Tuesday, 31 May 2011

# 100 -WAR - FIFA

For two nights now the BBC has led on the corruption in FIFA ignoring far more important stories proving that another of the BBC's biases is their preference to dumb down their broadcasts in favour of the lowest common denominator.
I'm not saying that this story shouldn't be covered, not that I personally care one jot, but that it should be covered as a footnote at the end of the news.
The dumbed down BBC no longer sets the standard for broadcasting but follows what it thinks the sheeple want!

Monday, 23 May 2011

# 099 -WAR - News at Ten Thursday 19th May.

On an item on the possibility of an oil spill off Scotland, as a result of increased oil exploration, the oil spill cause by the tanker 'MV Braer' was mentioned. However NO mention was made that the oil spill dispersed naturally very quickly. See link.
The last item of the news that night was about a film director at the Cannes film festival claiming to be a Nazi.
As the camera's went back to Fiona Bruce she was visibly shacking her head as a if to say I certainly don't approve of that.
More bias from the institutionally bias BBC.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

#098- WAR - Foreign Aid Programme

You cannot have missed in the news over the last couple of days that this not very Tory Government, under our Dave, is planning to increase our Foreign Aid budget and enshrine in law that we must pay 0.7% of our Gross National Income on it.
The BBC has of course covered this story but their bias, that they believe our Dave is basically right, has been there for all with eyes to see. On the news and Newsnight there has been NO serious attempt to actually interview anyone with the knowledge and authority to argue that "despite our noble intentions, aid does not solve problems it just makes them worse" so wrote Ian Birrell(former speechwriter for David Cameron) in the good old Daily Mail today.
The Guardian reading luvies of the BBC would be instinctively pro foreign aid so would never set up a fair unbiased debate on the issue.
This proves once again that the BBC is still institutionally bias.

Monday, 16 May 2011

#097 - WAR - the new BBC Trust Chairman.

Here is what MP Philip Davies had to say about Chris Patten the new BBC Trust Chairman. Incidently he was the ONLY member of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport select committee who failed to support Lord Patten's appointment:-
"Chris patten is a typical establishment figure. He was always going to be a safe pair of hands, he wasn't going to upset the cosy situation the BBC finds itself in and he was going to be another cheerleader for the BBC rather than somebody who would be tough on them.
Appointing him was a step backwards because whereas the BBC has started to acknowledge in the past their impartiality on issues like Europe,climate change and the Middle East hasn't been all it should have been , Lord Patten has made it perfectly clear that he thinks the BBC's impartiality is beyond reproach and that they don't need to make any changes whatsoever to what they do.
To me that's a completely unacceptable starting point for a new chairman of the BBC Trust. If he thinks everything's hunky dory, what on earth does he want the job for? It is just the kind of establishment appointment that the BBC doesn't need."
Here here to that and sadly, as a result, the BBC will continue pumping out its bias unchecked.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

# 096 - WAR - BBC bias on AV vote.

Tim Luckhurst who is Professor of Journalism a the University of Kent writes in the 'Mail on Sunday' today and has this to say in para 10 of his article as to - Why the Liberal elite get it so spectacularly wrong.:-
The AV Referendum has given this country a forceful reminder of something many intelligent, hardworking adults in towns, villages and suburbs across the land have long known. Policies and proposals that are treated as pure wisdom inside soi-disant 'progressive' bastions such as university common rooms, small-circulation newspapers* and the BBC are anathema to millions of Britons. And this silent majority is, very reasonably, fed up with being told that it is wrong.
* By this I assume he is referring to the Guardian which is the Bible to all BBC types