Friday, 22 July 2011

# 120 - WAR - BBC Radio 4 Week in Westminster Sat16th July 2011.

Here's one I forgot to record from last Saturday.

At 11.20am Sir M. Campbell and Lord K Baker were being interviewed about the loss of importance of our Parliament at Westminster.

Yes you guessed it NOT one word about the EU was discussed which as most people know is the primary cause our government now has less to do. This explains why 'Schools and Hospitals' is all our politicians seem to talk about!

Neither of course did the BBC interviewer, desperate not to criticise the EU, bring this up.

The BBC often now don't REPORT the news but simply offer platitudes and tow the LibLabCon line.

Talk about Murdoch having too much power what about the near monopoly the BBC have of terrestrial TV.

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