Friday, 18 December 2009

# 052- WAR - BBC 2 1120pm to 0020am - Earth: the Climate Wars.

What a shallow bias programme Dr Iain Stewart narrated.

He concludes Global Warming is a fact.

Has he read Heaven and Earth by the Australian scientist Ian Plimer or the latest book by our own journalist Christopher Booker.

Also NO mention that all the worlds man made CO2 emmissions only accounts for 4% of the TOTAL.

What a classsic piece of dumbed down bias BBC coverage on the Global Warming issue.

The liberal elite who control our lives have adopted Global Warming as thier new religion aided and abetted by the bias BBC.

I'm so glad I don't pay my TV licence to this bias broadcaster who is obliged by its Royal Charter to report in an unbiased way.

Shame on you BBC.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

# 051 WAR - Newsnight 17th December 2009

Again Newsnight ends with only reviewing the Independent and Guardian Newspapers that nobody reads apart from BBC bosses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

# War 050 - Newsnight BBC 2 - 3rd November 2009

Newsnight once again shows its bias on Climate Change this most controversial of issues.

Nowhere in their report did they give the opposing view and they interview Al Gore endorsing him as being the only one who is right on this issue.

The facts are of course that one of Al Gore's famous graphs in the shape of a hockey stick rather than show the temperature rises a s CO2 rises actually if you look at it more closely shows the exact opposite.

More and more facts are now available to show Climate Change is NOT the problem its supporters say it is.

When will the BBC stop its bias and report both sides of this issue.

Monday, 26 October 2009

#War - 049 - Daily Mail on the BBC Question Time debate with the BNP.

On Friday 23rd October in the second Leader article the Daily Mail hit the nail right on the head undr the heading - The bare-faced BBC.

It started - TALK about bare-faced hypocrsy.

In the Leader the Daily Mail points out how the Director General of the BBC Mark Thompson claims that he had no choice but to invite Nick Griffin onto Question Time because of the Corporation's " central principle of political impartiality"

Pity the Leader goes onto say that the BBC has trod this principle into the dirt and is so impartial and bias on the following issues :-

  • Utterly in thrall to the left-wing agenda of its staff.
  • Until recently censored debate on immigration.
  • Treats Global Warming with th4e fervour of a religion.
  • Biased against the Eurosceptic position.
  • Promotes alternative lifestyles and minority groups against traditional values.
  • Doesn't give much time to Christianity,capitalism or the countryside.
The Daily Mail concludes :-
"Whatever the rights and wrongs of letting Mr Griffin onto QT, the BBC can't pretend that some sacred principle of political impartiality had anything to do with it."

Thursday, 22 October 2009

# War 048 - 4 star hypocrisy shown over BNP on Question Time.

All day Mark Byford the BBC's Deputy has been popping up on the BBC news saying that it is not the BBC's job to censor Nick Griffin and keep him off air. He went on that the BBC had to honour its charter and allow his voice and views to be heard.

Isn't it a pity that the BBC censors on a daily basis the increasing number of scientist and people who believe that the whole Climate Change scare is a complete scam.

The BBC is institutionally bias over climate change supporting the line that it IS manmade and if we don't take action we are doomed!

The hypocrisy of the BBC is simply amazing.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

# War 047 - Paxman final loses the plot.

Newsnight's lead story on 9/9/09 was about the climate change conference in Copenhagen. We had Milliband and the Director of Age for Stupid both rabid pro climate changers and with Paxo doing his bit for the bias BBC.

Paxo actually finished the piece with something like this ' As this is such a life changing/ earth ending matter I'm sure we will return to it again'

Is he mad?

It is a FACT that in recent years the world's temperatures have gone down slightly.

Good old BBC still supporting the lie of climate change without question.

Balanced reporting the BBC doesn't know the meaning of the word.

Friday, 4 September 2009

# War 046 - Climate Change

BBC Radio 2 news this morning reporrted the Artic temperature is the warmest for 2000 years and this it concludes is the clearest signof man made climate change.

What about sunspots BBC?

Why is the Mars warming up BBC?

Do Martiams drive cars BBC?

Once again the BBC shows its bias and doesn't honour its Royal Charter.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

# War 045 - Climate Change

The first 15 minutes + of Newsnight on Wednesday 26th lead on the next climate change conference in Denmark. There was absolutely NO attempt at balance just the usual BBC sycophantic support that climate change is a fact and there is no doubt that it is happening.

As the informed will know there is now ample amounts of information and support for the opposing view but the bias BBC gives it NO air time.

This is the BBC at its very worse with NO attempt to honour its Royal Charter to report in an unbias way.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

#War044 - TELEGRAPH - Dan HANNAN - 25-Jul-2009

#War043 - TELEGRAPH - Dan HANNAN - 25-Jul-2009

Daniel Hannan
Daniel Hannan is a writer and journalist, and has been Conservative MEP for South East England since 1999. He has written eight books on European policy, speaks French and Spanish and is author of The Plan: Twelve months to renew Britain Anti-UKIP and pro-Green: the BBC at its most blatantly biased

By Daniel Hannan Politics Last updated: July 25th, 2009

34 Comments Comment on this article

Several weeks ago, the BBC decided to start running stories about how well the Green Party would do at the Norwich North by-election. It is far from clear whether programme editors thought that this would happen anyway, or whether they hoped to make it happen. After all, what minority candidates most crave is airtime: to be treated as mainstream, and so to anticipate the “wasted vote” argument.

The BBC obliged. Lord, how it obliged. Throughout the campaign, it ran programmes with Conservative, Labour, LibDem and Green spokesmen. Now don’t get me wrong: I rather like the Greens. But there was no basis to the claim that they were the fourth party, either nationally or locally. The last test of electoral feeling was June’s European election. The United Kingdom Independence Party won 13 seats and came second; the Greens won two seats and came fifth. In local elections on the same day, UKIP beat the Greens in most Norwich North wards.

UKIP activists politely drew these facts to the BBC’s attention in the hope of fairer coverage. They misunderstood the Corporation’s mindset. In Beebworld, Greens are essentially nice, and deserve a fair crack of the whip. But UKIP are anti-immigration, anti-Brussels and, worst of all, sceptical about climate change. They are not Our Sort Of People, and should be covered accordingly, if at all.

Newsnight, Look East and Radio 4 all chose to disregard UKIP and treat the Greens as the main story. Three days before the poll, the BBC’s Eastern region TV held a hustings meeting for four candidates: Conservative, Labour, LibDem and Green.

What was the result in the event? UKIP won 11.8 per cent of the vote - comfortably ahead of the Greens and remarkably close to the LibDems (or “worryingly close” as I just heard a Radio 5 Live presenter put it).

