Tuesday, 16 December 2014

# 336 - WAR - Jonathan Hunt's book - Trial by Conspiracy.

I was first contacted by Jonathan Hunt earlier this year after he had come across this blog and we had a long chat about the BBC's bias.

Jonathan Hunt's particular concern, for many years, has been his determination to expose the truth behind the controversy that brought down John Major's government involving Neil Hamilton and others and 'the cash for questions' saga. More recently he has turned his fire onto the BBC who were wholly complicit in the cover up to prevent the truth being told. In his book ' Trial by Conspiracy' he explains in great detail how and why the Guardian newspaper basically concocted the whole story to help set in motion, what became the long running story, of Tory sleaze that helped bring about the Conservative government.

I urge you to find the time to watch this YouTube film he has produced which is the fourth and latest in a number he has produced on the subject :-

Hopefully this story is not going to go away so please help spread the word.

# 335 - WAR - The BBC's bias will only go when they lose the licence fee.

Two more examples of bias today:-

John Humphreys  - the veteran broadcaster admitted yesterday that the BBC had ignored mass immigration because it feared critics would say it was racist. He went on to say his employer was 'soft', 'complacent' and 'institutionally nervous' when it came to tackling the story or questioning multiculturalism. Finally he said that BBC employees are unable to understand the concerns of ordinary people because they typically lead 'sheltered' middle-class lives and are overwhelmingly 'liberal Oxbridge males'.

Well I have news for the BBC as I don't brand it racist but I DO brand it bias and very bias at that!

Glamorising cannabis  - Radio 4's Today programme is being investigated by Ofcom
 over claims it celebrated drug use in a news report about Bob Marley-branded cannabis. In terms of bias this means only pushing one side of the argument and failing to point out the lives cannabis can shatter.

What you have to realise is that the BBC is bias in favour of cannabis use BECAUSE many of their liberal minded staff and their children use cannabis recreationally and one has to say probably fairly safely and responsibly. But of course they do NOT want to end up with a criminal record for using cannabis and so they unashamedly push for its legalisation. The trouble is going soft on cannabis use, as we current are, or legalising it will help them but will devastate the lives of the less fortunate in our society as we can see on the sink estates.

Never forget these champagne socialists, on this issue of cannabis use, care first for themselves. Further more so many of their policies aim at solving their own consciences without any hard nosed analysis of whether they really work in practice.

If you consider my last point when judging the BBC's output you may start to understand why it is 'INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS.'

Sunday, 14 December 2014

# 334 - WAR - Question Time and The BBC book at bedtime.

Question Time.

A bias audience and dumbed down last Thursday's QT, with Nigel Farage and Russell Brand, turned a once great BBC programme into The Jeremy Kyle Show.

David Dimbleby seemed to give up chairing the debate one can only assume being instructed through his ear piece, by a BBC Guardian reading leftie,  to let things run as it made 'Great' TV?!

To cap it all a foul mouthed Bunny La Rouche ( plus it appeared a tame supporter two seats in front of her) from the Socialist Workers Party was also given a free stage for her rant that Nigel Farage was "a racist scumbag."

How much lower can the BBC sink?

It's remit is to ' inform, educate and entertain' and on Thursday night QT did none of those.

BBC 4's Book at bedtime.

The BBC keeps claiming that it is NOT bias and then picks, out of many other contenders, Hilary Mantel's book 'The assassination of Margaret Thatcher' for it's Book at Bedtime slot.

As Lord Tebbit commented 'It is a sick book from a sick mind and is being promoted by a sick broadcasting corporation.'

How can ANY reasonable person disagree with that?

More ammunition to not pay your TV licence.


Monday, 8 December 2014

# 333 - WAR - The Autumn Statement and the BBC.

I'm sure you have all read the stories in the press so suffice to say the BBC claimed the current Autumn Statement would take us back to the austerity of the 1930's which by any analysis takes "hyperbolic coverage' to a new level.

The BBC's continued bias is why I don't pay my TV licence.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

# 332 - WAR - How the BBC wastes your money.

I have just submitted this complaint to the BBC via their internet link :-

"As is constantly reported in the media the BBC has got to save money in the years ahead and yet tonight on the News at six the lead story, concerning a tragic suicide of Mother and daughter from the Clifton suspension bridge, was reported by Duncan Kennedy on the main news and Andrew Plant on the local news.
This is a complete waste of money.
As a second complaint why is the BBC 1 news delivered by one newscaster and yet the local news in the west has two.
As a third complaint, learnt this week, why are more than 91 BBC staff paid more then the Prime Minster?
The BBC is a bloated out of control monster and needs urgent surgery to reduce costs which you will NEVER do while you can call on the poor licence fee payers to cough up.
Why does the BBC waste our money in these ways?"

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

# 331 - WAR - Loads of money at the BBC!

Here is the tally of top pay at the bloated BBC obtained from their website and a freedom of information request.:-

1. 11 of it's senior bosses get twice the pay of the Prime Minster.
2. A further 80 get more than the PMs £142,500
3. 250 on air stars are believed to get more than £250,000 eg. Graham Norton said to be on £2.6 million and Gary Lineker on £2 million.

The total of the top 91 staff comes to £19 million plus bonuses.

The licence fee raised £3.762 billion tax free last year which was an increase of £70million on the previous 12 months.

The BBC will remain bloated until the licence fee is scrapped.