Wednesday, 27 July 2011

# 121 - WAR - Paxman and the EDF leader SM. Lennon

I believe it must have been Monday night on Newsnight that Paxman interviewed the English Defence League's leader SM Lennon. Of course being ' rightwing' Paxman tried to lay into him to try and make him and his organisation out to be the very devil incarnate.

 I believe he failed spectactularily which only goes to show Paxman can be beat if you stand up to him - oh how I long for the Tories to do the same!!

Paxman tried to connect friends from Facebook on the EDL's Website as being the responsibility of Lennon but Lennon pointed that he was no more responsible for them than the BBC was for Facebook friend who attach themselves to the BBC website. Paxman tried again to say the EDL's website had pictures of Muslim faces in the cross wires of rifle sights but again Lennon said this was NOT the case  but some attached 'friends' might have.

Once again the BBC showed its bias for the Guardian reading leftwing liberals they mostly all are.

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