Monday, 31 October 2011

# 144 - WAR - The EU and growth and unemployment.

Under normal circumstances if the BBC are interviewing somebody and they say its 'BLACK' the BBC will ask are they sure it isn't 'WHITE'! Most of the time this is healthy reporting.

However on the EU the BBC never aggressively challenges pro EU statements. I believe this is directly related to the soft loans the EU has given the BBC and also because in the main the BBC doesn't wish to upset the pro EU views of the political establishment who after all determine their funding via the licence fee.

So when Nick Clegg was interviewed this morning on Radio 4 about growth and jobs he was allowed to get away with repeating the Europhile's mantra that our growth and 3 million jobs were dependent on the EU. This happens to to be completely untrue and provably so but the BBC are never going to let the truth get in the way of their general support for the EU.

Just imagine how the BBC would have treated Mrs Thatcher in an interview if she had offered the opinion that the EU was bad for growth and jobs!! I would have bet a fair amount that the BBC would have come back with the opposing point of view.

For all the reports and weasel words that the BBC are doing something about their deeply ingrained bias it is crystal clear they are still as bias as ever.

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