Wednesday, 24 August 2011

# 132 - WAR - An example of the BBC's subtle bias.

On Radio 4's PM this afternoon  - surprise! surprise! they did a piece on whether taxing the rich worked!!

I was also amazed that they had two speakers one pro taxing the rich (expected) because he said it worked  and the other, a German I think, who said it didn't.( at first I thought they would only have the one speaker)

The trouble is that the pro taxing the rich speaker was given two bites of the cherry before the other was brought in and then the interview finished with the pro speaker again.

So the tally was pro taxing the rich speaker 3 slots against taxing the rich 1 slot.

The pro speaker was also given the last slot which is often the slot which remains with the listening public.

In such a way on a daily basis the BBC is biased.  

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