Sunday, 6 February 2011

# 076 - WAR - Artic with Bruce Parry.

Clearly in this last programme, as we have recently learnt, the script was written and interviews done to come to a prearranged conclusion and continue the BBC push that Global Warming (GW) is an undisputed fact.

Well despite the bias BBC's attempt to literally promote the GW agenda for itself and the establishment more and people are joining the ranks of the GW sceptics as they realise three things.

1. Many people's livelihoods depend on continuing the GW scare.

2. Governments like GW as another means to tax and control us.

3. Governments are too scared to challenge the GW tree huggers for fear of appearing unfriendly.

The BBC is at its most bias when reporting on GW.

For as Peter Sissons says bias is in the BBC's DNA.

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