Tuesday, 31 December 2013

# 293 - WAR - Global cooling confirmed!

The BBC news was full of the Green Peace activists being released from Russia but not  a squeak on this story of global cooling trapping global warming zealots!

Lucky for us Autonomoous Mind is on the case:-


Sunday, 29 December 2013

# 292 - WAR - The BBC and the countryside.

From the Telegraph on Saturday.

I'm glad to see the Countryside Alliance is now led by an ex Army General who calls a spade a spade.

Sir Barney White-Spunner is particularly exercised by the BBC and its coverage - or lack of it - of rural issues. He goes on to say " We do not think the BBC is balanced or fair. It gives a view of rural  England as seen from central London and when the BBC says they try and give a balanced view they mean a balanced view between two people in central London, and not a balanced view between central London and the countryside."

Here here to that as of course has been obvious for years as the BBC is bias in favour of a metropolitan elite. For example while the BBC  clearly oppose the badger cull they focus less on farmer's cows and TB or the loss of hedgehogs to badgers. Also it surely worth a comment from the BBC that 1000s of deer are culled every year to keep the herds down to manageable numbers.

And this from the Guardian back in March.

Deer culling on massive scale backed by expert

New research shows that only by killing 50% to 60% of deer can their numbers be kept under reasonable control

The BBC is bias against the countryside.

# 291 - WAR - BBC staff rehired after being paid off.

From the Telegraph on Sunday.

More than 200 staff made redundant by the BBC over the past decade have been rehired. In one case, a manager who left with a £365,000 pay-off was re-employed.

In a practice described as the BBC's 'merry-go-round' 233 staff have returned on fixed-term or permanent contracts.

Of course the BBC has refused to name any of the executives who have been sacked and re-hired.

Finally Greg Dyke, a former DG, recently described Lord Patten as a 'busted flush.'

Monday, 23 December 2013

# 290 - WAR - And there is more .....of course!!

1. Free advert for Labour policy -  The other day on Radio 2 the 1pm news ended with the item about the dangers of 'Fixed odds betting terminals'. The only comment came from Ed Miliband who was allowed, unopposed, to say that the next Labour government would legislate to ban them.
No mention was made that it was the Labour government's 2005 Gambling Act that gave us them in the first place. So why was there NO balance with a Tory point of view?

2. Another dodgy pay offs - So I read Peter Fincham was paid off with £500,000 yes that is half a million. This was the man who faked the Queen's exit from a meeting apparently in a huff during a programme about her.

3. Top bosses expenses - Again I read that the BBC's top executives have individually run up expenses of £10,000 or more on exclusive restaurant meals which they often attend under the guise of holding important meetings. Well it's not their money after all and they are very important aren't they!

4.Anjem Choudary - Was given airtime to give reasons for Fusilier Rigby's murder. Viewers protested this extremist shouldn't be given airtime but if balanced this is not the main issue for me. The main issue is that the BBC seldom if ever give airtime to right wing views let alone extreme right wing views.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

# 289 - WAR - Four more examples of the BBC simply NOT getting it.

1. Pay off to staff - Parliament has added weight by confirming the payouts to staff, covered here some weeks ago, were excessive. The BBC have now capped payments at £150,000.

2.Half a million refurbishment of 1 billion new BBC Centre.


3. Unbalanced report -  At 3pm on Friday 13th December on Radio 2 a news item covered the report that grammar Schools were too middle class. The ONLY and UNCHALLENGED contributor to the report was an anti selection person. Balance would have included a comment from a pro selection person who might have pointed out if Man.United can select on talent than why not schools?

4. Lord Patten - I read today that he is trying to suppress a  critical report on the BBC's failed and scrapped £100million IT project.

Good old Auntie they just don't get it do they.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Thursday, 12 December 2013

# 287 - WAR - Is Lord Patten trying to cover up key evidence on Savile?

The Daily Mail reports Lord Patten is aware of a secret tape which shows the author of the official £3millon inquiry into Jimmy Savile said he made a mistake in the final report.

The claim is that the previous DG WAS specifically warned about the disgraced DJ's sex abuse yet allowed glowing tributes to be screened after Savile's death.

Lord Patten's luck appears to be running out and I have never rated this Tory wet and I hope his 'Establishment' veneer is about to be peeled away to show him up for the man he really is.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

# 286 - WAR - Carbon Emissions.

A blatant piece of pro climate change bias happen on the the 10.00am News on Radio 2 when an item in the middle of the bulletin talked about whether there was any legal basis or not to cut back on the  reduction to our carbon emission targets. The only person interviewed was a David Kennedy who was Chief Executive of the Committee on Climate Change who stated, unopposed and without any cross examination, that keeping our ambitious targets would save us £100 billion over time or £4000 per household.

This was not a balanced report by any stretch of the imagination and was closer to pro Climate Change propaganda.

Interestingly this item was not repeated on the 11.00am news slot.

# 285 - WAR - Mandela's memorial.

Autonomous Mind says it all and I couldn't have put it better myself!


Saturday, 7 December 2013

# 284 - WAR - Lord Patten and the Jeremiahs at the BBC.

Two snippets from the papers this week first Lord Patten is refusing to go before a Parliamentary Committee to discuss BBC bias. I wonder why? This EU pensioner is clearly as pro the EU as you can be and leads a BBC which, having received soft EU loans, is also pro the EU.

Next after the Chancellor's Autumn Statement justifiable criticism has been made of the Jeremiahs at the BBC for for the past three years have taken every opportunity to to talk down our economy - predicting that the austerity 'cuts' would precipitate a triple-dip recession and misery for millions of people.

Take for example Stephanie Flanders who until recently was the BBC's economic editor ( and former student flame of both Ed Balls and Miliband) she was well known in Westminster for her bulletins of economic gloom.

In March she blogged '......there is a distinct possibility that national output will shrink again, in the first three months of this year. In other words, it is quite possible we will see that much talked about "triple-dip".

The truth is by june she had to admit not only that the triple-dip hadn't materialised but nor had the second dip!!

Ms Flanders soon after her inaccurate predictions lef the BBC for a job with JP Morgan on an estimated salary of £400,000.

So here is a classic another Guardian reading left-wing BBC luvvie who has such empathy with the poor!!!!