Saturday, 24 May 2014

# 314 - WAR - So no bias here then!?

The BBC’s warning to its staff to remain impartial came too late for Mimi Kempton-Stewart, the assistant politics editor of the Today programme. Here are some of her thoughts on yesterday’s election, including that “it’d be nice” if every UKIP voter were just to disappear forever or die”:

Friday, 23 May 2014

# 313 - WAR - More bias appointments of course.

So I read in the Daily Mail today that in the last two days two BBC staff, including an editor on its news channel have been caught labelling UKIP and its supporters as racist, sexist and lunatics.

Meanwhile the ex-Guardian executive now editing Newsnight, who made a former TUC advisor its economic correspondent, yesterday handed a reporting role to a woman who once fronted a Labour election rally and dated one of the party MPs.

This is the BBC which claims to be even handed who also appointed ex-Blairite James Purnell as Director of Strategy. 

The BBC is INSTITUTIONALLY bias and these promotion PROVE it.