Thursday, 1 October 2015

# 366 - WAR - Update on my TV licence - Part four.

This is this my final update on my protest to not pay my TV licence, which I have not done since 2008 due to the BBC's bias.

After my house was searched, under a warrant, on the 28th May I knew that I would be taken to court as TV licencing had finally proved I did have a live TV. My aim, from then on in, was to try and reduce my fine to the absolute minimum.

My court appearance was at the North Somerset Magistrates court on 29th September where I pleaded guilty and submitted my 'Plea in Mitigation below'.

The three magistrates completely ignored my plea for a conditional discharge and fined me £805.

However as I had not paid my licence since 2008 I had saved over £1000 so on that basis it was a relatively happy ending.

Sadly the BBC's output is still bias and unless or until there is a MASS refusal to not pay the licence fee, including some high profile people, then individual protestors will be picked off  by the Establishment and the 'System'. 

As to hoping that there is even one MP with the guts to lead this campaign I suggest you don't hold your breath.

Statement of Mitigation
First I would like to point out that I now own a TV licence, having brought one on line on the 30th May, copy attached, and I have done so as I intend to continue my protest in other directions.
Second and importantly, I would like to ask you to remember how much the public are reliant on you and our court system, in general, to protect them from the over mighty ‘Establishment’ and ‘State’ to ensure they both do not abuse their power and privileges to the detriment of us the people.
So I am here accused of not paying my TV licence. This stance is a political protest because as a ‘customer’ of the BBC I am not, nor are the rest of the public, receiving the un-biased ‘service’, we should get, as laid down in the Royal Charter of the BBC. In any other walk of life the ‘customer’ is rightly protected by the law against faulty goods or services and I contend the same should apply to the BBC. How can I be charged for breaking the law when the BBC breaks its supply contract with apparent impunity, broadcasting in a biased manner on a daily basis, which is against its Royal Charter? That the non payment of my TV licence has been a political protest is acknowledged by the attached letter of support from my Member of Parliament.  
That the BBC’s output is biased is now increasingly an established fact and most recently endorsed by Roger Mosey, in June this year, former head of BBC news adding to the long list of past BBC journalists and officials, MPs ,official reports and the public who can all see the BBC is bias.
Over the last 25 years I have been noting, complaining and recording the BBC’s bias in three specific areas where they clearly and provably do not report in a balanced way. These are their reports that are pro climate change, pro the EU, form who they have received millions of pounds in soft loans, and pro the left of British politics. My analysis and records show that the BBC is institutionally bias.
The idea of being fined for a genuine political protest is uncomfortable to me as a decent hard working member of society who otherwise is of good character. Furthermore the idea that the State enforces TV licensing as a criminal offence is also uncomfortable as it criminalizes me an otherwise decent person. Also here in England we face the unfairness, of the recently reported disparity, between the more lenient sentencing for this offence in Scotland. This strengthens the case for decriminalising this offence and having it dealt with in the civil courts as is currently being examined by the current government.  
I purchased my licence through gritted teeth despite the injustice and I hope you will consider this is a case that you could seriously consider for a conditional discharge.
Thank you for listening and for your consideration to my plea in mitigation.

Friday, 25 September 2015

# 365 - WAR - The BBC and VW.

Personally I don't believe in the whole hyped up scenario concerning vehicle pollution when one major volcanic eruption puts more CO2 in the air than from all the cars ever made! Mind you I'm not a believer in the dogma of manmade climate change either.

Next you need to know that the increased use of diesel came about from 'Green' lobby groups who pushed for it as it produced less CO2 and they turned a blind eye to the fact that it was a dirtier fuel.

This is not the first time that 'Green' lobbyists have got things wrong as they were also largely responsible for the switch form leaded to unleaded fuel despite the fact unleaded fuel releases far more CO2 into the atmosphere than the old leaded!!

Anyway back to VW and the BBC and it pretty clear to  me that the BBC is showing bias in its reporting.

On the six O'clock news on BBC 1 today they ended the item on VW by interviewing a commuter who drove from Cardiff to Bristol every day and owned a VW of course. He said that due to the current situation he would think twice before buying another VW.

This interview was clearly biased as there was NO attempt to achieve a balance as they only interviewed one person. Personally I have yet to speak to a person who rates car emissions as a factor in buying a new car.

As to the BBC holding the 'Greens' to account for getting the whole lead/unleaded and petrol/diesel arguments wrong don't hold your breath. 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

# 364 - WAR - Rob Liddle tells it how it is!

Rod Liddle former editor of BBC Radio Four's Today programme says this in this weeks Spectator under the heading:-

Why emote about migrants during a concert?

