Wednesday, 30 March 2011

# 092 -WAR - BBC and Lonely Planet link.

I received this from a friend:- There was an item by Christina Odone in yesterday’s Telegraph to the effect that the magazine ‘Lonely Planet’ has given the UK a poor write-up, describing the economy as ‘dicey’ and the government as ‘devious’. This means that we will lose many tourist pounds in the coming years. Who owns the magazine? Only the good old BBC. The BBC is a disgrace and I urge people not to pay their TV licence.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

# 091 - WAR - BBC 1 News at Ten.

I'm very aware that I don't post every day but I can assure you that doesn't mean the BBC hasn't been bias!

Every day they transmit on the radio or TV the BBC shows the bias that is embedded in its DNA.

Last night on the News at Ten 2 more examples.

1. An item on the cuts showed a group of ladies from Gloucestershire preparing to go to London today on a march over the cuts. Two points a. this is hardly a major news story and b. in any event the cuts aren't really cuts as I've explained before. This story was covered because the ladies in question were typical 'Tory' types and it gave the BBC a canace to poke the government in the ribs!

2. On Japan the main item was about a group of 'Green' types protesting about Nuclear power.
The 'nuclear issue' to the horrors in Japan is NOT the main part of the story but the BBC pushes it because the leftie BBC in its soul believes nuclear power BAD renewables GOOD.

If we only had renewables there wouldn't be enough power for TVs to work.............................

Hang on maybe they are not such a bad idea after all !!!


Monday, 14 March 2011

# 090 - WAR - BBC news hypes up nuclear scare in Japan.

The sloppy bias BBC hypes up nuclear scare in Japan without investigating the facts as on the link below taken form Richard North's blog EU Referendum.


The BBC increasingly dumbs downs to the lowest common denominator as if they believe to hell with the facts what is the popular line to push on this story that fits in with our own Guardian leaning views!

# 089 - WAR - Outgoing BBC Chairman admits mistakes.

So out going Chairman Sir Michael Lyons used his last major speech to launch a scathing attack on the Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand obscene phone call scandal as reported in the Daily Mail on Thursday 10th March.

Well Sir Michael that is TOO LITTLE TOO LATE.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

#088 - WAR - BBC 1 News at Ten.

So no vitriol over Obama's U-turn over closing Guantanamo Bay.

Imagine if this U-turn had been made by a Republican instead of a Democrat?

The bias BBC loves Democrats and New Labourites and hates Republicans and Tories.

# 087-WAR - Newsnight BBC2 Mon 7th March.

Those of you that follow these things should know that that the final words in any interview are the ones remembered by the viewing public.

So on Newsnight last night the pro republican BBC finished its piece on Prince Andrew (my word aren't they just loving flogging this particular horse) finished with the words ................

The Prince and the paedophile.

Well the person concerned certainly had underage sex but by any serious definition is not a paedophile a point interestingly John Humphreys made on Radio 4 on the Today programme.that morning.

So why did the BBC still choose to push this line on Newsnight?

Because it has bias in its DNA that is why.