Monday, 30 January 2012

# 158 - WAR - £670,000 and a puerile defination of capitalism.

1. £670,000 is the salary of the soon to be departing Director General of the BBC Mark Thompson. All this money to a man who during his tenure has admitted the BBC is bias but has not stopped this trend  on subjects as diverse as State spending, Europe, Immigration and Climate Change.

2.Capitalism - On Radio 4 this morning Paul Mason, who has just written a book 'Meltdown - The end to the age of greed' was allowed to get away with the ridiculous that the trouble with capitalism is that it is run by the rich for the rich. This sort of over simplification of a serious issue is puerile and lowers the standard of debate to the lowest common denominator - however this is now what the bias BBC excels at.

The BBC is bias and dumbed down and will never be reformed while the public pick up the tab via the licence fee.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

#157 - WAR - Hain on Blair and Gibralter, Mandleson on Globalisation and UK's GDP growth rate.

1. Blair Hain and Gibralter - So various papers have covered the story, in Peter Hain's new memoirs, that to curry favour with the EU Blair was prepared to offer the Spanish dual control of Gibralter and yet not a squeak from the BBC on this story. How differently the BBC still treat Margaret Thatcher even 30 odd years after she left power. The BBC never miss a chance to cover any story about her especially if they are able to portray her in a bad light.

Just imagine for a moment if a recent revelation showed Mrs T in a poor light over say the sinking of the Belgrano - do you honestly believe the BBC wouldn't have covered it!?

The BBC and Blair are like siblings joined at the hip and the BBC hates to show up one of its own.

2. Mandleson on Globalisation - Talk about a contrast to yesterdays interview with IDS when Evan Davis interviewed Peter Mandleson this morning. Evan Davis couldn't even bring himself to mention Mandleson's quote about not caring about how rich some people became. However Mandleson was given plenty of time to explain the full context of his much quoted saying with of course NO interruptions at all. Talk about a soft interview but then Mandleson like Blair and even Alistair Campbell are all BBC siblings and will always be given an easy ride.

What makes the BBC's sycophantic handling of Mandleson so bias is that here is a man who was FOR joining the Euro and as such is totally discredited.

3. UK's GDP growth rate - Of course the BBC covered this as the lead story, as they always do when the figure come out, and as usual put the worse spin on the figures they could. I was intrigued how the Boss of the one firm they selected to interview in Doncaster, that made some gadget for helicopters, said words to the effect of " I don't want to lose staff but if things get worse I would have to consider closing!" Surely he should shed a few staff to help keep his business going but the BBC reporter let his comment pass. As a decidedly pro EU point the last comment was made that this firm exported to the EU - So what as they would still export to the EU even if we left!!

So there you have it once again more subtle bias from the BBC.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

# 156 - WAR - 1.Private detectives and 2. Evan Davis.

1. Private detectives - So we learn today the BBC spent £310,000 on 230 occasions over a 6 year period on private detectives. I would have thought they had enough investigative journalists but then the licence fee tax keeps pouring in and the BBC keeps spending it as they please. The BBC is a complete law unto itself and the only way to cut it down to size is to get rid of the licence fee.

2. Evan Davis - The Radio 4 presenter, who is often mentioned in the same breath as being the man with the genital pearcing, is also like most BBC reporters bias to his finger tips.
This morning he interviewed Ian Duncan-Smith, and as Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail says today, he was treated like a war criminal and goes on:-

"It was a disgraceful piece of partisan political posturing by a supposedly impartial presenter"

But Evan will have please his masters as there is clearly an unwritten rule (or quite possibly a written rule!) which instructs BBC reporters to :-

1. Read the Guardian every day and adopt its line on any given issue.
2. Automatically give right wing types a much harder time than left wingers.

The BBC continues its daily bias and I now believe will NEVER change of its own accord.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

# 155 -WAR - The BBC avoids criticism of the EU.

I haven't posted for a while but that does not mean that the BBC hasn't been continuing its daily outpourings of bias!!

We all know the BBC receives 'soft' loans from the EU and supports the Establishment line that the EU is generally a good thing and so they always try and avoid being too critical.

So it is no surprise, with these three recent stories below, that their coverage has been scant.

1. French breast implants - These French implants had the EU approved CE mark and so the responsibility for thier failure must fall with Brussels and the French but you wouldn't think so listening to the BBC.

2. HS2 High speed rail link -  again regardless of its advantags or not the main plank of this project is as an extension of a pan-European high speed rail link up. In just the same way that on certain Brussels maps our roads are renumbered to link up with our European partners so it is that the London -Birmingham link is part of an EU rail project. Again no mention from the BBC to my knowledge.

3. French lose Triple A grade -  So the French are downgraded to AA+  and yet I have seen little of this fact on the BBC - why not?

So there you have it - While anyone branded 'Institutionally racist' has to change their attitude tout de suite the 'Institutionally bias' BBC just ploughs on with its outpourings of bias.