Wednesday, 8 June 2011

# 103 - WAR - More on the EU and the CFP.

I recieved this e-mail today from a friend and political contact:-

Why did Britain's fishing industry collapse? Everyone knows that Ted Heath gave away the fishing grounds to the EU (then the EEC) in 1971 as a 'common resourse', along with Britain's Space Programme and agreeing to huge subsidies (still continuing today) to French farming in order to be allowed to join. Yet the BBC puts out it's poison by blaming it on the late 1960s so called 'cod Wars' with Iceland - go to:

and move slider to 32 minutes.

Of course the Foreign Office at the time, in FCO 10-1048, insisted that civil servants and politicians must not attribute the negative effects of joining to the then EEC. But isn't it remarkable that the BBC still finds it necessary to carry on with this government policy today?

Well not really, since the BBC receives huge soft loans from the European Investment Bank, an offshoot of the Brussels machine, in exchange for promoting the EU.

Is it any wonder that people are now turning to Russia Today (RT) - Terrestrial Channel 85 for their news?

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