Tuesday, 26 February 2013

# 223 -WAR - BBC double standards.

As the Daily Mail points out today in its second Leader the BBC shows a real double standard over its treatment of Lords McAlpine and Rennard but then of course one is a Tory and the other a Lib Dim.

The BBC couldn't wait to brand Lord McApline as a paedophile last November without even giving him the right of reply while they have been very slow to respond to the Lord Rennard story over the last few days despite knowing about these accusations LAST year.

But then as far as the BBC goes there is one rule rule for their Guardian reading Liberal friends and another for those ghastly Tories who actually once supported Thatcher!

The BBC's bias is just so predictable and I can see NO chance of them ever reforming themselves until the licence fee goes and they are forced to compete in the market place. The only other possiblity is the appointment of a RIGHT WING Chairman but that is never going to happen.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

# 222 - WAR - The Tories and BBC bias.

So the Conservatives are upset by the BBC bias and generally pro Labour stance. as reported in the Telegraph:-


The trouble is the wet Tories only have themselves to blame as they have failed over the years to robustly challenge the BBC over their political bias.

Of course on the EU and Climate Change the Tories and the rest of the 'Establishment' are in tune with the pro EU and pro Climate change bias.

It really is such a pity we are governed by such minnows which leaves the BBC to carry on their bias unabated.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

# 221 - WAR - Attenborough climate claim cut by BBC.

A small article in the Daily Mail yesterday started;-

'The BBC has been forced to make an embarrassing climbdown over climate change claims made by Sir David Attenborough'

Speaking in front of Mt Kilimanjario he had said  "Some parts of the continent have become 3.5C hotter in the past 20 years."

This comment received a number of complaints from viewers and after initially defending this statement the corporation removed it from  the repeat prime time show on Sunday.

The BBC agreed that this statement was disputable and the commentary should have reflected this. They also said David Attenborough had not carried out the research for the programme himself.

So there you have it an admission by the BBC's of bias albeit they did publish it before cutting it out of the repeat showing of the programme.

On Climate Change the News, Country File, Nature programmes and the like are stuffed full of subtle and not so subtle bias as the BBC has totally brought the line that Climate Change IS happening.

The thing the BBC seem incapable of grasping is that climates do change and what we have now is perfectly normal in the general scheme of things. I am also constantly amazed the amount of credence they give to long term weather reports especially as our weather forecasters cannot predict the weather acurately from week to the next!!

Monday, 11 February 2013

# 220 -WAR - Sex and violence.

As a letter in the Daily Telegraph recently noted:-

On the BBC News bulletins, the word "spokesperson" is often heard, but not "gunperson".
Are ciminals the only ones without the right to be described in a non-sexist language?

Good point but don't expect the BBC to change its PC ways.

Friday, 8 February 2013

# 219 - WAR - Grantham and Mrs T.

Of course the Jeremy Vine show today covered the topic of whether they should put up a statute of Margaret Thatcher in her home town of Grantham.

This gave them the perfect opportunity to continue their personal hatred of Mrs T with endless coverage of how much harm she did to the UK with MASS unemployment of 4 million - I wonder what makes 4 million unemployed as MASS  when it is about 2.5 million now but that aside the BBC never miss an opportunity to have a go at Mrs Thatcher.

As Peter Sissons said  about the BBC recently:-

" The Lord McAlpine smear may have been a one-off. The bias against Margaret Thatcher is ongoing."

# 218 - WAR - The BBC and Gay marriage.

Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail on Thursday 7th analyses the  response to the rebellion in the Tory ranks on the gay marriage bill that came before Parliament.

The BBC loved quoting their very own Guardian colunmist Polly Toynbee who  described all those against gay marriage as a ' nest of bigots'. Of course failing to comment that this nasty intolerant language was the languge of a bigot!

Then they quoted from in the main Peter Kellner's YouGov polls which asserted that those against gay marriage were in the minority.They also quoted from an Ipsos poll which said much the same.

In fact the YouGov poll showed 56% were for gay marriage while 38% were against - 38% is quite a large minority is it not! Also NO mention by the BBC of a ComRes poll which showed 53% in favour of the proposition 'that marriage should be a life-long commitment between a man and a woman.'

This does make you wonder what the YouGov question was!!!!

So totally unsurprisingly from an organistion with a fairly high % of gays in their employment the BBC reports the matter in a bias way.