" Listen, BBC. You've at last got rid of Clarkson, which is what you wanted all along. No more of that laddish and un-PC Top Gear. You parachute your most expensive presenters in for half an hour to the safe bits of Syria or Hungary or Serbia in order to let them emote for a couple of minutes and convince us we should open our doors to unlimited number of what you call refugees. You've got a big four-part special on BBC 3 about how appallingly racist white Britain is today. On Radio 4 your presenters react with out rage when accused of being biased in favour of the EU ( despite the welter of evidence to support that point). You have your middle-class liberal agenda - fine, OK, we know all that and while it galls from time to time, we'll rub along. All we ask is that you let us have the Last Night of the Proms; pomp, circumstance and patriotism, unleavened by your usual bien-pensant ill-thought-out sentiments. can't we just have that? No mention of refuges, vibrant diversity, vulnerable people etc?

Nope. The BBC hates the Last Night of  the Proms. It hates it as much as it hates Jeremy Clarkson. so they brought in a foreign lesbian feminist and told her to stick it to the audience - the BBC's licence-fee payers. Next year, if it's still running, the conductor will either be Jihadi John or Jeremy Corbyn."

Says it all really!


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

# 363 - WAR - Danny Cohen and his wife Noreena Hertz.

Recently 29 'Luvvie Stars' wrote a letter to the government saying that its review of the licence fee would damage Britain.

This idea which it is rumoured came from Noreena was supported by Danny, Director of BBC TV, who is said to have put them up for it.

The trouble is a couple of the signatories had not even read the letter before it was sent.

At the culture, media and sport select committee the chair MP Jesse Norman pointed out to Lord Hall that this whole incident had broken the BBC's guidelines for impartiality.

Lord Hall said that influencing lobbying was not the same as influencing broadcasts but the BBC's Royal Charter is quite clear as it says:-

" The BBC must remain independent and distanced from government initiatives, campaigns, charities and their agendas, no matter how apparently worthy the cause or how much their message appears to be accepted or uncontroversial."

Jesse Norma asked why the BBC had not held an inquiry - WHY INDEED?

# 362 - WAR - 'Fantasy land' salaries.

The BBC has missed its target to reduced the number of managers earning over £150,000 by a fifth.

This target was set in 2009 and was to be delivered by 2013 and then extended to 2015.

In fact the number earning over £160,00 rose from 66 to 74 in the last 12 months!!

The above was confirmed by Anne Bulford, the BBC's managing director of finance and operations, to the culture, media and sports select committee.  

Monday, 14 September 2015

# 361 - WAR - Games anyone can play!

The BBC is so 'Institutionally Bias' that any day of the week you can play any number of games to confirm their bias.

Dominic Lawson is the latest I've spotted playing one of these games which involved monitoring Andrew Marr's press reviewers. Yesterday he noticed that he had the Tory hating Polly Toynbee and the editor of the Communist Morning Star as two of it's three reviewers. while he thought this just may have been justified given the lead story was Jeremy Corbyn's election as Labour leader he decided to check back the paper reviewers over the previous three months.

What he found was only ONE could be described as from the right that being the historian Andrew Roberts. Of the three MPs since June 14th two were form Labour and one from the Scottish National Party.

This is bias and against their Royal Charter.

Here is another game to play involving any news story which includes seeking the views of the public. The two things to monitor is how many views they canvass are from the Left or Right and importantly which view is the last to be played. Typically you will find out of three interviewees two are Left and one is Right with a Left finishing the news item thus leaving the Left wing view lingering on in the public's mind.

There is NO hope to reform the BBC until the cosy consensus of our current 'Establishment' becomes answerable to the people of this country over and above the five yearly ritual farce called a General Election!

The Harrogate Agenda provides the answer which just happens to be another cause dear to my heart!       

Saturday, 29 August 2015

# 360 - WAR - Alan Yentob.

Alan Yentob, the BBC's Creative Director on £180,000 a year, is a classic BBC official and so long as his ilk are at the top of the BBC there is NO hope that it will be reformed and report in a balanced way.

The problem  is Alan Yentob is also the Chairman of Kids Co and has used his position and influence in the BBC to attempt to protect Miss Batmanghelidih from the current claims of financial mismanagement.

Also we learn that back in 2010 he presented a show called 'Art is Child's Play' which involved promoting Kids Co during an interview with its founder.

BBC guidelines are quite clear and state:-

"There must never be any suggestion that commercial , financial or other interests have influenced editorial judgements. Those involved in  the production of BBC content must have no significant connection with products, businesses or other organisations featured in that content."

