Sunday, 13 February 2011

# 080 - WAR - BBC anti Chistrian and pro homosexuality.

1.Radi0 2 Sunday morning news - Despite all that is going on in the world and this country the BBC finds time to cover the issue of Civil Ceremonies wishing to get hitched in churches.
Thus in one report, staying true to form, they portray the Church as out of date and promote the homosexual agenda.
But then as many know the BBC is anti Christian and very pro homosexuality with so many homosexuals working in it.
2. Quentin Letts in Saturday's Daily Mail - Points out how the radio programme made by Boris Johnson on Dr Johnson fails to mention one of Dr Johnson's important influences namely God. Boris pointed out that inspite of lots of 'good stuff about Johnson and Christianity' it was all cut!
Never froget the BBC continues to have bias in it's DNA.

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