Wednesday, 18 May 2011

#098- WAR - Foreign Aid Programme

You cannot have missed in the news over the last couple of days that this not very Tory Government, under our Dave, is planning to increase our Foreign Aid budget and enshrine in law that we must pay 0.7% of our Gross National Income on it.
The BBC has of course covered this story but their bias, that they believe our Dave is basically right, has been there for all with eyes to see. On the news and Newsnight there has been NO serious attempt to actually interview anyone with the knowledge and authority to argue that "despite our noble intentions, aid does not solve problems it just makes them worse" so wrote Ian Birrell(former speechwriter for David Cameron) in the good old Daily Mail today.
The Guardian reading luvies of the BBC would be instinctively pro foreign aid so would never set up a fair unbiased debate on the issue.
This proves once again that the BBC is still institutionally bias.

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