That Yentob and others at the BBC are able to flout these rules shows you all that wrong with the BBC and how truly pathetic our politicians are in getting to grips with reforming the BBC.

So long as the likes of Alan Yentob, who is a good friend of Lord Hall, run the BBC it will remain the bloated, corrupt and bias organisation that it is.   


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

# 359 - WAR - BBC to end the contract with the Met Office.

Apparently the BBC pay the Met Office £30 million a year which seems an awful lot for getting the weather wrong so often! However, that aside, what the BBC loves about the Met Office is that it has clearly brought into the whole climate change industry, which presents climate change as an established fact.

Even so, no doubt looking to save much needed money, the BBC are ending the contract next year and looking to a company based in New Zealand for their weather reports.

The BBC bias over climate change is clear in that they seldom if ever report any balance on such a controversial issue. However three weeks ago, on Radio 4, Quentin Letts broadcast a half hour programme under the title " What is the point of the Met Office?" On it he showed how clearly over the years they have got the weather wrong, have become far too political, overly keen on presentation over substance and of course pushing a green, climate change agenda.

As a result of this programme Letts was subjected to untold abuse from the twittersphere lead by the BBC's own climate change correspondent Roger Harrabin. Some of the internet reaction was 'foul' with one even suggesting he should be shot twice (to ensure he was dead) and 'End the man' wrote another contributor.

In order to realise just how bias the BBC currently is on climate change you need to read some if not all the following:-

The Skeptical environmentalist - Lomborg
Heaven and Earth( global warming the missing science) - Ian Plimer
The real global warming disaster - Christopher Booker
Watermelons - James Delingpole
Silent spring at 50 (the false crisis of Racheal Carson) - Meiners, Desrochers and Morris.

Climates change that is true, as of course they do four times a year with the seasons, but it is far from an established fact that any climate change or adverse weather conditions are 'man' made. Instead we should be considering, the many unreported factors such as, the natural changing cycles caused over many thousand if not millions of years by such things as sun spot activity.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

# 358 - WAR - Lords Communications Committee.

I do despair that the BBC is extremely unlikely to change so long as the 'Establishment' are involved who clearly lack the inclination or will power to make the radical changes necessary.

Here for example are the members of the Lords Communications Committee:-

Lord Best (Chairman) Crossbench
Earl of Arran Conservative
Baroness Benjamin Liberal Democrat
Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury Liberal Democrat
Bishop of Chelmsford Bishops
Lord Dobbs Conservative
Baroness Hanham Conservative
Lord Hart of Chilton Labour
Baroness Healy of Primrose Hill Labour
Baroness Jay of Paddington Labour
Baroness Kidron Crossbench
Baroness Scotland of Asthal Labour
Lord Sherbourne of Didsbury Conservative

First do the maths - there are 4 Conservatives to 9 others and here are few details for some of the others:-

Floella Benjamin - former BBC Play School presenter.
Michael Dobbs - House of Cards author.
Lady Bonham -Carter - Broadcast journalist and whose daughter works for the BBC on Newsnight.
Lady Kidron - Greenham peace camp expert whose father was a Marxist economist.

This committee is more biased than the BBC!!!!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

# 357 - WAR - Question :- When is a reporter 'vexatious'?

Answer:- When the BBC says so especially when the reporter is a MoS investigative journalist asking , through FoI requests, about Lord Hall's expenses.

So let's be clear what 'vexatious' means - 'annoying, frustrating or worrying' well I guess it might be to the BBC who like most large bureaucratic organisations, don't like the spotlight shining into too many corners which reveal the way they run their empire.

The MoS won and the Information Commissioner ordered that the information be released - so watch this space for what is revealed.

Don't forget other FoI requests in the past revealed:-

In 2007 that Terry Wogan was paid £10,000 to front Children in Need and the ONLY one to receive payment. Also that Alan Yentob received £27,000 in expenses over three years.

In 2009 that the BBC spend £3million on art for their new HQ.

And in April this year it was revealed that £50,000 was spent on renting out rooms because it ran out of space in its new HQ which was opened in 2013 at the cost of £1billion!

This example, of an out of control BBC, fits in well with what George Osborne said on Sunday, on the Andrew Marr show, that the BBC operates in an 'Imperial' way to the detriment of local democracy as their ever expanding website is one of the main causes for the closure of some 200 local papers.

The BBC must be CUT down to a size that means it concentrates on making good programmes and to me, just for starters, that means cutting every local radio station in the country and leaving that area to local commercial stations.