Saturday, 16 July 2011

# 116 - WAR - Huhne on our energy policy.

I fear that I can only recall that this was on BBC radio sometime in the middle of the week.

Chris Huhne (what happened to the stories about the speeding offence?) was being interviewed about the Coalitions Energy policy during which he stated that he supported Nuclear Power so long as it wasn't subsidised. ( He used to be dead against it but no doubt being in government has made him realise how naive he was!)  If the BBC reporter was doing his job properly he would have point out that the inconsistency that the only reason 'Green' energy gets a look in is because it is so heavily subsidised.

But of course the pro Climate Change BBC stayed well clear of such a question as they are totally bias in favour of 'Green' energy and the whole Climate Change scare.

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