Thursday, 10 February 2011

# 079 -WAR - Daily Telegraph Thursday 10th Feb 2011.

Three good pieces in the DT today about the BBC.

1. Michael Buerk, the former BBC newsreader, on page 2 states very clearly how the BBC should NOT recruit to fill quotas. He gives the example, to make the point, that presenters should not be given jobs just because "we need another 6 lesbians!"

2.On page 3 the article is titled - Licence fee dodgers will be able to watch BBC iPlayer application with little fear of getting caught.

I of course have been taken to court for not paying my TV licence, due to the bias, and urge others to follow or watch programmes on iPlayers! Only by hitting the BBC's pocket will anything change.

3. Radio 4 - on page 20 John Tusa laments the recent BBC Trust's report that despite Radio 4 having listening figures of 10 million says it must try and appeal to more listeners from the North of the UK and youngsters. The absurdity that such a policy might gain a few listeners and lose a lot appears not have to have been considered by the BBC Trust.

The BBC is a bias dumbed down joke and the sooner it is put down the better.

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