Sunday, 25 September 2011

# 140 - WAR - One small and one bigger example of BBC bias.

First on Radio 2 news this morning there was an item about the reduction in numbers of hedgehogs and red squirrels.  In the case of hedgehogs absolutely NO mention was made that the increase in badgers is a key reason for the decrease in hedgehogs as they eat them. Of course the BBC instinctively supports those that are against the culling of any animal so we get badgers eating hedgehogs and foxes running riot in towns and cities. The BBC is quite incapable of reporting such issues in a balanced way.

Second I read in the Sunday Mail that the BBC is to stop using AD and BC and switch to the very PC Common Era (CE) and Before Common Era (BCE). This is just so very typical of the BBC where decisions are made by a select group of like minded individuals who believe that if they think something is right then it is and anyone who disagrees with them must be a right wing nutter!

Finally as Peter Oborne and Frances Weaver confirm for us in this week's Spectator in their article 'The great euro swindle'  - Now let's turn to the BBC. In our Centre for Policy Studies pamphlet, "Guilty Men" we expose in detail how the BBC betrayed its charter commitment, lost its sense of fair-mindedness and became in effect a partisan player in a great national debate - all the more insidious because of its pretence at neutrality.

It is because the BBC is still so clearly bias in its coverage that I continue to refuse to pay my TV licence.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sunday, 18 September 2011

# 138 - WAR - Religion and the BBC.

Even as one who believes in evolution I still think it is wrong that the BBC is so biased against Christianity.

Isn't it funny then how the BBC suddenly comes over all pious when they were reporting on the numerous church services being held in the Welsh valleys as a result of the recently killed miners in a drift mine near Swansea.

If they were following there usual form, as when Paxman interview Dawkins about his new book ' The majic of reality' on Newsnight last week, they should have said "what are all these stupid people hoping to achieve by going to church!"

Question :-When will the BBC not be the BIAS BROADCASTING CORPORATION?

Answer:- When Hell freezes over!

Friday, 16 September 2011

# 137 - WAR - The world fiancial crisis.

The trouble with being the boy who saw the King had no clothes on is that nobody believes you!

So it was with Richard North and Christopher Booker who back in 2003 in their book 'The Great Deception' asked the question as to whether the EU could survive knowing full well that it couldn't.

Why is it therefore that the BBC still appears not to be able to report what is going to happen next?

I can only think it is because they do not want to upset the 'Establishment' of which they are clearly a part.

So let me spell out what is going to happen and this is based on no more than 'A' level economics and common sense - eat your heart out Robert Peston!

Like the seasons come and go all economies move in cycles going up and down.

In a well run economy this will amount to highs and lows but in a badly run economy these cycles will become booms and busts.

Well since the depression of the 1930's most western governments have tried to eliminate the normal economic cycles by living on more and more borrowed money.  Who now doesn't remember Gordon Brown's fatuous comment about doing away with boom and bust!!

So our politicians have been kicking the can along the road for so long they have now reached an insurmountable wall and the really big crash of all crashes is just around the corner. For it is surely clear America, Europe and the UK are all broke with bloated public services and stagnant private sectors engulfed in bureaucracy, red tape and high taxes.

For a decade or more we are ALL going to be poorer as the economic works itself through with the less fortunate, as always, suffering the most.

There are only 3 actions any government can ever take:-

1. Cut costs.
2. Increase taxes.
3. Assist economic growth.

History proves the solution is based on this formula:-


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

# 136 - WAR - Exaggeration bias!

Have you noticed how the BBC is guilty of exaggeration bias?

On the 6 o'clock news tonight apparently manual working human slaves have been traumatised by their experiences.

The First WW infantry might have been traumatised but not these supposed slaves who weren't exactly being held in a Colditz Castle were they!?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

# 135 - WAR - Jeremy Vine Radio 2 Tuesday 13th September.

During an item on hunting and shooting lions JV kept trying to move the topic on beyond culling looking for other reasons people shoot lions.


The lion has no natural preditors and so the numbers HAVE to be kept down so why shouldn't the African countries concerned make some much needed cash out of combining culling with hunting.

The tree huggers just don't get it do they.

Firstly millions of animals are killed every day for us to eat and many are culled from rats to foxes to lions to keep them health and under control.

Second in saving or trying to re-introduce a species other animals are affected. Take badgers they eat hedgehogs so as nothing preys on them they need to be culled or hedgehogs will suffer. ( I won't even enter the TB in cows issue as some say some farmers lack of farm hygiene is more to blame than badgers) Re-introduce the Red Kite in   Mid Wales and suddenly the song birds dramatically decrease.


So lions do need to be culled so they might as well be hunted and generate some much needed income for Africa.