Did our state broadcaster apologise for its mistake? No, alright, that would have been expecting too much; but was it, at least, a little abashed in its tone? Nope. It simply edited UKIP out of its coverage. On the one o’clock news, a little bar chart came up to represent the results: blue for the Conservatives, red for Labour, yellow for the LibDems and, er, green for the fifth-placed Greens. The party that had come fourth, and been just 800 votes behind the LibDems, wasn’t represented. Nor was UKIP mentioned on the contemporaneous radio news.

Like everyone else, I’m habituated to a measure of one-sidedness from the BBC. When, earlier this week, one of its senior controllers called publicly on the Corporation to “foster left-of-centre thinking”, I didn’t become especially exercised. This, though, goes beyond the general Leftiness which we’ve come to expect in drama, comedy and consumer affairs programmes. It is an issue of measurable bias between political parties, of empirically identifiable partisanship.

I hold no brief for UKIP, but this dispute transcends party loyalties. It is one engagement in a wider Kulturkampf. The BBC simply can’t bring itself to be fair to to those it regards as being outside the Left-liberal comity. All of us, including those who fight against UKIP at elections, should be angry on that party’s behalf. If you haven’t yet joined Charles Moore’s licence fee boycott, do so now.

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE

Clearly Dan Hannan has once again displayed his grasp of what is going on - if only David Cameron were not so predictably out of touch and misguidedly pro vassal status in TheEU!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

# War 043 - BBC 1 Question Time

If you look at the video clip of Question Time last week (To watch the full programme CLICK HERE, you will clearly see that the cameraman has caught Harriot Harman's signal to David Dimbleby at just after 14 minutes into the clip.

Here is the clip itself:

Ian Duncan-Smith has just brought up his pet subject of problems of inner city areas and crime. Just after the hand signal and roll of the eyes by Harriot Harman, Dimbleby goes into overdrive to shut IDS down, claiming vociferously that he's off subject.

The earnestness of Dimbleby shows quite clearly that he is responding directly to Harman, almost as if he is under some sort of obligation to do so.

Take a look and judge for yourself.

Is this the State Broadcaster responding to its State controllers?

Monday, 6 July 2009

# War 042 - Climate Change.

So on Country File last night the BBC reports the current new orthodoxy that our climate is changing by 'warming up' when in fact the temperature at the moment is actually very slightly cooling down.

The BBC is totally bias on Climate Change seldom if ever reporting the increasing evidence that climate change is so much hot air promoted by the Green Movement to further their own importance.

# War 041 - Post Office bill scrapped.

Anyone in the know is aware that Post Offices are closing as a result of an EU diktat and it is the EU that is behind the plan to privatise the business. So New Liebour may well postponed their privatisation bill but it will never go away as the EU has already decreeded this change will take place.
Don't forget at lest 75% of our laws are now made in Brussels.

Does the 'pro EU' BBC report these facts - of course not as they are now part of the current 'Establishment' who are reluctant to portray the EU in a bad light.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

# War 040 - BBC 2 Newsnight.

At the end of Newsnight on most nights they review the front pages of the national papers. Over many years I've clocked this and noticed that despite their low circulation the Guardian and Independent usually get mentioned more often than the far more popular Daily Mail. Last night the Mail was mentioned but no picture shown.
Again a small but significant show of bias by the BBC especially when repeated over many years.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

# War 039 - Andrew Marr Show today.

Did anyone see how the ace Spin Doctor Peter Mandleson ended up interviewing Andrew Marr.

What a pathetic attempt by Marr to try and trip Mandleson up over recent stories on Gordon Brown.

Mandleson didn't want to talk about any 'tittle tattle' only policies.

So if Marr had any sense or indeed was not such a left wing luvvy he should have moved on from the 'gossip' and attacked Brown's policies like selling our gold at half price etc etc.

Brown has been a liability as Chancellor and now PM but you will NEVER hear the bias BBC attack him on his record.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

#War 038 - 'Biased BBC Blog'

Taken from the Blog 'Biased BBC' a great way to monitor bias:-

There is an absolutely crystal clear way to monitor political bias and I suggest we do it. It's a very simple, objective measure which could be called the "Interruption Coefficient". You obtain the IC by dividing the number of interruptions by the length of time of the interview. The higher the IC, the more the Interviewer is challenging the Interviewee. It is therefore a measure of bias. Imagine Andrew Marr interviews Gordon Brown on Sunday Morning and the interview lasts, say six minutes. How many times does Marr interrupt him while he is speaking? Let's say four times. That is an Interruption Coefficient of 0.7.Now let's say George Osborne appears on the Today Programme the following Tuesday and has a five minute slot. Do you imagine the BBC interviewed would interrupt him less than ten times? Nor do I. This is an IC of 2.The IC is objective proof that Osborne was given less chance to articulate his views than Brown. Now there is a small element of subjectivity in this - as in exactly what constitutes an interruption. And different combinations of interviewers and interviewees would produce slightly different scores. But maintaining regular scores of IC's over time, on this sit,e would soon show what was attributable to individuals and what was attributable to a persistent bias.

Friday, 5 June 2009

# War 037 - Boris Johnston.

Copied from the Blog 'Not a Sheep'.

So what do you see happening in that piece of video? I see Boris Johnson wading through knee high water when the riverbed gives way and he sinks up to his waist before being helped to his feet by the lady accompanying him. The BBC describe the event thus
"The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has fallen into a river while launching a drive to urge Londoners to volunteer.While helping to clear up the River Pool in Lewisham, south-east London, he tripped and fell in, getting wet up to around his chest, then stumbled away.Mr Johnson was helped to his feet by volunteers who he was helping remove litter and plants from the river. He thanked them as they helped him up. "And the headline they choose - "Boris Johnson stumbles into river"Now are the BBC lazy, incompetent, biased or all three? How many volunteers helped him to his feet? I saw one so that would be "by a volunteer" not "by volunteers". Their copy says that he "tripped and fell in" then "stumbled away" but the headline says "stumbles into river", why the disparity? Could there be some political bias in the choice of words? What do you think

Thursday, 14 May 2009

# War 036 - Climate change.

On the 10 o'clock BBC1 News on Wednesday 13th May 2009 there was an item on the Artic ice caps.

An expert was asked how long before the Artic ice caps completely melt in the summer and he gave it 20 years.

Well there are plenty of experts who disagree with this but the bias BBC never gives them any air time yet continues chanting the mantra that climate change is happening and is going to be a problem we must deal with.

By the way even if the Climate Change alarmists are right Greenland used to be green so what is the problem if more ice does melt!?

# War 035 - Muslim is new head of BBC Religious Affairs.

With 70% of the adult population claiming to be Christian the BBC thinks it is suitable to appoint Aaquil Ahmed, a practising Muslim, to be the new head of Religious Affairs.

