Wednesday, 16 February 2011

# 083 - WAR - Most BBC bias is very subtle.

Here are 5 items I've noticed this week amongst many.

1. Jeremy Vine show Radio 2 - interviews a man about his book the Riflemen about the Dresden bombings. There was NO attempt at any balance. The BBC just love to make out we were as bad as the Germans.

2. Nick Robinson on BBC 1 news asks Cameron ref the cuts, if he isn't just another Thatcher. This is rubbish for as we all know Cameron isn't man enough to wipe her shoes! But still the BBC drag up Thatcher and pump the line Thatcher BAD everyone else GOOD!

3. BBC 1 news - On discussions about cuts and inflation there is NO attempt to explain why this is all predictable. It is just used as an anti coalition bashing.

4.BBC 1 news Wednesday 16th 10.00pm. - On the climate change post they interviewed a pro and middle of th road but no actual interview with an anti.

5. Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Wednesday16th - Credit where it is due I can not remember the last time a BBC type gave a Labour politician a hard time as Jeremy did today with Ed Balls.

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