Friday, 23 December 2011

# 154 - WAR - Economic figures and the BBC.

So our economy grew by 0.6% between July and September instead of the previous estimate of 0.5%.

However listening to Radio 4's Today programme you would never have thought so as they concentrated on how badly our economy was doing.

The BBC doesn't like reporting facts which get in the way of their agenda  preferring to report their opinions and interviewing people who support these. The BBC likes portraying the Coalition's 'cuts' as not working.

The trouble is if the BBC was to report honestly they would have to show and explain why this country is in for a tough decade and that if anything the Coalition is not being tough enough.

However that would never do as it would not allow the BBC to portray the mainly Tory government as uncaring capitalists.


Saturday, 10 December 2011

# 153 - WAR - Sir Antony Jay.

Sir Antony Jay who co-created Yes Minister has come out strongly that the BBC is completely bias on climate change.

He also suggested the BBC was too powerful and all they needed was BBC 1 on the TV and Radio 4 on the airwaves.

In a foreward he wrote in the latest Golobal Warming Policy Foundation's report he says the BBC is bias and too big.

So yet another ex BBC employee admits the truth about just how bias the BBC is.

I'm so glad I refuse to pay my TV licence.

# 152 - WAR - The Euro crisis.

The BBC cannot allow any challenge to the great EU to go unanswered hence their news coverage of the EU summit leading on the certainty that the UK would be marginalised. No balance that free of the corrupt EU( if only!) we have the rest of the world to trade with.

In general the BBC reported Britain's veto as a national catastrophy and not a tough decision by Cameron.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

#151 -WAR - David Attenborough

The latest wheeze during a quite climate change / sea level rising day was to interview DA for the TV BBC news this week about is Frozen Planet series. Of course the interview centred on his warning about climate change and rising sea levels.

The trouble is both simply aren't happening. The temperature has in fact stayed steady for the past 10 years and this week's main article in the Spectator fully explains, from a real expert in his field, why sea levels aren't rising.

DA who is by any measure a fine broadcaster has clearly surcumbed to the BBC bias on climate change and related matters. This is such a pity for an intelligent man but then the BBC is now so bias and DA is such a BBC man he won't realise how brainwashed he has become.