Monday, 30 June 2014

# 318 - WAR - The bias ABBBC!!

Comment in the Daily Mail today by Phil Alderson from Bridgewater Somerset in the feature headed 'Straight to the point':-

The BBC is to spend 2.1 million to promote more ethnic minorities on our screens. I suggest we re-name Aunty the ABBBC - Anything But British Broadcasting Corporation.

The BBC seems fairly diverse to me already given ethnic minorities only make up 10% of our population.

The BBC needs to be put down there is simply no hope for it!!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

# 317 - WAR - Bias by omission.

 On the 10 O'clock news last night on BBC 1 the story was covered about the EU's latest trade deal with Ukraine but they failed to mention ANYTHING about the larger part to this trade deal which involves political and even military cooperation.

Here is a link from the blog EU Referendum that explains the significance of this new EU/Ukraine deal:-

Ukraine comes under the Russian sphere of influence and they are not going to like this on e bit.

Evil Empires like the EU of course need to expand or they implode but you won't get the pro EU BBC telling you any of this.

So now we see the BBC can be bias by what it does not report.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

# 316 - WAR - Robert Peston says there is no left-wing bias in the BBC!

One has to wonder how he would know being in the BBC bubble along with his other loss making Guardian reading metropolitan chums at the Beeb.

Apparently he says it is 'bollocks' that the BBC is bias!

Well I have news for him this blog and others proves it is bias and it really is 'bollocks' to claim the BBC is not bias on matters such as being pro the left of British politics,, climate change, the EU and not forgetting dumbing down.

The BBC is INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS and you cannot expect someone working in it to see this.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

#315 - WAR - BBC opposes the Conservative party.

As reported in the Daily Mail yesterday, fortunately a paper not afraid to point out the bias in the BBC, Iain Duncan-Smith has complained to the BBC that they are a bigger enemy to his Welfare Reforms than the Labour opposition.

Enough said!