This is NOTHING to do with Ahmed's capabilities as he is a good producer but it is so typical of the PC BBC to make this appointment.

The BBC supports and is bias towards the failed concept of 'Multiculturalism'.

# War 034 - Muslim to top BBC post.

# War 033 - Newsnight's Immigrant Song Contest.

Sorry but I have to ask what the heck is that all about?!?!?!?!?!?

Not so much a situation of bias but clearly a dumbing down and frankly completely unsuitable to one of the BBC's top news programmes.

Friday, 8 May 2009

# War 032 - New Labour's umemployment record.

The unemployment level in 1997, when New Labour came to power, was in fact 1.6 million and falling and not 3 million as constantly espoused by New Labour.

Does the bias BBC ever pick up on this and correct New Labour?

NO NEVER - you have more chance of seeing a pig fly than the BBC being even handed.

# War 031 - The Bono's Broadcasting Corporation!!!

During the forthcoming Radio 4 poetry reading schedule the BBC are sounding very excited with the 850 line epic poem called 'Elvis - American David' which will be read by the author of the poem U2's Bono!!! It is complete rubbish of course and coming after the free publicity of the U2 concert on ther top of broadcasting house I suggest yet another title for the bias BBC should be Bono's Broadcasting Corporation!! Bono clearly is one of the BBC's favourite left wing luvies at the moment as he jets around the world between his numerous homes trying to save the planet!!!!!!!!!
This new title adds to its others. The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation for its pro EU output and the Bias Broadcasting Corporation for its regular supplies of bias on any number of subjects.

# War 030 - British manufactoring

In all the recent discussions on the BBC as to whether the financial problems we face started under Margaret Thatcher the bias BBC constantly ignore the facts. Here a just a few examples the BBC chooses to overlook.
1. In 2007 twice as many cars were produced in Britain as in early 1970s.
2. Manufacturing still employs 3 million people.
3.Our manufacturing still accounts for half our exports.
4. We are the world leading producers of chemicals, green technologies and electrical and optical equipment.
5. We are home to two of the world's largest pharmaceutical groups GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca.
6.Our aerospace industry is second only to the USA.

Not a bad picture really but this doesn't suit the bias BBC which still want people to believe our manufacturing base never recovered after Margaret Thatcher's forced our economy to face the realities of the global market.

Friday, 1 May 2009

# War 029 - BBC reporter bias.

BBC Middle East editor criticised

Jeremy Bowen's article looked at the legacy of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War
The body which oversees the BBC on behalf of its audiences has criticised an article by the BBC's Middle East Editor, Jeremy Bowen.
The BBC Trust said a piece in 2007 for the News website on the 1967 war broke the corporation's rules on accuracy.
It also partially upheld a complaint that the article breached guidelines on impartiality.
In reply, BBC News said Jeremy Bowen had been exercising his professional judgement on history.
The Trust also took issue with a suggestion by Jeremy Bowen in a piece on Radio 4's From Our Own Correspondent that the Har Homa settlement was considered illegal by the United States.
The committee found that he should have sourced his comment, or stated that it was what officials felt privately but couldn't say.
At the same time, the Trust accepted that he had been informed of the American position by an authoritative source, whom he wished to protect.
Other Interpretations
The website article, headlined How 1967 defined the Middle East, was part of the coverage of the 40th anniversary of the Middle East war.
The Trust said the language used by Jeremy Bowen in the article had in three instances not been sufficiently clear and precise to meet the corporation's standards on accuracy.
It also partially upheld a complaint that the article breached guidelines on impartiality for failing to reflect that there were other interpretations of the causes and effects of the war.
The Trust's editorial standards committee upheld a complaint that the phrase "the Israeli generals... had been training to finish the unfinished business of Israel's independence war of 1948 for most of their careers" was inaccurate.
The committee said the phrase had not been specific enough and should have made reference to the capture of East Jerusalem.
The Trust also said a reference to Zionism's "innate instinct to push out the frontier" should have been qualified to make it precise and clear.
The article's suggestion that the settlement of land occupied by Israel in 1967 was in defiance of 'everyone's interpretation of international law except its own' was also criticised as for not being clear enough.
The committee noted that Jeremy Bowen had said that, in the context of the piece, "everyone" referred to states and international organisations, not to individual academics.
In its defence of the web article, BBC News said the Trust's conclusion was "a single, partially upheld finding related to one piece of output about events that took place over 40 years ago.
"Jeremy Bowen was simply exercising his professional judgement on history. Clearly there is no consensus view of history and it is self evident that there are others who have a different analysis."
The BBC also stated that an independent inquiry in 2006 had found little to suggest deliberate or systematic bias in BBC reporting of Israel and the Palestinians and that there was evidence of a commitment to be fair, accurate and impartial.
Full details are posted here.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

#War 028- BBC's dumbed-down 'Six O'Clock News'

John Simpson joins attack on BBC's dumbed-down 'Six O'Clock News'
By Louise Jury Media Correspondent
Friday, 29 March 2002

The BBC's Six O'Clock News programme is coming under increasing fire from some of its most senior staff over its "tabloid" selection and presentation of stories.
The BBC's Six O'Clock News programme is coming under increasing fire from some of its most senior staff over its "tabloid" selection and presentation of stories.
John Simpson, the BBC's world affairs editor, added his voice yesterday to what has become a chorus of disapproval over the populist bulletins said to reflect the bright and breezy style of the BBC1 controller, Lorraine Heggessey. He told BBC news chiefs at an internal seminar that he saw "little point" in approaching the show's editors for funding to cover foreign stories because of a lack of interest.
His comments follow criticisms from the senior presenter Kate Adie and the former BBC correspondent Martin Bell, and persistent discontent from established BBC staff.
Ms Adie told a recent conference that the 6pm bulletin was becoming "increasingly tabloid. Health scares, education crises ... it's far more tabloid than it used to be".
Mr Bell complained: "BBC1's Six O'Clock News seems as if it has inherited the values as well as the audience of [the soap] Neighbours, which so seamlessly precedes it."
The programme has undergone a shake-up since the general election with the appointment of a new editor, Jay Hunt, who is regarded by critics as anti-intellectual and showbusiness-driven.
Insiders admit that internal dissatisfaction with the programme stems partly from her style of management, which has seen long-serving producers sidelined and promotions for favoured correspondents, such as Richard Bilton, the environment reporter, or the recently appointed entertainment correspondent, Robert Nisbet.
A BBC news source said: "They're not interested in international news, they're interested in silly consumery and showbusiness stories. They don't want anything complicated, so there's discontent from established correspondents."
However, Mark Damazer, the BBC's assistant director of news, insisted that Ms Hunt had done a terrific job. "She has taken the BBC news into territory that is important and interesting and valuable with real verve and panache," he said.
The style of Six O'Clock News took into account that people watching were often distracted by such things as children and tea-time, and the show had been adapted accordingly, Mr Damazer said.
"We don't want to make it unbearably facile, but we need clarity in story-telling," he said. "It is not that we've abdicated from foreign news on the Six or anywhere else – there's a lot of it around and a great deal of it is imaginative."
He defended a trend towards standing specialists in front of a video wall where they offered statistics and film snippets, saying it made good analysis easier. The technique was first used by BBC2's Newsnight, where no one had queried it, he said.
The BBC had sometimes been "sniffy" about showbusiness stories that it should have covered, he said. "When Kurt Cobain departed this planet, nobody in the news television room did it. We wouldn't make that mistake now."

