Tuesday, 19 June 2012

# 183 - WAR - No one predicted the Euro crash!!!!

So on the Jeremy Vine radio show yesterday he came out with the unbelievable comment that NOBODY could have predicted the current Euro troubles!!!!!!

Such a comment just proves that  the BBC operates in the same bubble as the rest of the 'Establishment' bubble.

Well many great minds like Christopher Booker and Richard North predicted it and indeed I have been saying, from its conception, that a new country called the EU with such diverse members as Spain and Sweden and Germany and Greece could NEVER work.

The north of the UK often complains that our interest rates are set for the benefit of the SE so how the hell was the Euro ever to work?

So Jeremy Vine if you took your head out of your **** and smelt the coffee you would find plenty of real Eurosceptics who KNEW that the Euro would NEVER work.

 More bias from the BBC.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

# 182 - WAR - Gay marriage.

The BBC was full of this story yesterday as the C of E was questioning the need for this as homosexuals already have Civil Ceremonies.

Despite this the BBC used phrases like "the C of E are against the efforts to LEGALISE Gay marriage."

No they are not they just say that marriage is between a man and a women with the purpose of procreation.

Gays can LEGALLY confirm their union with a Civil Ceremony yet some and it is only some want more.

A crayfish may want to be a lobster but it will ALWAYS be a crayfish - they are however both crustaceans.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

# - 181 - WAR - Diamond Jubliee coverage.

So even the veteran leftie Stephen Fry says the BBC coverage was poor.

This is NO surprise as the BBC has consistently dumbed down their reporting over the years and is also basically Republican at heart.

This is yet another reason not to pay the BBC licence.