Tuesday, 30 August 2011

# 134 - WAR - Pathe News archives.

On the Jeremy Vine show today on Radio 2 at 1345pm they had an item on the Pathe News archives and featured a couple of  WW2 recordings in typical BBC voices the first on the bombing of Buckingham Palace and the second of Coventry. There was the arcchetypal comment by the reporter on the filthy Hun who would be beaten etc etc.

I had to smile when JV and the Custonian of the archives commented that those reports were pure propaganda and wouldn't be allowed now!!!!!

Funny how so many top BBC reporters on retirement comment that the BBC is now totally bias to the left of British politics.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

#133 - WAR - Jacqui Smith.

Jacqui Smith is in the news again today having got prisoners to paint a room in her house.

This caused me to think back to the incident, when she was Home Secretary, and her husband order X-rated films and charged them to her government expenses.

While of course this story was reported the BBC made NO mention of the obvious point, which you would have expected them to make, that in buying these films her husband was supporting the porn industry.

I'm sure if this have been a Tory Minster the BBC would have made this point and hounded the MP concerned.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

# 132 - WAR - An example of the BBC's subtle bias.

On Radio 4's PM this afternoon  - surprise! surprise! they did a piece on whether taxing the rich worked!!

I was also amazed that they had two speakers one pro taxing the rich (expected) because he said it worked  and the other, a German I think, who said it didn't.( at first I thought they would only have the one speaker)

The trouble is that the pro taxing the rich speaker was given two bites of the cherry before the other was brought in and then the interview finished with the pro speaker again.

So the tally was pro taxing the rich speaker 3 slots against taxing the rich 1 slot.

The pro speaker was also given the last slot which is often the slot which remains with the listening public.

In such a way on a daily basis the BBC is biased.  

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

# 131- WAR - The BBC's propaganda over Libya.

The obvious connection I'd have made as a reporter over Cameron's outside Number 10 speech yesterday is with Bush's aircraft carrier speech on Iraq under the banner 'Mission accomplished'!

But there is no chance the pro establishment BBC would risk upsetting their paymasters.

As to reports on Libya where is the BBC's careful analysis, as given by John R. Bradley in the Daily Mail today. Here is a well informed man who knows his subject in fact in December he is publishing a book called:-

'After the Arab Spring: How The Islamists Hijacked The Middle East Revolt.'

Compelling reading I would think and I shall certainly be ordering a copy.

During the article in the Daily Mail  Bradley explains how Libya, contrary to anything thus far put out by the BBC, is a tribal country and the odds on the new National Transitional Council ruling successfully are very slim.

He goes on to say:-

' Only a fool would bet on their (the Libyan tribes) long term allegiances, or consider them a unifying national force. And only a buffoon would expect them to embrace Western democratic principles any more sincerely than the Islamists will.'

Well we surely already know Cameron is a fool so we can now add buffoon to his list of accolades!

As to the BBC its bias knows no bounds.   

Sunday, 21 August 2011

# 130 - WAR - The BBC is statist.

The obvious has recently occurred to me which is that the corporatist, bureaucratic and centralist BBC in general supports the corporatist, bureaucratic and centralist Government of the day.

If the Government is pro Climate Change then so is the BBC.

The Government says our troops are doing a worthwhile job in Afghanistan so does the BBC.

The Government supports the Libyan rebels so in the main does the BBC.

The BBC is the propaganda arm of our government.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

#129- WAR - Wind turbines. BBC New at 10.

Richard North on the BBC report on wind farms.


There is a real lack of financial detail in the BBC report as I believe they are still committed to show wind farms in a good light.

#128 - WAR - Robert Preston on hacking BBC News at 10.

The first 5 mins tonight were given over to Robert Preston waxing lyrical about new revelations on phone hacking at the News of the World.

Firstly is this still really the news item to take the lead and second in my post # 124 I mentioned how the BBC may well have use phone hacking in the past so pot and kettle loom large!

Finally I sense the BBC may well be using their near monopoly position to keep the blame on News International to keep any pressure of them.

Monday, 8 August 2011

#127 - WAR - The BBC does the impossible and faces both ways at once!

Great blog entry by Richard North today pointing out the BBC is not only biased but two faced!


#126 - WAR - John Craven - Country File Sunday BBC 1.

During Country File last night John Craven was discussing with various country folk as to whether we should/could grow more of our own food in this country which a survey said most people thought we should.

Guess what never got a mention..................................... yes you are right the EU!

For those who know about these things the effects of the EU and the Common Agricultural and Fishing  Policies RESTRICT our ability to grow, breed or catch what we need.

This is full frontal BBC bias and is NOT reporting but pure propaganda.

# 125 -WAR - The BBC's analysis of the news is seriously deficient.

The most important job of a journalist after 'reporting' the news is to offer a serious analysis of the overall situation. In this the BBC in particular along with the MSM is seriously deficient offering only the standard mantras of our governing elite.

Take 4 classic examples:-

1. On the recent riots in London there is NO analysis of how poorly our Police are now led or serious analysis that multiculturalism has failed.

2.Global Warming gets no serious critique with this recent 'polar bear' incident in Norway turned into a pro Global Warming story. This involved actually lying about the fact that the polar bear population is INCREASING and the anti polar bear trip wire was frozen!!

3. The EU is still given respect it doesn't deserve!

4. On the Financial crisis the angle of most reports is still that something can be done but little serious analysis that we are heading for a major world recession and re-alignment of the way we live.

Most of the time the BBC follows the news and does not interpret it.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Thursday, 4 August 2011

# 123 - WAR - Phone hacking - Daily Mirror.

On News Night last night it was lovely to see Gavin Esler squirm as he lead the piece on hacking at the Mirror Group as one of the interviewees stated that everyone, including the BBC, used Private Investigators to gather stories. You see one of the key arrows in an Investigators quiver especially a few years ago was to hack phones.

So it would appear the BBC ,which have made so much of the Murdoch  story to damage a right wing competitor, are probably guilty of using hacked information themselves.

I hope any investigation proves this beyond doubt.

The BBC is not only bias but hugely hypocritical.