Thursday, 23 April 2009

#War 027 - Gardners' gimmicks.

Have you noticed how the BBC is dumbing down in all departments. Well even Gardeners' World on BBC 2 has now had the treatment. If the BBC has to decide between quality or dumbing down invariably they choose dumbing down.

So yet another sign of bias!

See Daily Mail article............CLICK HERE.

#War 026 - The value of Easter

The true value of Easter - keeping our shared values together
By Daily Mail Comment

Shared values - even if not accompanied by faith - are more important than ever
Today a dwindling band of us will ............MORE
The above article shows yet another area of BBC bias that of knocking Christianity and over zealously promoting the cult of secularism.

Monday, 6 April 2009

#War 025 - Johnathan Ross

So the BBC was fined £150,000 for allowing Ross and Brand's obscene behaviour on their Radio Show. This is a record fine by Ofcom and confirms the BBC was guilty of breaking its Royal Charter and allowing such a broadcast to go out on air. Interestingly the journalist Charles Moore is to make a stand and has decided NOT to renew his TV licence in protest at the BBC allowing such filth to be broadcast. Watch this space! As you may have read at the start of my blog I have not paid my licence because I went to court and won saying the BBC was institutionally bias and broke its Royal Charter daily.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

#War 024 - MP's expenses.

As pointed out in the Daily Mail today while it has now been confirmed that MPs expenses totalled 8 million last year and we have the scandel of Jacqui Smith's husbands porno films subscription being on her expenses the BBC was more concerned with reporting the story about the 'mole' who was trying to sell the MPs expenses list rather than reflecting the public anger on the issue of MPs sleaze.
The BBC only reports the news it wants to and to hell with public opinion. The bias BBC always knows best what we should hear so long as they don't upset New Labour whose ideology they share.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

#War 023 - G20 Riots in London

Watching BBC 1 News at Ten on Tuesday the 31st March 2009 the lead story was on the G20 summit but there was NO mention at all of any of the demonstrations in London during the day. This is bias news reporting as of course the BBC would not wish to take any gloss off the 'Gordon Brown G20 show' by giving any air time to the dissenters.

#War 022 - New Labour given benifit of doubt.

Did you notice how the story over Jacqui Smith's husband watching porno TV, courtesy of the tax payer, took a couple of days before the BBC News lead with it and then how it dropped down the order as each hourly news was broadcast. Compare this to the sleaze of the last Conservative Government which was quickly headline news on the BBC and kept up at the top for much longer.
This is just yet another example of the left of centre BBC news bias.

Friday, 27 March 2009

#War 021 - the Queen's succession?

With the country up to its neck in debt the bias Republican BBC decides to lead on its morning radio news bulletins with the story that our useless PM has seen the Queen about changing the constitutional rules to her succession to include the first women and the right for them to marry a Roman Catholic. Of course the BBC made no mention of the historic context as to why the Queen is Head of our Church of England. This is just so very typical of the BBC to lead on a story which supports the New Labour left wing republican agenda.

Monday, 23 March 2009

#War 020 - Tory Inheritance Tax Plans.

The BBC 1 News at 1000pm last night Sunday 22nd March, no longer leading on Jade Goody, led with the story about the supposed changes to the Tory Inheritance Tax Plans after a comment made by Ken Clarke that this was not a priority earlier in the day.
What a non story but no doubt the BBC trying to be even handed between New Labour and the Torys felt they should try and level the balance sheet with a good old kick at their natural enemies the Conservatives!
Daily the BBC prove they are institutionally bias in favour of the left of centre of British politics.

#War 019 - Jade Goody.

Between dumbing down the news or raising the standards the BBC increasingly opts to dumb things down. If proof were needed the fact that on Sunday 22nd March much of the BBC news actually LEAD with the story of Jade Goody's death is proof enough. This story, if it appeared at all, should have been the last report NOT the first. I wouldn't mind betting that outside the liberal elite BBC types this story would not be considered that important for the number one billing the BBC gave it.
Between excellence and dumbing down the BBC is bias towards dumbing down.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

#War 018 - Binyam Broadcasting Corporation!

Little John of the Daily Mail on Tuesday 17th March criticises the BBC for pandering to Binyam Mohamed, the Ethiopian terror suspect released recently from Guantanamo Bay and flown 'home' to Britain.
The BBC gave him an easy platform to criticise MI5 and smear America and disgracefully agreed with Binyam's solicitor not to ask him about his attendance at terrorist training camps in Pakistan or why he was carrying a false passport when arrested.
This was the BBC showing its most blatant bias as Little John concluded - ' this was not an interview but a party political broadcast on behalf of al Qaeda.'

Monday, 9 March 2009

# War 017 - U2 and the BBC

A number of people on Radio 4's Feedback are concerned that the BBC showed bias in favour of the Band U2 with the free publicity they gave them last week. It now appears a former Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas, who quit the BBC after the Ross/Brand lewd broadcast last October, became the Director of Programming and Business Development at Universial Music UK which owns Mercury Records who released U2's new album 'No line on the horizon'.

Typical BBC to show bias again under the slogan 'U2=BBC' and even dedicating part of its website offering tickets and links to the band's official site.

This is just another example of how the BBC is institutional bias and out of control and operating as a law unto itself.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

#War 016 - 25 year old miners strike.

The 25 year anniversary of the miners strike gives the good old BBC the chance once again to bash Maggie Thatcher. Of course in all the coverage there is no mention of a new book by respected journalists Francis Beckett and David Hencke called 'In marching to the fault line' which calls on documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and interviews with many key players and describes Arthur Scargill now as remote,deluded and somewhat of a tragic figure. I seem to recall one Welsh miner ringing in to the Jeremy Vine show this week talking about Scargill as if he was some sort of God like figure and of course no cross examination by Vine to point out he could also be seen as a complete failure.

Is the BBC institutionally bias?

Yes they prove it every day!

Saturday, 28 February 2009

#War015 BBC reporter Robert Peston.

