Tuesday, 23 August 2011

# 131- WAR - The BBC's propaganda over Libya.

The obvious connection I'd have made as a reporter over Cameron's outside Number 10 speech yesterday is with Bush's aircraft carrier speech on Iraq under the banner 'Mission accomplished'!

But there is no chance the pro establishment BBC would risk upsetting their paymasters.

As to reports on Libya where is the BBC's careful analysis, as given by John R. Bradley in the Daily Mail today. Here is a well informed man who knows his subject in fact in December he is publishing a book called:-

'After the Arab Spring: How The Islamists Hijacked The Middle East Revolt.'

Compelling reading I would think and I shall certainly be ordering a copy.

During the article in the Daily Mail  Bradley explains how Libya, contrary to anything thus far put out by the BBC, is a tribal country and the odds on the new National Transitional Council ruling successfully are very slim.

He goes on to say:-

' Only a fool would bet on their (the Libyan tribes) long term allegiances, or consider them a unifying national force. And only a buffoon would expect them to embrace Western democratic principles any more sincerely than the Islamists will.'

Well we surely already know Cameron is a fool so we can now add buffoon to his list of accolades!

As to the BBC its bias knows no bounds.   

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