Tuesday, 28 February 2012

# 167 -WAR - BBC bias over Workfare programme.

The blog 'biased-bbc' covers this well in the link below:-


It was amusing yesterday when they were once again discussing the above on The Jeremy Vineshow on Radio 2 when amazingly they allowed on a member of the public who pointed out the bias on Newsnight over the 5 days of last week.

Jeremy vine spluttered out that he was sure Kirsty Wark had not been bias as the BBC was always balanced!!!!!

Once again it is clear the surety of the licence fee allows the BBC to carry on in its own left-wing bubble.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

# 166 - WAR - New Political Editor - BBC 2 Newsnight..

So last night on Newsnight Jeremy Paxman introduced us to the new Political Editor of Newsnight.

It was sad to note the apparent Political Correctness of the appointment?

Do you think it likely that it was the ex-Political Editor of the Daily Mail?

You are right - NO CHANCE!!!

The post has gone to Allegra Stratton ex- Political Editor of the Guardian!!

And the BBC's political correctness goes on as her first assignment was a one to interview with the disgraced MP for Yeovil David Laws.

This is a man one senses the BBC would love to see back in government and will try and do their little bit to help rehabilitate him.

The BBC won't see any of this as they are and remain INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS despite constantly telling us they are reforming.

Daily evidence shows the BBC is not reforming and never will so long they are funded by the licence fee and soft loans from the EU.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

# 165 - WAR - Kelvin MacKenzie on BBC reporting.

In the Saturday Daily Mail (the much hated newspaper of lefties) Kelvin MacKenzie digs into a BBC news report on unemployment.

On R4's PM programme this week on a gloom-ridden report on unemployment they interviewed  a council worker called Alison.

Alison explained she was 55 single and been unemployed for a year since being made redundant from Eastleigh Council Hampshire.

However Kelvin decided to do some digging behind the report and it turns out the majority of Eastleigh Council redundancies were VOLUNTARY.

The council would not answer Kelvins 2 questions:-

1. How much did she earn and what was her pay off?

2. What was the size of her final salary pension scheme?

She apparently said she was looking for work in an Admin capacity but had an issue about travelling!

Kelvin asks " If I had covered the story for PM my version would have sounded very different from the one that was broadcast. Which one would have given he more accurate picture of Alison's life? Mine or the increasingly left-wing BBC."

Well done Kelvin but I have to tell you the BBC has been INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS  for years but I'm sure he knows that.

# 164 - WAR - Quentin Letts for DG of the BBC!

I see in the Spectator this week that Quentin Letts gives us his Manifesto for the BBC's top job.

He lists 17 common sense things he would do if given the job and I'll list just two of them:-

1. Only take 10% of the existing salary of £650,000. So he would do the job for £65,000 or the same amount, as he points out, as a backbench MP.

2. He points out the BBC always insists it is not left-wing but he asks "does anyone believe that?" He goes on "It is about as balanced as George Best on a unicycle! It has badly lost the trust of the Conservative party, particularly on Europe and in its attitude to the deficit. BBC producers reliably regard government spending as a good thing. NO it ain't"

So Quentin Letts hits the nail on the head that the BBC needs a dose of a right-wing influence to try and help it kick the habit of recent years of being a bag carrier for the left.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

# 163 -WAR - Spendthrift and Alarmist BBC.

1. Spendthrift - I read in the Daily Mail today, that the BBC spent £4million laying off staff as a result of the costly and pointless move to Salford and yet then continued to employ nearly half of those they had given nearly £57,000 redundancy to.

You couldn't make this up could you.

It is beyond parody it is simply a disgrace.

2. Alarmist - So the BBC News at Ten tonight reports a 'Record' rise in unemployment. The BBC news is shallow and populist and has long ago given up on giving serious analysis to such issues. If they did break a habit of a life time and report on unemployment is a serious and unbias way they would have to say that given the economic climate unemployment is sadly a price that is paid by the least well off and that it is bound to rise given the lesson of history.

The BBC's natural left wing tendencies are always on display when reporting on unemployment.

So yet more evidence that the INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS BBC is still unreformed despite the pronouncements of the BBC's management.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

# 162 - WAR - The BBC is not helping the economy.


Check out the above.

I totally agree with James Delingpole the BBC clearly relishes any negative story it can run on our economy.

Don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind if the BBC did point out that George Osborne has as yet NOT cut anything and is still running a monthly deficit which increases the overall National Debt but that wouldn't fit the BBC's agenda, in tune with New Labour, that this coalition is not doing enough for growth.

If the BBC wants to really report the facts behind this financial crisis they would need to point out that the worse is yet to come and sadly we are going to have to go through a depression before things get better and the ONLY answer is that real cuts have to happen.

Friday, 10 February 2012

# 161 - WAR - Older women presenters.

So the Director General Mark Thompson openly admits that his BBC has been guilty of age discrimination especially with regards women.

This just proves how much of a law unto itself the BBC is.

It is supposed to operate within its Royal Charter and report in an unbiased way but as many of us know it doesn't and yet the laws of the land say you can not discrimated agianst somebody based on age and yet the BBC openly has been.

How is that for gold plated hypocracy.

Monday, 6 February 2012

# 160 -WAR - BBC hypocrisy over pay.

Whenever the BBC covers any story on excessive pay I feel they should immediately declare a conflict of interests!

BBC Executives have some of the highest salaries, bonuses and generous pension arrangements which they justify saying they are based on the market rate.

However there is no competitor to the way the BBC is funded so a market rate doesn't exist!

Also some of their most highly paid staff are freelance which means they can be paid in the most tax-efficient way possible and not via PAYE.

John Birt for example when Director General was found to be freelance.

This little bit of detail about the bias BBC tells you all you need to know about the organisation.

The BBC should change their motto to "Do as I say but not as I do"

Thursday, 2 February 2012

# 159 - WAR - BBC and its financial loans.

As I read in the Telegraph today the BBC has admitted in a letter to a Tory MP that it has received nearly £3 million in grant money from the EU over the past four years.
Other grants totalling £16 million came from local authorities and the money was spent on "research and development projects".
The broadcaster also disclosed that its commercial arm 'BBC Worldwide' borrowed over £141 million from the European Investment Bank since 2003 and £30 million of that figure is still due to be repaid by the end of May this year.
These figures are disclosed in the commercial arm’s annual report, while the BBC's annual report does not make clear where the grant money comes from.

Does anyone seriously believe that these loans won't influence the reporting in the BBC.