Thursday, 14 July 2011

# 115 - WAR - Newsnight Wednesday 13th July 2011.

The whole programme was given over to a studio discussion about the 'Hacking scandal' with a handed picked studio audience of floating voters and chaired by Paxman.

As you know the BBC has been banging on for days that the British public were appalled by the News of the World revelations as of course the BBC are dead against a right wing competitor at BSkyB and wanted to do their bit to try and stop Murdoch taking it over.

Well the studio audience was clearly underwhelmed by the hacking revelations and try as he did to get the audience to support the BBC's concern of the situation Paxman could not get them to budge! What the BBC would have clearly loved would have been for the audience to be baying for Murdoch's blood.

The BBC is bias and has its own agenda which is usually totally different to the average voter in the street.

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