Wednesday, 5 October 2011

# 141 - WAR - More bias reporting on the EU.

If BBC journalists were doing their jobs they would challenge the much repeated mantra of the Europhiles that we can not seriously consider leaving the EU because so much of our trade is with the EU.

Well the Democracy Movement, which replaced the Referendum Party in 1997, has been saying this for over 12 years:-

There is no need to worry about future trade with the EU if we withdraw from it. We buy far more of their goods than they buy of ours. If trade stopped altogether, the EU countries would lose far more than we would.

We could easily enter into a Free Trade agreement with them because they would be mad not to.

Indeed the EU has a free trade agreement with Mexico on the same terms as us but they don't pay millions every day to be a member of the EU club.

The break down of our GDP is as follows:-

14% is exported to the EU and is declining and in deficit.
14% goes to the rest of the world
72% of GDP is our own domestic economy.

The EU tail should stop wagging the UK dog - they need us more than we need them.

If the BBC was not so institutionally bias they would point the above facts out at every time they interview a Europhile who churns out the old chestnut that we cannot leave the EU because we trade so much with them.

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