Monday, 8 August 2011

# 125 -WAR - The BBC's analysis of the news is seriously deficient.

The most important job of a journalist after 'reporting' the news is to offer a serious analysis of the overall situation. In this the BBC in particular along with the MSM is seriously deficient offering only the standard mantras of our governing elite.

Take 4 classic examples:-

1. On the recent riots in London there is NO analysis of how poorly our Police are now led or serious analysis that multiculturalism has failed.

2.Global Warming gets no serious critique with this recent 'polar bear' incident in Norway turned into a pro Global Warming story. This involved actually lying about the fact that the polar bear population is INCREASING and the anti polar bear trip wire was frozen!!

3. The EU is still given respect it doesn't deserve!

4. On the Financial crisis the angle of most reports is still that something can be done but little serious analysis that we are heading for a major world recession and re-alignment of the way we live.

Most of the time the BBC follows the news and does not interpret it.

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