Friday, 21 September 2012

# 201 - WAR - Andrew Mitchell Tory MP.

Lets look at the first three news items today on the BBC 1 Six O'clock News.

Item 1 - Trial of murderer of the two policewomen
Item 2 - Andrew Michell supposedly calling a Downing street policeman a pleb.
Item 3 - Riots in Pakistan.

What the hell is the item 2 doing in the news at all let alone the second story?

BBC blatant bias that is why they never miss a chance to hit Tory toff if the can.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

# 200 - WAR - Trouble on the Estate.

On Wednesday the 12th of September I read in the Telegraph about a forthcoming BBC Panorama programme to come our soon called 'Trouble on the Estate'.

It depicts the disfunctional life on a particular estate in Blackburn but  the article explains how the BBC has been bias in its coverage and has exclude any of the normal life on the estate and concentrates on the bad.

This is bias reporting pure and simple and the estate is apparently up in arms about the production.

The BBC has of course defended the programme and says it needs to be watched before commenting.

 However if the reporting is bias then the viewing public will not be making a judgement on the programme based on seeing two sides of the story.

The BBC has bias in its DNA.

# 199 - WAR - Photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Letter to Daily Telegraph Sept 15th.

I am in a rage. The BBC has been giving so much coverage to the story published in France that it willgive the magazine huge publicity.

Caroline Bower
London SW12.

There is NO surprise to those who know about the BBC as being Republicans at heart the BBC will do anything to harm our monarch.

#198 - WAR - Thatcher hate boxes.

With regards my post 197 below isn't it funny how on the very day the press report the sale of promotional boxes at the TUC conference to celebrate (sic) Thacher's death the Jeremy Vine show clears the decks to lead on this story.

The BBC like all good left wingers hate Thatcher.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

# 197 - WAR - Tutu refuses to meet Blair.

I wonder how many are aware that on the 28th August Desmond Tutu refused to share a platform with Tony Blair because of his involvement in the Iraq war.

You can find this on the BBC website if you search but to my knowledge this story did not make the main news.

I just wonder is Tutu had refused to share a platform with Margret Thatcher whether the BBC would have lead with this story?

Tony is an ideal BBC type and the BBC protect their own.

The BBC is also bias by omission.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

# 196 - WAR - The Arctic's ice melt.

My God I'm tired of this endless BBC bias over climate change but last night Peter Lilley MP confronted Paxman on Newsnight head on and scored a direct hit!

It was great to watch!!

Peter Lilley had been invited on with the new Green's leader to discuss Arctic ice melting. The discussion was preceded by a Newsnight clip which basically said the Arctic summer ice melt was a danger to the world.

Lilley first point out that he had been invited on to discuss on  issue while the 'clip' covered another. He also pointed out how the main contributor to the 'clip' was a known alarmist and so the clip was bias.

Well there is a surprise the BBC is of course 100% biased in favour of climate change.

The facts are the Arctic ice always melts in summer always has and always will. Whether it is any more so now is totally open to debate what I do know from Ian Pilmer is that we are currently in an ice age. Also the Antarctic is expanding and when the Antarctic is cooling the Arctic is warming and vice versa. The Arctic was warmer than now between 1920 to 1940.

The BBC does even attempt to report the news it just reports its biases!

# 195 - WAR - BBC payments to guests.

From Amanda Patel's column in Saturday's Daily Mail:-

"It's taken the BBC 9 years to  accept it is totally inappropriate for Labour MP Diane Abbott , now shadow health minister, to co-star on the political programme This Week. She was getting paid up to £869 per show, of our money, to be an unapologetic champion of Labour values. How biased do you have to be before the BBC acts?"

Very biased is the short answer to Amanda's question!!!!!