In a small article in Thusdays Daily Mail at the bottom of page 7 the following was reported:-

Fresh questons are being asked yesterday as to whether the BBC's reporter Robert Preston is being used as a Government stooge.
On Wednesday's 10 O'Clock News, the corporation's business editor excitedly reported that Sir Fred Goodwin was drawing a pension of £650,000 a year.
The announcement completely overshadowed news yesterday that the RBS had made a record £24 billion loss and that the taxpayer would have to Insure the bank against future losses of up to £325 billion. The BBC has already defended Peston against claims that he was 'acting as a instrumnet of the Treasury' over the HBOS and Lloyds deal.

Given the BBC's previous form in the matter of bias I smell a rat and believe the BBC and New Labour are far too close for comfort.

#War014 Climate Change.

The BBC News at Ten were at it again on Tuesday night the 25th Feb. On an item on climate change they as usual were talking as if there is ONLY ONE science on this subject and that it is an absolute certainty. However in their duty of impartiality they should at least acknowledge that it is far from a proven science and many top scientists don't believe it is happening.

Monday, 23 February 2009

#War013 The credit crunch

The BBC continues its bias reporting of the credit crunch always supporting the Government's line that this is a worldwide problem and that Gordon Brown is no more to blame than anyone else. Never pointing out or accusing New Labour Ministers of being totally to blame for allowing this to happen in the first place. Proof if proof were needed came to me this week in a summary article in the lastest edition of the 'The Week'. The article by Fareed Zakaria for Newsweek explains how Canada is not only surviving the credit crunch but positively thriving in it. Canada is alone amongst industrial nations in that it has not had one bank collapse. Last year the World Economic Forum ranked the country's banking system the healthiest in the world America's came 40th and the UK's 44th. Why has Canada been so stable well because while the USA and Europe loosened regulations on thier financial sectors the Canadians insisted on keeping old fashioned rules. - simple really just use some common sense.
I wonder why the BBC doesn't report this very newsworthy story? Simple because the BBC is institutionally biased and as part of this country's elite the BBC would not want to upset the establishment and their cosy relationship with New Labour.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

#War012 Chistopher Booker on Climate Change.

Christopher Booker in the Sunday Telegraph today points out that the BBC once again have shown their bias on this subject.
First they reported last week that a leading climate scientist in America Professor Chris Field warned that " the severity of Global warming will be much worse than previously believed" yet it turns out Professor Field is not even a climate scientist but an evolutionary biologist and a video the BBC promoted was pulled when it became clear it actually showed temperatures falling not rising!!!!
Second the whole debate over the Artic ice cover turns out to have been based on a faulty satellite which was giving false information but the BBC still pushes as fact that the Artic ice is reducing.

The BBC just don't live in the real world but in a parallel universe full of politically correct socially liberal elites.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009



17 February 2009 12:28 PM

One Man and His Blog

I had forgotten until BBC Radio Oxford phoned me this morning that on February 17 1976 “One Man and His Dog” was broadcast for the very first time. It made Phil Drabble a household name – he was a bit over-dressed – and I was never convinced that he actually liked Border Collies – but he was great, the programme was great and it developed a huge following.

When I was asked to follow on from Phil on his retirement I was honoured. I didn’t even know that a new presenter was wanted, but by a stroke of luck Phil Drabble was making a series on conservation for the BBC and they came to my small farm, with my good friend Gordon Beningfield, the sadly departed countryside artist, to film a small segment for the programmes. For some reason the producer liked what I did for the programme and suggested I put my name forward to replace Phil:” you are a natural”, he said.

I was short-listed, screen tested and I got the job against some top-line experienced presenters. I loved it. I felt it was an honour – a true country programme with real people in some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

But oh dear, who was in charge of programming? A grey man with a ten o’clock shadow; someone called Mark Thompson. Sadly the man who now pays Jonathon Ross £16,000 a day didn’t like sheep dog trialling so he switched the programme to 3.00 on a Saturday afternoon to reduce viewing figures. It worked, even I didn’t watch it on a Saturday afternoon and viewing figures plummeted to the same number as Countryfile, so One Man and His Dog was axed (but Countryfile stayed on – very odd).

Fortunately I organised a protest and personally delivered thousands of letters to the Television Centre demanding the programme’s return. That in itself is interesting. The BBC received thousands of letters saying sack Jonathan Ross and they kept him – the BBC received thousands of letters saying keep me and One Man and His Dog, so they sacked me and dumbed the programme down to a pathetic parody of itself

The powers that be were appalled that I, a Vocal Yokel, had managed to drum up so much support – and all that without a degree – how shocking. But they got their revenge. It had been noted that I had stood for Parliament for the Referendum Party (saving my deposit) and took part in the various Countryside Rallies and Marches – consequently I was sacked for “my attitude” towards the dumbed down programme – which was rubbish – and more sinisterly – “your other activities”. “My other activities” – what have they got to do with presenting a sheep dog programme?

As far as the BBC is concerned I have been virtually persona non grata ever since – the highlight - being invited onto “Question Time” – the invitation being suddenly withdrawn two days before the programme, with no valid explanation – and it was never re-issued. Is that a record?

Interestingly David Bellamy also stood for the Referendum Party and took part in the Countryside Marches – he vanished from the BBC at the same time – there’s integrity and even handed public service broadcasting for you. Never mind – I suppose David Bellamy’s departure made room for that wonderful bunny and grey squirrel hugger Bill Oddie – urban, Oxbridge and Vice-President of the League Against Cruel Sports. Obviously my “other activities” were the wrong ones.

The good thing about the One Man and His Dog dramas is the fact that the BBC crew – who I got on extremely well with, presented me with a wonderful hand carved crook – which is still one of my most treasured possessions.

All was not lost because there is an even better programme than “One Man and His Dog” – it is called “Come Bye” – proper sheepdog trialling on Horse and Country Television (Sky Channel 280). Despite financial hiccups – we hope that last year’s World Championships will be on before too long.

That was a remarkable event, with 50,000 spectators and twenty-two competing countries.

The most astonishing aspect of the competition of course was the fact that although it was a World Championship held in Britain, it was totally ignored by the BBC.

I am afraid from all my experiences of the BBC from Question Time, Countryfile, One Man and His Dog, The One Show etc I can only conclude that the BBC is institutionally uninterested in the real countryside, the people who live and work in it, and the problems and the discrimination that they face day by day. All this of course breaks the BBC’s own Charter and the codes of conduct derived from it – and whose in charge? Yes, Mark Thompson – him again.

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Monday, 16 February 2009

#War010 The BBC's reporting of the corrupt Mrs J Smith

#War010 The BBC's reporting of the corrupt Mrs J Smith

Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail on Saturday accuses Ms Smith of thievery and challenges her to sue him. He says she got away with her expenses fiddle of claiming her second home allowance for her constituency home for 4 reasons.

