Sunday, 25 September 2011

# 140 - WAR - One small and one bigger example of BBC bias.

First on Radio 2 news this morning there was an item about the reduction in numbers of hedgehogs and red squirrels.  In the case of hedgehogs absolutely NO mention was made that the increase in badgers is a key reason for the decrease in hedgehogs as they eat them. Of course the BBC instinctively supports those that are against the culling of any animal so we get badgers eating hedgehogs and foxes running riot in towns and cities. The BBC is quite incapable of reporting such issues in a balanced way.

Second I read in the Sunday Mail that the BBC is to stop using AD and BC and switch to the very PC Common Era (CE) and Before Common Era (BCE). This is just so very typical of the BBC where decisions are made by a select group of like minded individuals who believe that if they think something is right then it is and anyone who disagrees with them must be a right wing nutter!

Finally as Peter Oborne and Frances Weaver confirm for us in this week's Spectator in their article 'The great euro swindle'  - Now let's turn to the BBC. In our Centre for Policy Studies pamphlet, "Guilty Men" we expose in detail how the BBC betrayed its charter commitment, lost its sense of fair-mindedness and became in effect a partisan player in a great national debate - all the more insidious because of its pretence at neutrality.

It is because the BBC is still so clearly bias in its coverage that I continue to refuse to pay my TV licence.


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