Saturday, 30 March 2013

# 229 - WAR - BBC probe into rural bias.

Of course the BBC rural coverage is bias that is a given to anyone except the townie BBC types.

Hunting is bad, badgers are good, farmers clearly know little of what they speak, deer don't need to be culled, don't mention the drop in hedgehog numbers due to the increase in badgers who eat them and so the list goes on.

The BBC biased against the country ways? Of course they are as they wish to carry favour with vocal treehuggers across the land.

Monday, 25 March 2013

# 228 - WAR - Sir John Beddington.

Dr Richard North post below from his blog EU Referendum nicely encapsulates the complete nonsense of the whole Climate Change industry.

Then we have Sir John Beddington the out going Government Advisor on Climate Change being touted around the BBC studio's today or at least quoted with NO critical questioning from the BBC journalists or of course no opposing point of view being put forward by the many reputable people who do NOT believe our climate is changing due to anything man has or is doing. Just for starters the weather changes 4 times a year with the changing seaons and as to increases in CO2 causing the climate to heat up simply forget it!!

Sir John Beddington explained at 8.45am on the Radio 4 today programme that all the extra CO2 in the atmosphere from 25 years ago is what is responsible for the extreme changes to our weather at the moment. These pro Climate Change zealots will adopt whatever argument they want to support their huge financially lucrative industry.

This is such RUBBISH one doesn't know where to start but what can be said without any question is that the BBC's reports on Climate Change are bias in its favour as they have brought and signed up to the whole false science that is the Climate Change industry.

Friday, 22 March 2013

# 227 - WAR - Question Time.

The fact that I'm commenting on this just shows how unusual this occurrence is.

On Question Time last night the  panelists were Michael Gove MP, Education Secretary; Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow Attorney General for Labour; Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party; Mark Littlewood, Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs; and bestselling author Anthony Horowitz. 

Having heard their points of view on the topics raised it was pretty clear from the off that we had 3 on the Right of centre and 2 on the Left.

Clearly the Nu Liebour and the Tree Hugger were on the Left with the Conservative, Economist and Author on the Right.

What is SO unusual is for the balance to be in the Right's favour and I can not remember the last time the Question Time panel had a Right of centre bias.

For some time now the 5th panelist has been an author,comedian or celebrity (typical BBC dumbing down) who is usually a rabid Left Winger!

Just considering the make up of the panel since the Coalition formed the line up has normally been the token Tory on the Right(not that they are very Right these days!!) with the Left represented by a Nu Liebour MP, a Lib Dim MP and finally a Left Wing celebrity.

I think what happened last night was a one off and normal left of centre bias will be restored next week!

I'll monitor and let you know. 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

# 226 - WAR - Sir David Attenborough has no credibility.

Christopher Booker takes Sir David to task over his support for climate change and the urban myth that would have us believe polar bear numbers are reducing.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

# 225 - WAR - The BBC and left-wing comedy.

Sandi Toksvig is the left-wing lesbian presenter of the News Quiz and if she only had one leg as well who knows how far up the BBC career ladder she would reach!!

This is the lady who announced to the twittering panelists on the lunchtime show " It is the Tories who have put the 'n' into cuts."

Her programme used to be funny before she took over now it is just an excuse for various left-wing comedians to have a rant agianst the Conservatives.

WEll at least Radio 4's commissioning editor Caroline Raphael reportedly acknowledges the problem of left-wing bias in comedy shows. She is quoted as saying " It is difficult to find comedians from the right". I don't think she is looking very hard - how about Jim Davidson for starters I'm sure he would love to make a comeback.

Another programme on Radio 4 - 'Jeremy Hardy speaks to the Nation' has been the subject of various complaints to Roger Bolton the presenter of Feedback. This show is meant to be funny but is just full of Hardy's left-wing anti Tory rants.

Of course Hardy is a regular on Toksvig's News Quiz. These shows are meant to be FUNNY but they don't contain jokes all they contain is VIEWS as Caroline Raphael went on to say "Producers spend alot of time in clubs looking for people with a variety of views." Why views we want people who tell funny JOKES. 

The bais in the BBC is ingrained and INSTITUTIONAL.


Sunday, 10 March 2013

# 224 - WAR - Question Time bias continues.

This is all you need to know about the bias BBC and their bias audiences at Question Time.

So last Thursday before the show went live (the show is recorded live but shown an hour later)Amy Rutland Tweeted that people needed to watch as she had embarrassed the UKIP candidate, from Eastleigh, on immigration.

She accused UKIP of scaremongering  -  WHAT HYPOCRISY.

Can you remember Labours claim that there was 24 hours to save the NHS - wasn't that scaremongering Amy Rutland?