear for those with eyes to see that the whole Climate Change industry is a complete scam.

The bias BBC is going to have some serious egg on its face when the orthodoxy changes and climate change is seen for what it is a green scare story to promote an increase in the green agenda and budget.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

# 067 - WAR - Radio 2 news @4pm today.

I'm always amused when the bias BBC shoots itself in the foot!

Lead item on Radio 2 news at 4pm today was a student's reaction to the pending vote in Parliament.

Typically the bias BBC only wheeled out one student to interview, so giving no balance. Then to compound the problem the bias BBC, no doubt following their own PC guidelines, interviewed a girl, who from her accent, was I assume coloured!

The BBC seldom now interviews with the majority indigenous whites?

Well she told us she was rioting 'so LIKE her younger relations could LIKE benefit from LIKE further education LIKE' etc etc!

Clearly this student had been very poorly educated no doubt as a product of our state system.

Hope your foot gets better soon bias BBC!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

# 066 - WAR - BBC Radio 2 news 5pm today.

Here is an example of the very subtle way the BBC is bias in its news reporting.

The news on Radio 2 at 5pm lead obviously lead with the Spending Review but had NO extract of George Osbourne's speech ( the main event let's face it!) but did manage an extract from Alan Johnston and choose the most class conscience comment of the lot which was that in his opinion many of the Conservatives sole agenda was an ideological crusade to cut welfare spending.

This is very bias.

Fairness would have had a quote from each and certainly not the most class conscience comment forn Alan Johnston on its own.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

# 065 WAR - Horizon BBC 9pm Monday 4th October

David Attenborough headed up this programme, on how we are damaging our oceans, and which covered two main areas - over fishing and increased acidity of the water due to more CO2.

I'd agree with all the points on over fishing and you only have to look at the disasterous EU Common Fishing Policy to see how the EU have mismanaged their waters.

However the EU was NOT even mentioned - now there is a surprise!!

As to more CO2 damaging the oceans, David Attenborough and the BBC should read Ian Plimer's book Heaven and Earth pages 323 to 339 to realise that this is simply NOT happening.

But then again when did the BBC let the facts get in the way of a story to promote the Warmists agenda.

I wonder when the BBC will stop reporting Global Warming as a fact?

Monday, 27 September 2010

# 064 WAR - Money incentives for dieters.

BBC news on Radio 2 at 10 o'clock today had an item that there is a proposal to give cash incentives to fatties and unfit people to diet and take exercise.

The BBC showed bias by of course only interviewing one person who said she would not have gone to the gym with out the incentive.

For balance they should have interview someone who pointed out the absurdity of this suggestion.

So the listening public are subtly left with the impression that this idea might have some value.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

# 063 WAR - Blair and Thompson.

My 2 comments below are a tad late as I've just returned from holidaying in France.

1. Blair's interview with Marr was more of an 'Audience with' with soft questions and no tricky follow up answers. Blair was allowed to promote his own agenda and hog the lime light and milk the occasion to promote himself.

2. So Mark Thompson admits the BBC had a left wing bias which in his opinion it no longer has!!!!
Pull the other one Mark - the BBC is INSTITUTIONALLY biased to the left as the many blogs on the subject testify.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

# 062 WAR - BBC news.

3 little snippets from yesterday and today.

10 o'clock TV news yesterday evening.

1. The lead story was the 'Heir to Blair's' trip to India. While they interviewed an Indian about the trouble cause from our new restrictions on immigration there was no balance from interviewing working UK people living in India who say India is NOT helpful with their Visa applications. Funnily enough on Jeremy Vine at midday they had just such a person, who made jewellery in Goa, but had to leave India every 6 months to continue to stay there. So the BBC shows its bias by implyng the problem is ours and NOT India's.

2. During a clip of the Chilcot Enquiry General Jackson was shown saying something like ' at the end of the day the Army had to decide whether to carry out the political order or not'. This surely called for a follow up question to somebody as to why the Army didn't say NO to going into Iraq.

But of course the BBC wouldn't dare upset the establishment with such questoning.

Radio 4 5pm news today.

3. At around 5.45pm there was an item about the value of Reporters now we have bloggers and the internet. An Amercan was interview who was very pro 'official' main stream reporters and branded all bloggers as unknown and unreliable.

My God pot and kettle!!

The BBC news output is always bias and they very seldom give balance. As with the above news item there was NO interview with a person pro bloggers.

