Saturday, 22 January 2011

# 072 - WAR - BBC 1 News at Ten.

On Thursday 20th Jan 2011 the BBC news contained an item about the Americans in Sangin. The report suggested that the Amercians were doing much more than the British had done, in taking the fight to the Taliban, and as a result they had suffered 26 deaths. The report concluded that the aim of the American Forces was to try and turn the Taliban to 'our' side, to win the hearts and minds of the locals and of course that the ultimate aim was to hand over the area to the Afghan Army.

This type of BBC reporting avoids ANY serious analysis of the situation and so by default is bias.

Three questions that should have been covered are:-

1. How can they win hearts and minds while burning the local's crops in search of possible arms dumps?

2. If they are able to 'turn' the Taliban they can of course turn back as soon as the NATO Troops leave.

3. Suggesting the corrupt Afghan Army could ever hold the line for more than 5 mins is a complete joke.

The BBC news no longer sets the pace as they happily support the line of their political masters in government.

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