Monday, 28 February 2011

# 086 -WAR - BBC TV and RADIO

Various points to record to catch up over the last few days.
1. Sunday's Mail on the 20th Feb carried the story that the BBC may have hired actors in the filming of 'The Real Hustle' which was meant to show the real victims of frauds. How typical BBC.
2. Country File on the 20th Feb had the all to familiar product placement of Berghaus anoraks. No real point in complaining as you only get a stand letter. This cannot just be a coincidence in my opinion.
3. Antiques Road show on the 20th and 27th is increasingly becoming the Fiona Bruce show as see grins her way around the chosen weekly location. The BBC programming types have all now got 'dumb downed brains' and just don't get it anymore stuck in the groove that dumbing down to the lowest common denominator is all that matters. who really wanted to see Fiona Bruce in an Avengers catsuit or asking naval cadets to dismiss from parade?
'THE BBC HAS BIAS IN ITS DNA' - Peter sissons

Sunday, 20 February 2011

# 085 -WAR - Question Time BBC1

David Dimbleby needs to be put out to grass as he is well past his best before date!

This week he selected 2 people from the audience to speak twice and let Ms Cooper rabbit on and on without interruption showing and proving the programmes left wing bias.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

# 084 - WAR - Climate change.

On the BBC1 news at 10 last night they had an item about flooding which some , clearly pro Global Warming type, had worked out by running a new computer programme was all caused by rises in CO2.

As usual this news item was present as virtual fact.

All I point out is that if the weathermen/women can not predict the weather the next day why should we believe the out put of a computer programme which at best is a guessimate of what is effecting our climate.


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

# 083 - WAR - Most BBC bias is very subtle.

Here are 5 items I've noticed this week amongst many.

1. Jeremy Vine show Radio 2 - interviews a man about his book the Riflemen about the Dresden bombings. There was NO attempt at any balance. The BBC just love to make out we were as bad as the Germans.

2. Nick Robinson on BBC 1 news asks Cameron ref the cuts, if he isn't just another Thatcher. This is rubbish for as we all know Cameron isn't man enough to wipe her shoes! But still the BBC drag up Thatcher and pump the line Thatcher BAD everyone else GOOD!

3. BBC 1 news - On discussions about cuts and inflation there is NO attempt to explain why this is all predictable. It is just used as an anti coalition bashing.

4.BBC 1 news Wednesday 16th 10.00pm. - On the climate change post they interviewed a pro and middle of th road but no actual interview with an anti.

5. Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Wednesday16th - Credit where it is due I can not remember the last time a BBC type gave a Labour politician a hard time as Jeremy did today with Ed Balls.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

# 082 - WAR - BBC Sunday's Country File.

I didn't watch it tonight as it is increasingly dumbed down.

Funnily enough I had just finished watching a couple of episodes of the Forysth Saga from the DVD collection I got at Christmas!

That is how TV programmes used to be made in the good old days of the BBC before it got taken over by the Guardian reading lefties.

Anyway back to Country File when I turned the TV back on I just caught the end and felt that I must have missed watching the end of Blue Peter with screaming children around the oh so PC youthful presenters!

The BBC is bias and dumbed down and I'm glad I don't pay my TV licence for the rubbish they now mostly put out.

# 081 - WAR - The BBC moves north.

These current moves 'up north' were initiated by New Labour to help, it is believed, Labour hold onto seats at the next General Election.
It is costing some £600 million to 'appease the forces of regional correctness' at a time of serious cut backs in our economy.
Many programmes, which rely on interviewing London based people like MPs will now face a real problem to get them to the studio.
So the BBC as Melanie Phillips says in the Daily Mail has 'Lost it way' but not in showing bias of course!

# 080 - WAR - BBC anti Chistrian and pro homosexuality.

1.Radi0 2 Sunday morning news - Despite all that is going on in the world and this country the BBC finds time to cover the issue of Civil Ceremonies wishing to get hitched in churches.
Thus in one report, staying true to form, they portray the Church as out of date and promote the homosexual agenda.
But then as many know the BBC is anti Christian and very pro homosexuality with so many homosexuals working in it.
2. Quentin Letts in Saturday's Daily Mail - Points out how the radio programme made by Boris Johnson on Dr Johnson fails to mention one of Dr Johnson's important influences namely God. Boris pointed out that inspite of lots of 'good stuff about Johnson and Christianity' it was all cut!
Never froget the BBC continues to have bias in it's DNA.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

# 079 -WAR - Daily Telegraph Thursday 10th Feb 2011.

Three good pieces in the DT today about the BBC.

