Saturday, 13 April 2013

# 235 - WAR - BBC bias now on automatic pilot!!!

Being institutionally bias the BBC's management and reporters just don't see it.  They have been brainwashed over many years to believe the Right are uncaring and the Left are compassionate. North Koreans have also been brainwashed again over many years to believe all their ills have been caused by the capitalist West. I think the power to brainwash should not be underestimated.ed

1. Question Time  - Last Thursday Charles Moore said that the BBC were being bias over the coverage of Margaret Thatcher's death and added that this is something they are not even aware of. More people SHOULD say this when given the chance especially Tory politicians but they are all too frit as Maggie would say!

2. The wicked witch is dead song - This was the LEAD item on the news at 4pm on Radio 2 yesterday and has been covered near the top since.Is it really that important or do the bias BBC just like to report the developments to this story becuase it promotes the anti Thatcher cause??
Anyway this issue is a matter of TASTE and GOOD MANNER and has nothing to do with Freedom of Speech. Freedom of speech should always take into account taste and good manners but having said that people can do what they like after the funeral but common decency should see restraint before it. Never forget the BBC have happily banned songs in the past and even TV shows -  for example doctoring Fawlty Towers because of supposed racist comments and not playing the Sex Pistols 'God Save the Queen' becuase it was considered offensive. SO WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE NOW??? Its Maggie of course!!

3. BBC gagging orders - So the BBC have included a gagging order in the new DG's contract.
WHY - What do they have to hide?? BTW Tony Hall earns £450,000 so I'm glad I'm not contributing to any of that!!!

4. Director of Strategy and Digital - Is to be the ex Labour Culture Secretary Labout MP James Purnell on £295,000 - so absolutely NO bias there then!!!!!!!

The more people who decide not to pay their TV licence the more it would become a major story and issue for the BBC Never forget as a consumer you are asked to pay for the BBC but you are NOT getting what it says on the tin. Their reporting is bias and provably so - so why should you pay them to watch bias reporting?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

# 234 - WAR - Lady Thatcher and the BBC.

I have posted before that the BBC's vendetta against Margaret Thatcher is still on going and is clearly still going on after her death.

Actually as Stephen Glover says in the Daily Mail today the BBC started quite well as befitted the ocassion even slightly reverential but within 24 hours they were back to their very biased best.

1. Allowing Jerry Adams to vernt his bile WITHOUT pointing out he was leader of the IRA's Army Council when the Brighton bomb was set off which killed 5 Conservatives.

2. Saying she was against sanctions on South Africa but failed to say the reason was she worried it would harm the blacks more and that Nelson Mandela visited Mrs T in 1990 as soon as he was out of prison to thank her for her part in his release.

3. Loads of news footage of the miners strike without mentioning as even Neil Kinnock pointed out in her tribute programme that Arthur Scargill had a lot more to do with pit closures by failing to compromise and they didn't mention how many miners were agains the strike.

4. On the World Service a Welshman was given airtime to take a swipe over the Falklands.

5. Various interviews on radio and TV with youngster, one being only 3 in 1979 who were celebrating her death at a party.

6. Mark on the World Service given airtime to promote a song 'ding dong the witch is dead.'

7. Loads of coverage on Howe and Lawson's disagreement with her over the EU but little to NO commnet that actually she has been proved right about the EU.

All the above could be introduced over time but why so soon after her death?

The BBC would not have treated her this way if she had been from the left. When the ex-Marxist historian and Stalin sympathiser Eric Hobsbawm died ther was NO mention of his support for a totalitarian regime.

The BBC is bias to the left and hates Margaret Thatcher and I predict more bias to come.

# 233 - WAR - What the BBC never tell us on Climate Change.

The BBC will never report this type of story as it conflicts with the Green agenda that the BBC types have been brainwashed by.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

# 232 - WAR - Welfare reform join the dots!

1. Iain Duncan Smith ambushed lived on air by market trader David Bennett as to whether he could survive on £53 a week so John Humphreys asked IDS directly if he could and he replied " if I had to, I would."

2. David Bennett, who describes himself as a ' poker playing ducker and diver' who lists his interests as football and beer later admitted he lives off £150 a week.

3. Polly Toynbee, a Guardian columnist, wrote that the poor will be hit by an 'avalanche of cuts' which propel them into 'beggary'.

4. Another commentator, in response to the survey that showed that poor families take the harshest anti-welfare lineline, says the problem is not enough people read the Guardian! 

5. The default paper of choice amongst BBC journalists is the Guardian.

Join the dots and it is obvious the bias BBC is pushing the anti cuts line.

So to his credit IDS complains that 'the BBC is always negative, never explains, never talks about why we are reforming, or the fact that the national debt is rising to terrifying levels. All the BBC case studies are hardluck stories like that of the £53 a week market trader. They never focus on a family stuck on a housing waiting list or in B&B accomodation.' He goes on 'they have adopted the Labour term Bedroom Tax instead of the Removal of the Spare Room subsidy.'

The BBC is the mouth piece of  New Labour and the Guardian.

Oh and by the way the Guardian loses money and has the lowest circulation of all the national papers and is only kept going by the profitable Autotrader which is in the same group.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

# 231 - WAR - Tony Hall the new DG of the BBC.

The Daily Mail hits the nail on the head with its Editorial today entitled :-


Here are a few extracts from the piece:-

'Its coverage should be factual and fair.....................instead they have allowed Left-of centre attitudes- pro EU, pro-mass immigration and pro-unrestrained state spending - to colour current affairs out put. And this bias is all the more insidious for being subconscious.'

NB. The Daily Mail forgot to add their pro-climate change bias to the list!

The Editorial goes on:-

'Nowhere has this pink-tinged mindset been excemplified than the BBC's treatment of Iain D-S's benefit reforms...............................through the BBC prism, every modest attempt to trim public spending is a wanton act of cruelty.'

........'(and how telling the BBC strikers said they would go back to work to report on Nelson Mandela's death, but not Margaret Thatcher's)'.

It concludes:-

' How can the public hope for him (the new DG) to address this acute problem (of bias) if he won't even acknowledge that it exists?'

This is why I DON'T pay my TV licence as the BBC operates under a Royal Charter to report in an unbiased way and as they are clearly very BIAS in their reporting I'm not getting what it says on the tin so I refuse to pay!

I was taken to court and given a Conditional Discharge and now having moved house I still don't pay. It would appear the BBC don't want to take me to court again as the adverse publicity would NOT be very good for them at the moment.

# 230- WAR - Boris a nasty piece of work?

Rod Riddle's answer to the question  - 'Boris, a nasty piece of work?' in this week's Spectator is ' I don't think so'.

Of course he is referring to the interview that Eddie Mair of the BBC had with Boris Johnson on the Andrew Marr show recently.

Now Rod Riddle is no Right Winger ( albeit IMO I note he is not as leftie as he once was!) so when he makes the point that NO BBC journalist would talk to a leftie like that it is definitely worth pointing out. As he goes onto explain that sort of interviewing is reserved for people from the political right.

Now Ed Balls who is generally known as 'a nasty piece of work' would NEVER get that treatment from the BBC. The only lefties who do get tough questions are the likes of George Galloway who the BBC considered dosen't matter.

Everybody knows the BBC is bias except those cocooned in the BBC who are so brainwashed with the Leftie and Green agenda that they have absolutely NO idea how institutionally bias they are.