Saturday, 4 June 2011

# 102 - WAR - Common Fisheries Policy

Today I received the following e-mail from Ashley Mote ex-UKIP MEP:-
BBC ‘Forgets’ EU Role in Fishing Scandal.

BBC South news on the evening of Friday 3rd June
included a short report from the south coast about local fishermen being forced
to throw good, freshly-caught fish back into the sea because their quotas did
not allow them to be landed for sale.

The report centred around complaints to the Tory MP for South Dorset, Richard Drax, himself a former BBC South news reporter. He doubtless was the source of the ‘story’ – such as it was.

Several fishermen gave interviews. Drax proclaimed that an investigation by
fellow Westminster MPs was in hand, implying that it was on his initiative.

By a truly extraordinary feat of news management and
editing the BBC managed to ensure that the entire report failed to mention the
root cause of such a grotesque and monstrous waste of perfectly good fo

No explanation whatsoever was offered. The well-known and indisputable fact that EU
regulations were the direct and only cause, about which the UK can do precisely
nothing, was never mentioned. Worse, the
story was broadcast as ‘news’, when this scandalous state of affairs and damage
to our fishing industry is now decades old.

It is impossible to believe that neither Drax nor any
fisherman mentioned the EU in their interviews.
The omission can only have been calculated and deliberate news
mismanagement by the BBC.
For the record the BBC continues to benefit from
substantial soft financial ‘investments’ by the European Investment Bank and
from the generous ‘free’ hospitality of the European Parliament and the
European Commission in Brussels. Details have been on my website for