Monday, 16 May 2011

#097 - WAR - the new BBC Trust Chairman.

Here is what MP Philip Davies had to say about Chris Patten the new BBC Trust Chairman. Incidently he was the ONLY member of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport select committee who failed to support Lord Patten's appointment:-
"Chris patten is a typical establishment figure. He was always going to be a safe pair of hands, he wasn't going to upset the cosy situation the BBC finds itself in and he was going to be another cheerleader for the BBC rather than somebody who would be tough on them.
Appointing him was a step backwards because whereas the BBC has started to acknowledge in the past their impartiality on issues like Europe,climate change and the Middle East hasn't been all it should have been , Lord Patten has made it perfectly clear that he thinks the BBC's impartiality is beyond reproach and that they don't need to make any changes whatsoever to what they do.
To me that's a completely unacceptable starting point for a new chairman of the BBC Trust. If he thinks everything's hunky dory, what on earth does he want the job for? It is just the kind of establishment appointment that the BBC doesn't need."
Here here to that and sadly, as a result, the BBC will continue pumping out its bias unchecked.

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