Thursday, 24 January 2013

# 217 - WAR - Surprise surprise the BBC is still bias.

Despite many people over many years pointing out the BBC is bias it continues apace without any interruption.

1. The Daily Mail on Tuesday 22nd ran an article on David Bellamy which reminded me that he was banned from the BBC the moment he spoke out against global warming and wind farms.

2. Newsnight on Wednesday 23rd had a big item on the Cameron's speech on the EU. Apart form the studio panel of 4 which contained  3 pro EU and Nigel Farage of UKIP the coverage included 5 outside interviews as follows:-

a. Businessman - pro EU
b. Junior Doctor - pro EU
c. Farmer - Some reservations but if out of the EU would want the same level of subsidies-so pro EU!
d. Non Ex-Director Goldman Sachs - pro EU
e. Counillor - pro EU

Now can anybody tell me that is balanced reporting????

When you write to the BBC, as I have frequently, and point out their bias their replies always include the comment that balance is produced if you analyse output over time.

The trouble is on issues like global warming, the EU, and the left of British politics the bias never does get balanced over time as by any analysis the vast majority of the output is PRO global warming, the EU and the left of Brtish politics.

This why this blog claims the BBC is "institutionally bias."

Saturday, 12 January 2013

# 216 - WAR - 'The polar bear family and me'

I've had an e-mail from a visitor to this blog informing me of a classic piece of BBC bias around climate change.
It concerns the programme 'The polar bear family and me' which was shown over three nights this week.
He points out:- 
 "It constantly referred to global warming, lack of ice and the bears being under threat from climate change.  Whilst in reality numbers of bears have increased over the last thirty years and are now stable, temperatures haven't increased and sea levels haven't risen etc."

"All the same rubbish!"

The BBC loves the images of lone polar bears standing on small icebergs or the shots of crumbling glaciers into the sea (a natural annual event) it helps promote Climate Change a concept they have brought into 100% and they now don't even pretend to treat in a balanced way.
The only thing that will change the BBC is to subject it to the full force of the market.   

Sunday, 6 January 2013

# 215 - WAR - Global Warming.

Mid week the lead item on the BBC news was the recent wet weather with the observation that 2012 was offically the second wettest year, after 2000, in the last 100 years.

The BBC repeatedly made the statement that our current severe weather patterns were the result of a general warming of the planet where as the facts are that the tempersture has NOT gone up in the last 10 years.

Also no mention was made by the BBC of the fact that the same  Met office weather predictions they keep quoting stated at the start of 2012 that we faced a severe drought!

What I wish to point out is that the BBC is that if weather precictions in 2012 can be so wrong why should we believe anything the Met office say with regards our long term future weather patterns!