1. The Commons Dept for Finance and Administration is notorious for allowing MPs to fiddle their expenses.

2. The wholehearted complicity of the Conservatives and LibDems as they are just as bad.

3. The refusal by the Parliamentry Commissioner John Lyon to investigate the case.

4. The BBC's very partial and highly unprofessional coverage of the story.

He goes on to say on this last point:-

"Rather than give a careful and unbiased account, its gullible political reporters immediately took the official government line.

For example a report on Radio 4's Today programme by Andy Hosken - before the official ruling - claimed that Ms Smith had not broken any rules and was, therefore in the clear.

While it was extraordinary for the BBC to prejudge the case at such an early stage, it was even more surprising that Hoskens had failed to understand the parliamentary rules on MPs' expenses. He wrongly referred to expenses being submitted to the Fees Office, an organisation which changed its name.

Other mistakes were even more grievous. the BBC man told listeners that MPs had an 'absolute discretion' to decide which was their main residence and which was their second home.

However the official rules do NOT allow absolute discretion, or anything remotely resembling it, and assert that in most cases the decision will be a 'matter of fact'.

Indeed, as the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards stated late last year in a crucial ruling: ' If a Member has his or her family living permanently in their constituency home and has modest accomodation in London big enough only for themselves, and which they use only when Parliamnet is in session, then it would clearly seem to be a matter of fact that theMember's main home is in the constituency.'

To view Peter Oborne's articles LINK & also on 13-Feb-2009 HERE

So once again the BBC proves it is institutionally bias and is NOT honouring its Royal Charter.

Monday, 9 February 2009

#War-009 - Lady Thatcher and Tasteless Bias

#War009* - Lady Thatcher and Tasteless Bias

BBC faces fresh criticism over offensive remarks about Baroness Thatcher
The BBC is facing fresh criticism after two comedians made offensive remarks about Baroness Thatcher on a prime time quiz show.

By Laura Roberts and Richard Edwards
In The Telegraph

09 Feb 2009

Senior Tory figures have condemned the broadcast.

In Friday night's episode of QI, Jo Brand, who was caught up in the Carol Thatcher "golliwog" controversy, and Phil Jupitus both made comments which have led to complaints being lodged and further anger from viewers.

When a picture of the former prime minister was shown with her eyes and mouth deliberately altered, Jupitus pointed at it and shouted: "Burn the witch!"

Brand had earlier made a joke comparing Lady Thatcher with an Epilady hair remover.
She said: "It was great, actually, when she became Lady Thatcher, because then she sounded like a device for removing pubic hair".

The host, Stephen Fry, laughed and said: "It's true! Absolutely. The Brazilian Lady Thatcher".
Brand added as an aside: "Eliminate straggly pubic hairs with the lady thatcher".

The BBC said on Sunday it was too early to say how many complaints have been received about the show, which was broadcast at 9pm on BBC One. A spokesman added that it was filmed in June last year and "bears no relation to current events".

But senior Tory figures condemned the broadcast and some viewers said they were "astounded" and "disgusted" by the remarks.

Lord Tebbit told The Daily Telegraph: "It is another depressing episode. Lady Thatcher has been treated like this by the BBC for the past 30 years. It's no good asking them for an apology. It's like trying to stop a dog from barking.

"If we have a Conservative government then we can do something about it. The BBC is another part of the destruction of Great Britain.

"The truth is that the BBC doesn't know that it is biased. It thinks that Guardian reading champagne socialists are the norm."

In online forums, several people said that they had lodged formal complaints.

On the My Telegraph website, a member called Roger, in Winchester, wrote: "I was disgusted to hear Jo Brand's remarks about Margaret Thatcher ... which both Stephen Fry and the rest of the participants seemed to find highly amusing.

"This is typical of the sort of arrogance we have come to expect from foul-mouthed, left leaning "comedians" and the double standards to which they adhere.

"It also illustrates to double standards being applied by the BBC who, at the very least, should sack Brand and issue an apology. I have formally complained to the BBC."

A comment on another forum said: "This is such double standards by the BBC. Is it OK to ridicule and be nasty about Mrs Thatcher on national TV, but not OK for someone to say something in private? Jo Brand obviously has a real issue with the Thatchers."

Another viewer added: "Ms Brand's comments about Lady Thatcher were astounding. Does she really think that it is perfectly fine to talk about Thatcher, an elderly, largely defenceless and somewhat unwell lady, in that particularly disgusting manner? Doubtless she would speak of her own mother that way.

"Has the BBC any understanding at all of the public's disgust? Ms Brand should never be employed again by the BBC. Why should the license fee payer be obliged to fund her?"
Brand stormed out after Carol Thatcher likened a black tennis player to a "golliwog" during a private conversation in a green room at the BBC.

The corporation has received 3,300 complaints about its decision to sack Thatcher, with 60 calls and emails in favour of its action.

She is understood to be considering suing the BBC over her dismissal from The One Show.
The BBC was further embroiled in controversy on Friday when Jeremy Clarkson referred to Gordon Brown as a "one-eyed Scottish idiot" during a radio interview in Australia.

Clarkson was forced to apologise, via the BBC, after being condemned by MPs and disability charities for the remark.

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Friday, 6 February 2009

#War008 The BBC is now run by a narrow sect.....

Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail yesterday Thursday 5th Feb wrote under the heading :-

"The BBC is now run by a narrow sect, blind to the good sense and values of those it serves."

He criticises the decision over Carol Thatcher saying nobody in the real world really cares and yet she looses her job and Jonathan Ross keeps his for a far worse incident which did cause a public outrage. He says towards the end:-

"I am not in favour of racism or sexism either. Nor are most people. But when a once great public organisation is so denuded of belief and idealism, when it bears down with the blind obsession of a witchfinder general on small solecisms while disregarding gross aberrations of taste, iti s time to question its remit."
It is increasing clear that Mark Thompson, incidently a man of principle and conviction, can no longer control the BBC.

In my opinion the BBC is moving towards a confrontation with the public who increasing see the BBC as completely out of touch with their own aspirations and beliefs.

To read the whole article CLICK HERE

Thursday, 5 February 2009

#War007 - BBC accused of institutional 'trendy left-wing bias'

#War007 - BBC accused of institutional 'trendy left-wing bias'

The BBC is out of touch with large swathes of the public and is guity of self-censoring subjects that the corporation finds unpalatable, an official report has claimed.

As part of the report's research the BBC's own controller of editorial policy admitted that people felt that the corporation was guilty of a "bias of omission" by not covering their views.

Authors of the report called on the corporation to be more "open-minded" in the views it reflects and warned against "bias of elimination" which it branded "offensive".

The report noted that the BBC had "come late" to several important stories in recent years, including Euroscepticism and immigration , which as it happens, were "off limits" in terms of a liberal-minded comfort zone".

