Thursday, 29 September 2016

#409w - BBC Brexit bias.

A cross-party group of parliamentarians has challenged the Corporation's DG, Lord Hall (what else would he be but a Lord!), to name a single programme that has been enthusiastic about Brexit since the EU referendum on 232rd June. He was unable to do so and has agreed to review the BBC's complaints procedure.

I tell you now, from bitter experience, that the BBC will come up with some measly words about being balanced over time where as anyone who studies BBC bias will know that the BBC has always been pro the EU and wanted us to stay in the EU. Therefore the BBC now feels duty bound, to please the overwhelming pro EU Establishment, by knocking the chances of a safe Brexit.

I believe Brexit can work to our advantage, in the long term, especially if we initially stay in the EEA and negotiate on Freedom of Movement via Article 112 of the EEA agreement.

Finally anyone who seriously thinks staying in the EU was a risk free option need to get out more!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

#408w - Bias staff at the bias BBC.

Have you ever known a BBC broadcaster sacked for bias?

No - me neither!

So Spring Watch co-host Chris Packman gets away with bias because, and wait for this great excuse, he is NOT a regular presenter!!!

So you be the judge of what this apparently part-time presenter said which was that he branded all hunters and shooters as the 'nasty brigade'.

Personally I've never seen anyone less tolerant than the supposed 'Green brigade' but then what do I know as a white middle class male with right of centre views. I'm an endangered species which the BBC does everything in its power to destroy.

The real irony in all this is that most of the BBC management are white middle class males and yes females, paid handsomely from the  compulsory licensee tax we all have to pay, who all live comfortable urban lives and couldn't tell the difference between a stoat, mink, ferret or weasel!

Friday, 16 September 2016

#407w - It's time David Dimbleby retired.

Question Time last night was a classic case of BBC basis.

1. The panel of five contained only one person, in Quentin Letts, who supported Brexit. Balance, and a reflection that the Leavers WON, should have had three Leavers to two Remainers.

2. The audience from Salisbury appeared to be 2 thirds from the Left and only a third from the Right and this in a Conservative seat.

3. Dimbleby allowed Campbell and MacDonald far too much of the time to slug it out over the current issues in the Labour party. At times allowing the rants to go on unchecked. 

4. Unusually, entirely due to his increasingly poor chairmanship, he only had time for 3 questions.

Dimbleby in terms of chairing QT is past his Best Before Date.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

#406w - Those 'Controversial' boundary changes.

On the six and 10 o'clock news yesterday the BBC described the boundary changes as 'controversial' but controversial to who I ask?

The changes which as I understand it have been drawn up by the Electoral Commission aim to make all constituencies of equal size (as the chartists first demanded) and reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600.

I doubt the public find these proposals 'controversial' and while some MPs might, especially the ones losing their seats, the left leaning BBC does who of course love to bash the Conservatives at any opportunity. However as I say above these changes have come from the EC and not the government but no mention of that from the BBC is of course all the government's fault.

During the interview with Labour's Tristram Hunt, he was allowed to claim without interruption or follow up question, that these changes were 'unfair' and 'undemocratic' when the truth is that the existing system, as most honest pundits will admit, is heavily skewed in Labour's favour.

The bias in the, still unreformed, BBC knows no bounds.

Friday, 9 September 2016

#405w - BBC and grammer schools.

The BBC once again reverts to type over the PM's decision to allow the creation of new Grammar schools aimed at selecting pupils on intellectual merit.

During the news tonight on BBC 1 at six and 10 the  first item dealt with Grammar school issue and contained three vox pops who were all against the idea.

Are the BBC really trying to tell me that for balance they could not have found somebody who stood up for the principles of Grammar schools.

The BBC's DNA contains huge swathes of anti elitist thinking and this from an organisation that is actually elitist to its core.