1. Michael Buerk, the former BBC newsreader, on page 2 states very clearly how the BBC should NOT recruit to fill quotas. He gives the example, to make the point, that presenters should not be given jobs just because "we need another 6 lesbians!"

2.On page 3 the article is titled - Licence fee dodgers will be able to watch BBC iPlayer application with little fear of getting caught.

I of course have been taken to court for not paying my TV licence, due to the bias, and urge others to follow or watch programmes on iPlayers! Only by hitting the BBC's pocket will anything change.

3. Radio 4 - on page 20 John Tusa laments the recent BBC Trust's report that despite Radio 4 having listening figures of 10 million says it must try and appeal to more listeners from the North of the UK and youngsters. The absurdity that such a policy might gain a few listeners and lose a lot appears not have to have been considered by the BBC Trust.

The BBC is a bias dumbed down joke and the sooner it is put down the better.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

# 078 - WAR - The good old Daily Mail Feb 8th 2011.

Great stuff in the DM today with various articles covering:-

1.ECHR - informed us that it is costing us £2 billion a year in claims. I wonder why the BBC never seems to mention this when covering this subject. BIAS IN FAVOUR OF EU.
2.Big Society - covered Dame E. Hoodless criticism of the BS without mention she is an ex Labour Councillor. BIAS IN FAVOUR OF NEW LABOUR.
3. Police cuts - excessive coverage given to police numbers cut of 10190 and interviews with Shadow Home Secretary without mentioning Home Secretary's remarks that police budget cuts should not mean reduction in police numbers. BIAS IN FAVOUR OF NEW LABOUR.
4. library closures - Lots of coverage on library closures but no mention of huge fall off in library use in the last decade and how New Labour also planned to close libraries. ANTI GOVERNMENT BIAS.
5. Forest sell offs - coverage by BBC omits the fact that the forests proposed for sale are only a small proportion of the total. ANTI GOVERNMENT BIAS.
6. Cuts - BBC never mention when mentioning Public Sector cuts that the Private Sector has already had years of cuts. ANTI GOVERNMENT BAIS.
7. Littlejohn - points out how the BBC journalists get their agenda from the pages of the Guardian. NORMAL LEFTWING BIAS.
8. BBC Travel Expenses - They asks why over Egypt it was necessary for James Naughtie to fly to Cairo and Beirut and Justin Webb to Washington for Radio yes Radio 4! NORMAL - USING OUR MONEY LIKE WATER.

Monday, 7 February 2011

# 077 - WAR - Radio 4 Today - Cuts and ECHR

Two items from the bias BBC this morning.

1. Cuts - they continue to talk about 'the cuts' where as the facts are that thus far total spending is still hitting new records most months.

Why does the BBC not report the facts?

2. European Court of Human Rights - In this item they mentioned that the Government was looking at the possibility of withdrawing from the jurisdiction of the ECHR. The only trouble is, especially since we agreed to the Lisbon Treaty, we simply cannot do this unless we leave the EU and of course of this major fact there is NO mention.

So not only is the BBC regularily bias it is also exceedingly sloppy in its reporting often failing to mention all the facts in a story especially if they don't accord with their Guardian leaning view point.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

# 076 - WAR - Artic with Bruce Parry.

Clearly in this last programme, as we have recently learnt, the script was written and interviews done to come to a prearranged conclusion and continue the BBC push that Global Warming (GW) is an undisputed fact.

Well despite the bias BBC's attempt to literally promote the GW agenda for itself and the establishment more and people are joining the ranks of the GW sceptics as they realise three things.

1. Many people's livelihoods depend on continuing the GW scare.

2. Governments like GW as another means to tax and control us.

3. Governments are too scared to challenge the GW tree huggers for fear of appearing unfriendly.

The BBC is at its most bias when reporting on GW.

For as Peter Sissons says bias is in the BBC's DNA.

# 075 - WAR - BBC' programme Silent Witness.

It amuses me when the oh so Politically Correct BBC choose not to reflect reality.

We have all heard the stories of the Community Policemen who wouldn't go in the water to save a drowning person or the Firemen who cannot cross a roof in case it breaks or the Police surrounding a gunman for hours before making a move.

Well in Silent Witness on Monday and Tuesday we had the Armed Police unit storming the Dutch Embassy in minutes of arrival with the Paramedics close on their heels.

But then I suppose showing the reality would be boring TV and would make the Police look VERY stupid.

The BBC has its own very selective agenda and to quote Peter Sissons is has bias in its DNA.

# 074 - WAR - Mail on Sunday.

Great post on Richard North's blog Eureferendum outlining how out of touch the BBC is these days.

Here is the link.