Monday, 7 February 2011

# 077 - WAR - Radio 4 Today - Cuts and ECHR

Two items from the bias BBC this morning.

1. Cuts - they continue to talk about 'the cuts' where as the facts are that thus far total spending is still hitting new records most months.

Why does the BBC not report the facts?

2. European Court of Human Rights - In this item they mentioned that the Government was looking at the possibility of withdrawing from the jurisdiction of the ECHR. The only trouble is, especially since we agreed to the Lisbon Treaty, we simply cannot do this unless we leave the EU and of course of this major fact there is NO mention.

So not only is the BBC regularily bias it is also exceedingly sloppy in its reporting often failing to mention all the facts in a story especially if they don't accord with their Guardian leaning view point.

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