Sunday, 21 July 2013

# 248 - WAR - Lord Hall's bias to a friend's wife.

All those who read this blog should know the BBC's output is bias in favour of climate change, the EU and the left of British politics.

We also know that the BBC shows bias in the selection of their staff only advertising in the Guardian and again only seriously considerng those with a left wing bias.

Now we have another type of bias with the director-general Lord Hall appointing his wife's friend Suzanne Heywood to a £600,000 two month contract to review making the corporation a 'simpler place to work.'

Nice work if you can get - I'll scratch your left wing back if you scratch mine!!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

# 247 - WAR - The romances of the BBC 2's Stephanie Flanders.

I just think it sums up the staff of the BBC so well that E Miliband told a celebrity magazine this week that he had once gone out with Stephanie Flanders as had Ed Balls.

As the saying goes it is nice to keep things in the family!!

Can you imagine the story being that Stephanie Flanders in her youth had dated Cameron and then  Osborne - exactly impossible.

My Lord I rest my case!!!! 

# 246 - WAR - Charles Moore on BBC bias.

Well worth a read:-

Sunday, 7 July 2013

# 245 - WAR - Does a goldfish in a bowl know its goldfish in a bowl?

I love this quote from Peter Hitchens today:-

"The BBC could never know it was biased just as  a male goldfish in a bowl doesn't know he is a goldfish or that he is in a bowl!"

He goes on to say - "This is because  BBC people have no friends who disagree with them and despise moral and social conservatives as morally evil people.

Then I read on Saturday that Emily Maitlis of Newsnight said this week of the conservative Party after the referendum vote:-

"Cameron is in hock to his party on Europe - otherwise he would not have this crazy Private Members' Bill which has no chance of ever being enacted into legislation."

So there is a bit of BBC unbias reporting for you - NOT!!!!!!

And finally we have Nicky Campbell on 5 Live conducting a phone in asking if the late bank holiday in August should be renamed Margaret Thatcher Day which was followed by an hour of Thatcher bashing.

Even in death the BBC cannot resist the chance to have a pop at Mrs T.

Isn't it strange how organisations who have been identified as being institutionally bias, like the Metropolitan Police for example, have all had to change but dear Old Auntie just keeps the bias going despite endless reviews, reports and comments from ex-employees pointing out the bias.


Friday, 5 July 2013

# 244 - WAR - Your money squandered and an admission of bias.

I make no apologies for these two stories coming from the Daily Mail as while the MSM can all be tarred with the same brush of often reporting in a very shallow and superficial way IMO I find the Daily Mail can be the most robust at times on taking on the BBC and the liberal left which is why the likes of Polly Toynbee sound so venomous when they mention its name. 

Interestingly this is probably why the Daily mail outsellsall the other papers!

Headlines in the DM on Tuesday read:-

The BBC broke rules with pay-offs of £369million

The BBC stood accused of an 'outrageous' disregard for license-fee payers' money on Monday after spending watchdog found it broke its own rules by handing staff £369million in severance payments.

This went to 7,500 staff of which 401 senior staff were given £61 million.

My comment - ' Nice work if you can get it!'

Then the next day I read the headline:-

BBC chief admits: We had a 'deep liberal bias'

This refered to the  the commnet from former news chief Helen Boaden who admitted that the 'deep liberal bias' in the institution prevented it from reporting on immigration properly.

The report also highlighted the bias over the BBC's coverage of the EU.

My comment - ' so no surprise there then I've been saying this for years!'

Incidently tihs report commissioned by the BBC Trust cost £175,000.

Sadly the BBC remains Institutionally biased.

Monday, 1 July 2013

# 243 - WAR - Was Nelson Mandela a terrorist or not?

The best the BBC could do on their 10 o'clock news last night was to say Nelson Mandela was 'branded' a terrorist!

Surely he was either a terrorist or he wasn't.

Here are a few facts:-

Nelson Mandela co-founded 'Umkhonto we Sizwe', MK for short,  which translated as Spear of the Nation, and was the armed wing of the ANC.

MK launched its first guerrilla attacks against government installations on 16 December 1961. It was subsequently classified as a terrorist organisation by the South African government and the United States, and banned.

Their campaign involved bombings and also the use of landmines . The landmine campaign was short lived as the deaths caused were indiscriminate many of the victims being black labourers.

Analysing one period between 1976-1982 there were 150 cases of armed action killing 230 people. 30 were from the security forces and of the remainder 60 were white and 140 black.

Finally can I emphasis two things Nelson Mandela co-founded MK and, especially after Obama's visit to Mandela's jail, the USA agreed that the MK was a terrorist organisation and banned it.

The BBC's news output is now so oftern nothing more than pure propaganda.