Research for the 80-page report showed that viewers were "frustrated" by political correctness at the BBC and feel the corporation is dominated by a London-centric bias, reflected in its programmes, presenters and coverage.

The report, which was commissioned by the BBC and written by independent programme-maker John Bridcut, also warned that if the BBC's viewers did not feel that the corporation was reflecting their lives and attitudes people would lose faith in it.

Their review hit out at programme-makers for misjudging where "cultural mainstream" opinion stood and for wanting to "swim" against popular opinion.

Staff were told to avoid imposing their own liberal assumptions on the audience and told to "embrace a broader range of opinion".

In the report, a news and current affairs producer recalled an instance where he had proposed a Newsnight investigation into the subject of "abortion on demand" but had been accused of being "anti-abortion" for even suggesting the idea which was not pursued.

Roger Mosey, former head of television news at the BBC, now head of sport, is also quoted as saying the corporation displays "fairly overt support" for multiculturalism.
Scroll down for more...

He also admitting having some sympathy with claims of a "liberal/pinko" agenda at times.
He recalled a news item about ethnic communities becoming the majority in parts of east London, where a reporter had told him that they had "worked really hard" to find a white resident who was happy with the situation.

Research in the review also found that even ethnic minorities felt that political correctness had gone to far and others said it was diluting comedy and entertainment at the broadcaster and complained of a "restrictive mind-set".

Authors of the report called for a "periodic reality check" on shows like The Archers and Casualty as well as news programmes.

The Archers has at times come under fire for losing its rural culture with increasingly metropolitan storylines.

It suggested that the broadcaster had been late in picking up on "pavement politics" such as concern over the loss of weekly rubbish collections and had been "caught on the hop" by the success of UKIP in the 2004 elections.

It warned of the dangers of an "institutional bias" in favour of stories generated by parliament rather than stories with populist roots.

The report also urged the BBC not to "close down the debate" on climate change, despite the corporation admitting that it no longer felt it necessary to justify equal space being given to opponents of the consensus on the issue.

The broadcaster's Oscar's coverage also came in for criticism over the presenters who were "transfixed by the glitz" in an "impartiality free zone' and called on the BBC to clamp down on its journalists becoming "opinion merchants ".

It also faced claims of political correctness over Muslim terrorist suspects who were arrested last summer. One member of the public surveyed for the report claimed: "I think the BBC is too politically correct. The BBC were saying '21 men have been arrested' and I thought 'what's happening?' So I flicked over to Sky and it says '21 Asian men have been arrested." The report claims that the BBC's editorial advisory department and its recently formed College of Journalism need an extended role so that impartiality is addressed much earlier in the production process.

It claims that impartiality should remain the "hallmark" of the BBC and said the balanced natureof its reporting was an "essential part" of the BBC's contract with its audience.
The report singled out hit sitcom The Vicar Of Dibley and a season of programmes on Africa.
An episode of The Vicar Of Dibley featured Dawn French promoting the Make Poverty History campaign.

"The implication was that the cause was universal and uncontroversial, whereas the Make Poverty History website made clear that it had contentious political goals," the report said.
Nowhere in the episode was it pointed out that the writer Richard Curtis was himself spearheading the campaign.

The report also quoted a senior BBC executive as saying that impartiality in the Africa season was "as safe as a blood bank in the hands of Dracula".

The report makes a series of 12 recommendations, or "guiding principles", which have been approved and adopted by the corporation.

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Informing on the One Show

That the One Show should be involved in all this nonsense is totally unsurprising. Last year I was invited onto it to talk about grey squirrels – yes I want them severely controlled. Oddly, the pro-squirrel guest was the urban Anika Rice. The famous “Green Room” was full of luvvies being luvvies – telling each other what they had done, where they had been and how absolutely luvvy they all were. I read a book.

Earlier in the day a researcher had asked me what I would do to control grey squirrels – “eat them”, I replied. I have eaten them casseroled, as a burger and as squirrel pate.
“Will you get us a squirrel to eat on the programme?” they asked. In next to no time a gamekeeper friend had three squirrels dressed and jointed, ready for the oven.

Then came the politically correct message; “Oh it has been decided that you can’t eat squirrel on the show, it is wrong to kill animals for entertainment”.
So the One Show had caused three squirrels to be killed for no reason at all. The odd thing about this of course is the fact that the BBC is almost Cookery Programmed out with Ready Steady Cook etc – all using meat as part of their “entertainment”.
Perhaps BBC executives don’t realise that beef, lamb and pork are just as much “animal” as squirrels.

After the programmes, the main presenter, the rather characterless, bland, Adrian Chiles said:” You won’t write about this will you Robin?” Why not? What a shower – and was it you Adrian who behaved so despicably against Carol Thatcher – were you the INFORMER?

The one good thing about the programme was that Anneka Rice appeared to know nothing about squirrels, and the next day “Save Our Squirrels” the organisation fighting for red squirrels asked me to be their Patron. That of course will teach the BBC absolutely nothing.

So Dave, come on – for goodness sake organise a BBC licence boycott – if enough people did it the Government would have to take action against the Bigots Broadcasting Corporation. If Dastardly Dave is too much of a wimp – how about the Mail leading the way?

To view the original of this pre BBC Bias Article telling what goes on behind the scenes and showing just cow dishonest The BBC actually is CLICK HERE

#War005 - Come on Dave - Boycott the BBC (Robin Page)

#War005 - Come on Dave - Boycott the BBC (Robin Page)

Come on Dave – so far during my time of political re-think, you have shown that you couldn’t actually lead a sugar mouse out of a paper bag – now show some leadership – stop being a political pc-wimp and lead a licence-payers’ strike against the BBC.

What is going on? Carol Thatcher has had a private conversation with contributors to the BBC’s increasingly dreary and predictable “One Show”. Her conversation has been entirely legal, yet an informer has complained to the BBC’s thought-police and she has been sacked from the programme. Incredible – Jonathan Ross’s obscene phone call actually broke the law – he gets suspended; Carol Thatcher had a legal, private conversation – she is fired. Just as in Eastern Europe before the wall came down, or in the Third Reich, an “informer” has reported her for incorrect behaviour (1984) and she has been punished.

What a state to be in. Britain is gradually filling with informers, Quislings, collaborators and vigilantes, as New Labour turns into New Fascism. In the new order of things left has become right and right has become confused. To help show how politics has been hijacked by the devious and dangerous – remember Henry Williamson, author of that wonderful book “Tarka the Otter”. Despite his books he never received an honour – why? He believed in a united Europe – just like today’s EU and for his trouble he was called “right wing” and “a fascist”.
Now bizarrely, and I cannot work out how it has happened, those of us who are AGAINST the EU superstate are referred to as “right wing”. Sixty years ago we would have been left wing and acceptable. Today we are apparently right wing and unacceptable. Can somebody explain please as I am clearly rather dim?