My opinion is clear - it is through bloggers and the internet that we get near the truth. The BBC in the main just dishes out PC left of centre bias tosh. The BBC is like an extension of the Guardian and Independent which MOST BBC types read.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

# 061 WAR - The Coalition.

It is increasingly clear as pointed out in Saturday's Daily Mail that the BBC's news reporting bais has not changed since the formation of the Coalition.

They still appear to hold a light for New Labour bending over backwards to cover their leadership contest in a favourable light and over the recent Mandleson book NEVER asking any serious probing questions and certainly NEVER upsetting any New Labourite with agressive questioning.

No - agressive questioning is left for the Conservatives and now Coalition.

As we know the Coalition faces a very difficult task and it appears the BBC sees it as its job to act as the unofficial opposition highlightening the problems that lie ahead when the cuts really start to bite and NEVER informing the public that the disasterous New Labour project is the reason we are in such a mess.

As Saturday's Daily Mail pointed out in its Leader column:-

Look no further than how Thurday evening's Question Time panel was packed with anti-coalition, pro-public sector voices for an example of this bias.

The Mail applauds some of what the BBC does. But let it never be forgotten that it is the very embodiment of the public sector ethos that state bodies and quangos always need more funding, regardless of whether the money is availableand oblivious to the fact it is the hard-earned wages of the taxpayer that are being spent.

In my opinion there is NO justification for the TV licence in its current form and as a start it should be reduced at the first available opportunity.

Friday, 9 July 2010

# 060 WAR - Newspaper bias.

As I'm sure I've mentioned before at the end of Newsnight they review the next day's papers and invariably show two of the National papers with the smallest circulation namely the Independent and Guardian while the most popular newspaper the Daily Mail only occassionally gets a mention.

Now why is this I wonder?

Oh yes many of the BBC types are Guardian and Independent readers.

So just another little example of BBC institutional bias.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

# 059 WAR - Newsnight debates climate change.

Tonight Newsnight was its usual pro climate change self.

When they got to the discussion bit we of course had two pro to one (Lord Lawson) who is a sceptic.

No fierce questions for the couple who were pro.

The BBC is institutionally bias on climate change by being clearly in the pro camp.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

# 058 - WAR - Question Time.

Dimbleby should retire.

In a programme pressed for time he asked 4 of the audience to speak twice which he has often done before.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

# 057 - WAR - Question Time.

Tonight David Dimbleby excelled in his bias by allowing Ed Balls more airtime than anyone else and he even managed to not include Peter Hitchen in one of the questions.

Monday, 21 June 2010

# 056 - WAR - BBC2 Newsnight on Afghanistan

Despite recent media coverage about the futility of our campaign in Afghanistan the bias BBC once again managed to tow the 'party line' tonight that success in Afghanistan is possible.

The 2 people inteviewed were basically pro our troops being there and of the many who say that we should not be there and we that we will lose the BBC gave NO air time.

Comparing 2009 to 2010 Bombings are up 94%, Assasinations up 45% and 3 suicide bombings a week. Also a corrupt Central Government and the Taliban already controlling 70% of the country with the Government only in control of 29 of the 121 key stragegic districts.

We will sadly fail in Afghanistan as we did in Iraq and yet the bias BBC is still pushing the line that we should have gone to Afghanistan and we will leave when we have succeeded.

This is a MAJOR issue and balance demanded the BBC tonight and every night airs both sides of the argument.

But don't hold your breath as the BBC is INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

# 055 - WAR - Placemnet advertising.

I've noticed again yesterday and today onn BBC reporters wearing Berghaus jackets.

Are they paid to do this?

Saturday, 6 February 2010

# 054 - WAR - Climate Change bias.

Have you noticed how the BBC usually refers to Global Warming and not Climate Change. It is and absolute FACT that the climate has very slightly cooled in the last 10 years.

Next have you noticed how climate change bulletins on the BBC usually end with either melting icebergs or glaciers breaking off into the sea or polar bears on ridiculously icebergs or finally 'smoke' coming out of power station cooling towers.


1. Icebergs do melt in summer - always have always will!!
2.Glaciers do break off into the sea - always have always will!!
3. There have never been so many Polar bears as we have now!!
4. The 'smoke' coming out of cooling towers is harmless water vapour!!

The BBC better sharpen up on climate change before they get LOADS of egg on their faces.

Friday, 8 January 2010

# 053 - WAR - Placement advertising on the News at 10.

Most reporters seem to wear Berghaus Jackets when reporting outside in the cold.

Are they paid to do this?