Wednesday, 29 June 2011

# 111 - WAR - Cuts Cuts and more Cuts

Despite the fact that the BBC is slowing being more realistic in its reporting of Greece they still bang on and on and on about the CUTS in the UK which is of course a myth as the Coalition has yet to actually cut anything with our deficit actually increasing at the moment.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

#110 - WAR - How the Greek Crisis will affect us.

The BBC isn't pointing out the real extent to which the Greek crisis will affect us here in the UK and while it prattles on about the Government cuts it fails to point out that Government spending is in fact still increasing.

Richard North sums up Chritopher Booker in 'The Sunday Telegraph' here:-

RN & CB wrote the very good book "The Great Deception" about how our politicians of all colours have at best been ill informed and worse duplicitous and corrupt in their dealings with us over the real EU project.

The BBC does not report on the EU in an informative way but is bias in its favour.

Friday, 24 June 2011

# 109- WAR - A ban on circus animals

Richard North explains all in the link below:-

Of course Question Time and the This Week, which both featured this story, made NOT a squeak about the EU connection.

The BBC is bias in favour of the EU.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

# 108 - WAR - Radio 4 Today 22nd June 2011

At around 8.50am the item covered was the injustice of many requests for extradition under the new European Arrest Warrant when request were being made for people in this country without there being ANY evidence to back it up.

If the BBC wasn't so pro the EU and reported the EU is a serious way they would report that the whole point of the EU is standardisation as we gradually lose our tried and tested Habeus Corpus, where you are innocent until proved guilty, to the Napoleonic/now European Corpus Juris where you are presummed guilty until proved innocent.

The EU has been working towards a 'common judical area' for years now but you wouldn't know this if you just listened to the BBC.


Friday, 17 June 2011

# 107 - WAR - Thursday 16th June 2011.

1. 10.00pm News

Nowhere in the news coverage about the Tory cuts and employment issues is there any serious analysis that this country is simply employing too many public workers which after all are paid for by the taxes and profits associated with the private sector. Maybe the BBC doesn't want to frighten the horses but if they really want to cover the news properly then they should be pointing out that what is happening in Greece could well happen here if we don't match our country's expenditure to the income. However the bias BBC takes the easy Guardian line which is to attack the government and offer up New Labour's alternatives as a serious option.

2. This Week

The first item after the introductions and 'Moments of the week' was a report by a radio presenter on the government's decision to admit that they will not be able to honour their manifesto commitment to restore weekly bin collections through out the land. However there was NO mention that this policy is largely instigated by the EU's landfill tax which forces councils to weekly recycling collections at the expense of weekly general rubbish collections.

The BBC which gets soft loans from the EU is never keen to criticise the EU.


Monday, 13 June 2011

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

#105 - WAR - BBC staff pay rise.

I see in the Daily Telegraph page 4 that the BBC is about to increase pay to staff by around  2% at a time when the Corporation is trying to save 16% in costs as the licence fee is to be frozen until 2016.

A BBC spokesman refused to comment - Well there is a surprise then!!

Much of what he BBC does in our name is inexcusable but they are a law unto themselves and in so many respects divorced from the public they are meant to serve.

#104- WAR - BBC's view of the IMF's report on the UK.

On Monday night Newsnight covered the story that the IMF had basically agreed with George Osbourne's policy and said there was no need for a plan B.

Paxman interviewed Ed Balls but never mentioned the common sense point, amongst non-politicians, that what ever the plan to reduce the deficit things are going to get worse before they get better.

Saying this would have course have robbed Ed Balls of his belief that a plan B is needed.

The BBC are totally biased about the ' spending cuts' still reporting as if a Plan B could be an option.

What the BBC should be highlighting is that the country is broke and that the Conservative policies have yet to actually cut anything and a Plan B is TOTALLY out of the question and could only make matters worse.

# 103 - WAR - More on the EU and the CFP.

I recieved this e-mail today from a friend and political contact:-

Why did Britain's fishing industry collapse? Everyone knows that Ted Heath gave away the fishing grounds to the EU (then the EEC) in 1971 as a 'common resourse', along with Britain's Space Programme and agreeing to huge subsidies (still continuing today) to French farming in order to be allowed to join. Yet the BBC puts out it's poison by blaming it on the late 1960s so called 'cod Wars' with Iceland - go to:

and move slider to 32 minutes.

Of course the Foreign Office at the time, in FCO 10-1048, insisted that civil servants and politicians must not attribute the negative effects of joining to the then EEC. But isn't it remarkable that the BBC still finds it necessary to carry on with this government policy today?

Well not really, since the BBC receives huge soft loans from the European Investment Bank, an offshoot of the Brussels machine, in exchange for promoting the EU.

Is it any wonder that people are now turning to Russia Today (RT) - Terrestrial Channel 85 for their news?

Saturday, 4 June 2011

# 102 - WAR - Common Fisheries Policy

Today I received the following e-mail from Ashley Mote ex-UKIP MEP:-
BBC ‘Forgets’ EU Role in Fishing Scandal.

BBC South news on the evening of Friday 3rd June
included a short report from the south coast about local fishermen being forced
to throw good, freshly-caught fish back into the sea because their quotas did
not allow them to be landed for sale.

The report centred around complaints to the Tory MP for South Dorset, Richard Drax, himself a former BBC South news reporter. He doubtless was the source of the ‘story’ – such as it was.

Several fishermen gave interviews. Drax proclaimed that an investigation by
fellow Westminster MPs was in hand, implying that it was on his initiative.

By a truly extraordinary feat of news management and
editing the BBC managed to ensure that the entire report failed to mention the
root cause of such a grotesque and monstrous waste of perfectly good fo

No explanation whatsoever was offered. The well-known and indisputable fact that EU
regulations were the direct and only cause, about which the UK can do precisely
nothing, was never mentioned. Worse, the
story was broadcast as ‘news’, when this scandalous state of affairs and damage
to our fishing industry is now decades old.

It is impossible to believe that neither Drax nor any
fisherman mentioned the EU in their interviews.
The omission can only have been calculated and deliberate news
mismanagement by the BBC.
For the record the BBC continues to benefit from
substantial soft financial ‘investments’ by the European Investment Bank and
from the generous ‘free’ hospitality of the European Parliament and the
European Commission in Brussels. Details have been on my website for

Thursday, 2 June 2011

# 101 - WAR - BBC admits its ageist and anti-Christian!

So the BBC is ageist and anti-Christian according to a survey it carried out on itself!
The report conducted as part of the 'Diversity Strategy' involved some 4500 people and some staff. Some viewers still beleived the BBC has a Left- wing or 'liberal bias' and that 'positive discrimination' was still a 'notable' problem with the BBC's recruitment process.
A BBC spokesman said " The BBC does not have an anti-Christian bias. We have strict guidelines on impartiality, including religious perspectives, and Christian programming forms the majority and the cornerstone of our religion and ethical output."
The trouble is the BBC may well have strict guidelines to follow but thy don't follow them as their bias, in so many areas, is in their own DNA.