So Carol Thatcher’s crime is that she suggested that a French tennis player with ringlets looked like a golliwog. Well, the fact is that I don’t know his name, but I think I know who she means simply because he does looks like a golliwog. When I was a child I had a golliwog; today I have a golliwog mug and when I went to America a couple of years ago I bought a collection of Little Black Sambo stories, sold to me by a black shop-assistant. When I told her how pleased I was to find the book and that in England it would be difficult to buy, she said:” How ridiculous, the stories and illustrations are wonderful – they should offend no-one – they are beautiful”. Never mind, most of the pc-whites at the BBC would presumably not regard her, as proper black – white BBC executives are the true defenders of black people from racism.

But who informed on Carol Thatcher – that is the big question. They should either be sacked or sent to Malawi for a month for a bit of education. Last time I went there I flew to Lilongwe from Harare on Air Where Are We, sorry, Air Malawi, and that was after a flight on Zambia Scareways – sorry again, Zambia Airways. Oh dear, and once in my hotel I received my first shock – the local paper had an obituary for a “Mr.Sambo – a true born nigger”.

When I first went to Malawi it was run by a “wicked dictator”, Dr Hastings Banda. The airport was efficient and the planes ran on time; the new capital showed vision with large plots of fast growing eucalyptus planted throughout the city for wood and charcoal; the roads were repaired and the streetlights worked. Outside the land was tended and for the first time for decades Malawi could feed itself. But oh, woe, pc Britain in the form of Tory Lynda Chalker, Baroness Wallasey, decided that Malawi was undemocratic.

It was almost as undemocratic as the system that had made Lynda Chalker a Baroness. In 1992 Lynda Chalker was democratically thrown out of the House of Commons. She was then undemocratically made Baroness Chalker, and although the electorate had rejected her, she continued in Government. From there, as Minister of State for Overseas Development, she had the audacity to lecture Malawi about “democracy”.

Well, Malawi is a democracy now and it is also a shambles. Corruption is rife, the country no longer feeds itself – the country no longer works – so that is what Lynda Chalker evidently regards as the fruits of democracy.

Go, “One Show” informer and actually learn something in Africa and I would almost bet my bottom dollar that you will be able to buy a golliwog in Blantyre.

To view Robin Page's original Blog of this item on The Mail online at CLICK HERE

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

#War004 The BBC and the Gaza charity ad.

#War004 The BBC and the Gaza charity ad.

I read a very good article in the latest Spectator by Rod Liddle about the BBC and the Gaza charity ad. In it he argues that the BBC was absolutely right NOT to broadcast the ad as it was clearly biased in favour of the Palestinians with every attempt made to serve there cause. He went on to congratulate the BBC for their balanced reporting of the recent war and therefore concluded for the BBC to have shown the ad would have broken their even handedness.

On reflection I agree with Rod Liddle because it is so important that the BBC honours its Royal Charter and is balanced especially with its worldwide reputation at sake.

HOWEVER I find the hypocrisy of the BBC completely beyond comprehension because ,as explained in post #War002, the BBC is institutionally bias in virtually everything else they broadcast - following in the main the liberal left, politically correct, human rights and multicultural agenda.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

#War003 - Climate Change

Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph today, as he has so often in the past (as in this article CLICK HERE), exposes the BBC for its institutional bias over climate change. So the stunt on the Thames recently with floating iceberg and polar bear was staged by a television company that is part owned by the BBC. Further more Newsnight edited Obama's inaugural speech to make his comments on global warming seem stronger.

As he says " again and again the BBC has been eager to promote every new scare raised by the advocates of man-made global warming."

The BBC is biased on climate change in defiance of its Royal Charter to be impartial.

This bias is further exposed by Dr. Richard North on his excellently researched blog at EUreferendum - to view his latest article on the subject CLICK HERE

Again & again the BBC is in breech of its ROYAL CHARTER, displaying undeniable bias on many issues.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

#War002 - In the beginning!!!

What a good time to start a Blog on BBC institutional Bias what with this whole issue of their supposed impartiality by not showing the Gaza Appeal broadcast.

The BBC make me laugh as they have 20 odd years of 'form' of being bias. In fact the title of my blog calls them institutionally bias - lets look at the evidence in no particular order.

  1. They are bias against Maggie Thatcher and all she stands for. If they can sneer at her achievements as they do.

  2. They are biased against the Daily Mail, Britain's most popular daily newspaper, by only occasionally showing it at the end of Newsnight on BBC 2 etc.

  3. They are bias in favour of the Independent and Guardian by nearly always showing them at the end of Newsnight.

  4. They are biased in favour of New Labour by giving their politicians an easy ride.

  5. They are biased against the Tories by attacking their politicians and still dragging up stuff from 10 years ago.

  6. They are biased in favour of Climate Change seldom showing the either side of the argument despite increasing evidence that the whole Climate Change lobby is based on an unproven science.

  7. They are biased in favour of the EU, who gives them money in the form of grants, seldom balancing their enthusiasm for the failed experiment of a Federal Europe.

  8. They are biased against the Establishment, despite having a Royal Charter, never missing an opportunity to poke fun at them.

  9. They are biased in their recruiting policy by ONLY advertising positions in the Guardian.

  10. The are biased in favour of Darwin against Creationism and I say that as a Darwinist!

  11. They are biased on the economic downturn supporting Gordon Brown's mantra of the 'Global problem' when regardless of the worlds problems Brown happily messed things up all by himself.

  12. They are biased in favour of the dumbing down of quality TV by supporting virtually anything and everything.

  13. The are biased in favour of swearing by allowing Jonathan Ross to continue in his job at £6 million a year.

  14. They are biased in favour of youth - when did you last see a really old broadcaster/presenter?

  15. They are biased in favour of women who for example now routinely interview players at rugby and football matches. Ever seen a man present/interview on a ladies fashion show?

  16. They are bias in favour of good appearance - when did you last see an ugly presenter?

  17. They are biased in favour of race integration. The Question Time audience on BBC1 is now so ethnically mixed that it is not a true representation of this country's racial mix.

  18. They are biased against the Church of England with Songs of Praise on Sunday the rare exception.

Well that is it for starters. I will now add individual examples as I see them, comment on posts if applicable and add other comments as the institutional biased BBC continue to wind me up!

Monday, 26 January 2009

#War001 - BBC Institutional Bias 26-Jan-2009 START

I started this Blog on the 26th. January 2009 - never having used a Blog before.

Do link with the site if you agree with my sentiments as they become increasingly backed by facts on this Blog.

I hope we can make a difference by working together.