Monday, 11 July 2016

#403w - The BBC is trying to make the news and not just reporting it.

With my knowledge of the BBC's reporting over the years this is a tactic that has been going on for a while - here are two post Brexit examples.

1. Racism - The BBC has been full of stories, since we voted to leave the EU, that there has been an increase in racists attacks. This even permeated to the One Show one evening last week where various interviewees claimed to have been the subject of racist abuse. One black youth, who said he had received racist abuse, was asked by the reporter if he knew that was a hate crime and should be reported to the police.

2. Tory leadership contest - One clearly senses that the BBC are keen to find any Tory, who voted Leave, who is upset that their party is going to be lead by a Remainer. This was very clear today on the six o'clock news when the reporter in Harrogate, Yorkshire, sought out Tories who were unhappy with Thersa May. The reporter did try and balance the three or four who said they were unhappy with one man who wasn't that concerned.

Both these are examples, as I put in my title, that show the BBC trying to make the news and not just reporting it.

PS. My other half has just informed me that on the One Show tonight they interviewed a woman in her refuge home who thought she would be unable to vote in the referendum  because women in refuge centres don't give out addresses in case their exes track them down and so having no address they cannot vote. Anyway this individual did manage to vote (not quite certain how she managed it but that isn't the point as you shall see) and she was so excited because she now had a stake in the country's future.

Now here is a question - Which way did this woman vote?

Was it remain or leave?

Remain of course if that wasn't practically guaranteed.