Monday, 30 November 2015

# 372 - war - More on Jeremy Clarkson.

I read in the papers today that the BBC are to screen a two-part special tribute to Jeremy Clarkson over Christmas - and this about a man they sacked a few months ago for hitting a fellow employee.

This is a glaring example of the BBC having it both ways and resurrects another example of this when the BBC broadcast a tribute to Jimmy Savile, after he died, having started (and then shelved)a Newsnight investigation into his sexual depravity.

The BBC is far too big for its boots, is very poorly led and operates as a law unto itself.

"Who will rid us of this troublesome corporation?"


# 371 - war - BBC's coverage of the Paris bombing.

As Rod Liddle, former editor of BBC Radio 4's Today programme, says in this weeks Spectator " the BBC's coverage throughout (the Paris bombings) was appalling in its cringeing, politically correct, liberal bias."

Well he should know!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

# 370 - war - The Daily Mail and it's 'Fat Cat' stories.

Over the last few days the Daily Mail has run and investigative story, with the help of the Taxpayers Alliance, on public service 'Fat Cat' salaries and expenses.

This is without doubt a story of public interest but as yet the BBC has given this no coverage. I would suggest this is because the topic is too close to comfort for the 'Fat Cats' in the BBC and of course they hate the Daily Mail with a vengeance.

# 369 - WAR - The BBC views public-service broadcasting as optional.

A snippet I picked up from the Daily Telegraph made by Charles Moore is very true.

Concerning the recent spat between the ITN and BBC news at Ten, concerning Huw Edwards and Tom Bradby, he points out that if the BBC is now facing competition it only has itself to blame. This is because the BBC took a wrong turn in 2000 when they got rid of the Nine O'clock News to seek higher ratings for its non-news programmes. 

Charles Moore points out that this decision was proof that, with the coming of the 21st century, the BBC saw public service broadcasting as an optional, rather than central. Now it is paying the price.