Tuesday, 5 April 2011

# 094 - WAR - The usual bias again.

1. Radio 4 World at 1 yesterday. The BBC reporter was interviewing an African Union spokesman about the situation in The Ivory Coast. The opening question was - "What the African Union was doing about it" The reply which was allowed to pass was " You know we are very concerned about what is happening!" Question not answered and no follow up - just imagine if this had been a Tory being interviewed would they have been treated so lightly!!! 2. Announcement on Radio 4 for a new programme told us that because a freedom of information request had revealed no street parties had been yet booked for the Royal Wedding the BBC would be hosting a programme on whether the Royal Family was still valued. Well of course the pro republican BBC never misses a trick to run down our monarchy. The BBC is SO bias they simply don't realise that virtually every broadcast is now bias in part or completely.

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