Wednesday, 28 January 2009

#War002 - In the beginning!!!

What a good time to start a Blog on BBC institutional Bias what with this whole issue of their supposed impartiality by not showing the Gaza Appeal broadcast.

The BBC make me laugh as they have 20 odd years of 'form' of being bias. In fact the title of my blog calls them institutionally bias - lets look at the evidence in no particular order.

  1. They are bias against Maggie Thatcher and all she stands for. If they can sneer at her achievements as they do.

  2. They are biased against the Daily Mail, Britain's most popular daily newspaper, by only occasionally showing it at the end of Newsnight on BBC 2 etc.

  3. They are bias in favour of the Independent and Guardian by nearly always showing them at the end of Newsnight.

  4. They are biased in favour of New Labour by giving their politicians an easy ride.

  5. They are biased against the Tories by attacking their politicians and still dragging up stuff from 10 years ago.

  6. They are biased in favour of Climate Change seldom showing the either side of the argument despite increasing evidence that the whole Climate Change lobby is based on an unproven science.

  7. They are biased in favour of the EU, who gives them money in the form of grants, seldom balancing their enthusiasm for the failed experiment of a Federal Europe.

  8. They are biased against the Establishment, despite having a Royal Charter, never missing an opportunity to poke fun at them.

  9. They are biased in their recruiting policy by ONLY advertising positions in the Guardian.

  10. The are biased in favour of Darwin against Creationism and I say that as a Darwinist!

  11. They are biased on the economic downturn supporting Gordon Brown's mantra of the 'Global problem' when regardless of the worlds problems Brown happily messed things up all by himself.

  12. They are biased in favour of the dumbing down of quality TV by supporting virtually anything and everything.

  13. The are biased in favour of swearing by allowing Jonathan Ross to continue in his job at £6 million a year.

  14. They are biased in favour of youth - when did you last see a really old broadcaster/presenter?

  15. They are biased in favour of women who for example now routinely interview players at rugby and football matches. Ever seen a man present/interview on a ladies fashion show?

  16. They are bias in favour of good appearance - when did you last see an ugly presenter?

  17. They are biased in favour of race integration. The Question Time audience on BBC1 is now so ethnically mixed that it is not a true representation of this country's racial mix.

  18. They are biased against the Church of England with Songs of Praise on Sunday the rare exception.

Well that is it for starters. I will now add individual examples as I see them, comment on posts if applicable and add other comments as the institutional biased BBC continue to wind me up!

Monday, 26 January 2009

#War001 - BBC Institutional Bias 26-Jan-2009 START

I started this Blog on the 26th. January 2009 - never having used a Blog before.

Do link with the site if you agree with my sentiments as they become increasingly backed by facts on this Blog.

I hope we can make a difference by working together.